New strain releases - January 2023

New strain releases - January 2023

2022 was a great year, full of new Weedseedsexpress strains for you to grow. While you embraced all the new seed options, you went absolutely bonkers for Do-si-Dos and Hellfire OG feminized seeds. The autoflower enthusiasts among you couldn’t wait to get their hands on Lemon, Granddaddy Purple, and (again) Hellfire OG autoflower seeds.

This year is going to be no different, starting with the month of January. And especially the earlier mentioned autoflower addicts will be able to get their fix sooner rather than later. Because today we launch not one, not two, but five new autoflower strains! All of these were already offered as photoperiod feminized seeds, but we figured we wanted to give autoflower growers the opportunity to grow these amazing strains as well!

Stardawg Autoflower

As part of the ‘Dawg’ family, Starwdawg autoflower seeds bring a lovely yet unique combination of diesel and citrus flavors to the table. That explains the last part of her name, but what about the first part? That has a simple yet profound explanation: her crystal-like trichomes glitter like stars in the night sky.

Her crystallized buds provide you with a relatively balanced high. On one end, you will feel your body getting heavier, while properly relaxing your muscles. On the other end, Stardawg autoflower weed will make you feel a true euphoric bliss and helps take the edge off in a social situation. Just invite your friends to watch a great comedy movie, and we trust you will have the time of your life.

Stardawg autoflower plants will be on the larger side (for an autoflower), so keep that in mind when planting her seeds.

Skywalker OG Autoflower

You do not need the power of the force to grow Skywalker OG autoflower seeds. It is advised to grow her in a more warm and dry climate, this strain would thrive particularly well on the planet of Tatooine. Not bound for the sand planet anytime soon? No biggie, you can still grow this strain very well in your own grow space indoors, especially considering her short stature.

Not only is her size compact, Skywalker OG auto will also be packed full of piney buds with lemon undertones. And you would only have to muster a little patience, our young padawans, as her flowering stage will take you a mere seven weeks.

If the Jedi had a way to cultivate weed seeds, it would definitely be this strain. Her effects are reported as not only relaxing, but also mind-expanding. Perfect for a meditation session, trying to reconnect with the universe.

Purple Haze Autoflower

Purple Haze is a strain most famously sung about by, arguably, the best guitarist in music history, Jimi Hendrix. Although the song is not actually referencing this variety (not even drugs in general), his music does come close to describing the feeling that this strain will give you. Expect a euphoric, psychedelic high that will either make you want to dance, or create something to dance to.

While her photoperiod feminized sister can be quite tricky to grow, plants cultivated from Purple Haze autoflower seeds are quite a lot more forgiving. This also means that novice growers can finally enjoy her beautiful purple hues.

Her beauty is beyond compare, but her amazing taste and aroma do come close. Sweet, yet earthy, with a clear fruity flavor throughout her smoke.

Pineapple Express Autoflower

Unlike Purple Haze, when it comes to Pineapple Express, the movie came first. Do what that information what you will, we just love the sweet and sour notes of this, what else, pineapple flavored weed.

Even though the holidays are already behind us, you can still celebrate a late Christmas with her pine tree like growth, which can be attributed to the dark green leaves and bushy structure. And we have to say, harvesting her lovely buds feels like opening the presents all over again, despite her tropical aroma.

After planting Pineapple Express autoflower seeds, expect a short vegetative stage of about three to four weeks, followed by seven to eight weeks of flowering stage. It’s clear this delicious strain deserves the ‘Express’ moniker, as you can harvest her tasty buds within less than three months!

Grape Ape Autoflower

Hannah-Barbera (known for creating iconic cartoon shows like ‘Tom and Jerry’ and ‘The Flintstones’) fans might already be familiar with The Great Grape Ape, but we are still wondering what exactly a giant purple gorilla has to do with this strain. But just like with the aforementioned Pineapple Express, the flavor in her name is no lie.

Besides her sweet grape flavor, weed plants grown from Grape Ape autoflower seeds are just as sweet for beginner growers. Growing into little, easy to maintain bushes, her frosty buds are ready before you know it.

Do not underestimate the power of this Grape Ape. With 24% THC, she packs quite the punch, albeit a relaxing one. Her grapey weed soothes both the mind and the body, while also uplifting your spirit when you may otherwise feel down.

Which will be your next favorite?

Whether you love your buds full of flavor or just knock out strong, all of these new weed seeds will deliver you that and more. In case you are more of a fan of photoperiod strains, perhaps you might try out Cherry AK or Purple Gelato feminized seeds, which we released last month.

Did you stumble upon this article without any knowledge of how to actually grow any of these strains? No worries! Just read our Grow Guide for Beginners and start growing your own homegrown weed!

For all the veteran growers out there, in case you want to get more out of these strains, you can always consult our Advanced Grow Guide for a comprehensive catalog of great growing techniques. While not all of them might be as applicable to autoflowers, those that are can be rather beneficial to your final harvest.

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