Feminized Cannabis Seeds 

Our top-shelf collection of feminized cannabis seeds guarantees that you grow female plants only. Each weed strain has been meticulously bred to remove the guesswork from the grow process, ensuring larger yields and consistent quality. 

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Godfather OG feminized
Godfather OG feminized seeds
C. Banana feminized
C. Banana feminized seeds
Sexxpot feminized
Sexxpot feminized seeds
Girl Scout Cookies feminized
Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds
Granddaddy Purple feminized
Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds
Acapulco Gold feminized
Acapulco Gold feminized seeds
Sour Tsunami CBD feminized
Sour Tsunami CBD feminized seeds
ACDC feminized
ACDC feminized seeds
Bruce Banner feminized
Bruce Banner feminized seeds
Blue Dream feminized
Blue Dream feminized seeds
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds
White Widow x Northern Lights feminized seeds
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Feminized seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized weed seeds (sometimes referred to as female seeds) have been the best invention since sliced bread. Why? Because it means you will be able to grow guaranteed female plants. This differs from growing regular seeds, which can consist of cannabis seeds that will grow into either male or female plants. Growing exclusive female plants helps you to realize a yield of consumable buds from all of your plants. This is why so many growers choose to grow their seed feminized only.

All the feminized cannabis seeds in this category are photoperiod, meaning they will grow and bloom based on the light cycle. Do you not want to be pinned down to a light cycle, or want to get your hands on your own homegrown weed even faster? Try autoflower seeds!

Take a look at our catalog, and buy cannabis seeds, right here at WeedSeedsExpress.

Advantages of growing feminized cannabis seeds

Guaranteed yield

Feminized marijuana seeds (or feminised marijuana seeds for those who live in the commonwealth) always grow into female plants, meaning you can be certain of a harvest full of buds. If you are growing your own homegrown weed, nine times out of ten, that is the main goal.

Bigger yields

Compared to autoflower seeds, come harvest season, you will be looking at more buds to enjoy, especially when growing outside. Now bigger isn't always better, but it can't hurt when you are trying to get yourself a nice supply of smokable buds, saves you a trip or two to the local coffeeshop or dispensary.

Huge selection

By far, you have the most choice when growing a feminized strain, and we happen to have the best feminized seeds for sale. Not only do we have a great selection of seeds now, but our seed bank catalog is always expanding. If you feel like we are missing a strain you would like to grow, you can always contact our support.

Less labor-intensive

If your goal is to simply grow yourself some premium weed, growing feminized seeds is a lot less work than growing regular seeds. As mentioned, it saves you plenty of time as you do not have to get rid of male plants when you just want to grow those brilliant buds.

Suitable for

Feminized seeds are suitable for:

Beginner and advanced growers

Many of our feminized pot seeds are suitable for beginners and do not require years of growing skills to be successfully cultivated. If you are indeed a beginner in growing cannabis, we recommend choosing one of our seeds specifically designed for growing cannabis for beginners. This way, you are set up to make your first grow as successful as possible.

Cannabis cultivators with more growing experience also have many reasons to choose for feminized weed seeds. You can apply many different techniques, like ScrOG and SOG, to maximize the quality and quantity of your harvest.

A guaranteed harvest

As a grower, you naturally want all your efforts to be rewarded. That is why feminized weed seeds are a popular choice among growers. Especially because of this guaranteed yield.

However, the yields per harvest can vary depending on the strain you grow, but you will always be able to find this information on the product page in question.

Indoor and outdoor cultivation

Most feminized cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoors you will be able to grow year-round, but when growing outside, you can expect a higher yield per plant.

The best feminized cannabis seeds

What are the best feminized marijuana seeds? Quite a loaded and subjective question, to be honest. It almost feels like choosing your favorite child. We think all our high quality cannabis seeds are the best cannabis seeds! But we understand that this is a boring and unsatisfying answer to that question.

To select the best feminized marijuana seeds, we have looked at our most popular, highest yielding, easiest-to-grow and some of our most favorite feminized cannabis seeds.

The most popular feminized seeds

We believe in the taste of our customers! That is why we, conveniently, delegated choosing the best feminized seeds to beginning and experienced growers who choose to shop at our seed bank.

Godfather OG

It seems like Godfather OG feminized seeds are an offer you simply can't refuse. Hitting harder than a bullet from a Tommy gun (she is one of our high THC seeds after all), it is very understandable why this strain is so popular among our customers. A sturdy plant, that is easy to grow and brings a good harvest of relatively balanced buds to the table. In our eyes, she, arguably, is the best feminized strain.

Chiquita Banana

We all go bananas for Chiquita Banana feminized seeds! Yes, she is stronger than a gorilla, and yes, she yields a good amount of buds that are very balanced in her indica and sativa genetics. But above all, we believe her lovely sweet, and fruity banana cake taste is what makes her one of the best feminized seeds to grow, according to our customers.

Acapulco Gold

The ancient tale of Acapulco Gold feminized seeds is not a clear one, but her popularity is undeniable. Grabbing a High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010, these sativa feminized cannabis seeds offer a nice harvest of weed that manages to inspire artists and other creatives. If you are not the creative type, her citrus flavor and uplifting nature can help to get you in the mood for a party.

Sirius Black

Growing cannabis seeds can be a magical experience, especially when you are growing Sirius Black feminized seeds. Not only can she spawn feminized plants with beautiful colors, her weed is also seriously amazing. Calming, and perfect for a relaxing evening on the couch.

If you have experience growing marijuana, you can summon up to 900 grams per plant outdoors. Indoor growers can yield up to 500 grams per square meter. Not only is the quantity of this weed strain very satisfying, her taste is enchanting, reminding most of black grapes.

Granddaddy Purple

Mixing Purple Urkle and Big Bud, this easy to grow indica dominant weed strain has quickly become one of our best selling seeds. Her delectable fruity flavors, and strong relaxing effects make the weed cultivated from Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds simply irresistible.

Growers who do not have a lot of space, also love this marijuana strain, as her plants do stay rather compact and flower quick, meaning you they don't have to keep the grow room occupied for too long.

The highest yielding feminized seeds

Jars upon jars upon jars of wonderful weed. A common dream of those growing cannabis. If this sounds like your dream as well, you should grab one of the following strains we selected:


With a potential yield of 1.3 kilos (2.9 lbs) per plant when grown outdoors, Critical feminized seeds are by far the best feminized seeds for yield when you choose outdoor growing, in optimal conditions. This huge yield brings buds that are not only flavorful, but also can help you relax and get those creative juices flowing. And, as mentioned before, Critical is a rather fast flowering variety, meaning you don't have to wait long for this gigantic harvest.


This multiple Cannabis Cup winner is not only sweet like the candy, her harvest is very mighty. Zkittlez feminized seeds can yield about 700 grams (1.5 lbs) per square meter when growing indoors. She is not the easiest to grow, however, so she is more suitable for experienced growers.

Amnesia Haze x White Widow

Another indoor heavy yielder is Amnesia Haze x White Widow feminized seeds. Combining two of the most famous Dutch strains, experienced growers can expect 700 grams per square meter indoors. Her sativa roots will provide you with a euphoric head rush, while also taking the edge off. Perfect for low-key social situations.

Easiest to grow feminized cannabis seeds

When you pick up a new hobby, it helps to know where to start. We have selected three feminized strains that are known for their ease of grow and are perfect choices for growers without any experience.


Mixing genetics from all over the world, from the Americas to far east Asia, AK-47 feminized seeds are super easy to grow. She is not only very forgiving of beginner's mistakes, but AK-47 is also highly mold resistant, which means you do not really have to worry too much about pesky fungi ruining your crops. Add to this an impressive yield and strong long-lasting effects, making AK-47 a great choice for every grower!

Big Bud

Who doesn't like big buds? Especially when starting growers can easily cultivate them. Big Bud feminized seeds bring you this and more! And we mean really mean 'more', because her hefty, dense buds can put quite the numbers on your scale. Big Bud weed is known for its powerful and relaxing effects, leaving you with a big smile on your face.

White Widow

Perhaps the most well-known cannabis strain on the planet, White Widow is featured in practically every coffeeshop in Amsterdam and beyond. Perhaps it is her ease of grow that make her so darn prevalent, besides the fact that she grows rather well in our temperate, Northern-European climate (yes, our seed bank is situated in the vicinity of the original capital of weed). But to be honest, White Widow feminized seeds grow even bigger harvests in warmer climates.

Some of our favorite feminized cannabis seeds

We know what we said before about choosing the best cannabis seeds, but we figured we wanted to put a few of our own favorite strains in the spotlight as well.


Gelato is the best ice cream in the whole world wide, found originally in Italy. The indica dominant strain with the same name might also be one of the tastiest around. Not very surprising considering she is a cross between Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies (a descendant of Girl Scout Cookies).

And with Gelato feminized seeds, you can grow your own appetizing buds, which taste like a combination of sweet, minty cookies, citrus, and other delectable fruits. Gelato also delivers a blend of happiness and euphoria with a sense of profound relaxation. Another great reason to indulge in her weed after a tiring day at work.

Purple Haze

Sativa strains are always a great choice when you want to get up from the couch. Purple Haze feminized seeds might be one of your best options in that case. Her trichomes are known not only for lifting you up and getting your body moving; some users have even reported exporting a psychedelic high.

In any case, this sativa dominant strain might be the best option when growing marijuana for party situations. If you treat her right, she is not only a heavy yielder (up to 600 grams per square meter indoors, 700 grams per plant outdoors), Purple Haze might also show you some beautiful purple hues.

CBD Express

At WeedSeedsExpress we do not only offer high THC seeds, but we also have plenty of high CBD seeds for growers that are less inclined to achieve a psychoactive high. Our favorite CBD strain? CBD Express feminized seeds! This train of a strain, with CBD levels of up to 24%, is the ultimate soother for both body and mind, without giving you that typical buzz.

While her high CBD levels alone make her perhaps the best choice for CBD lovers, her aroma and flavors are also quite interesting. A delicious palette of natural flavors awaits you, as pungent spiciness meets the freshness of pine forests, with just a hint of diesel in the mix.


Not just one of our own favorites but also one of the most mentioned strains in the American music industry. Growing Biscotti feminized seeds will provide you with tasty buds that remind us most of chocolate chip cookies. Her true power is not even her taste to be quite honest.

No, it's her ability to enhance your creative abilities, which helps a lot when you are trying to record your next hit song. If you are not that much of a creative type, Biscotti is also very suitable for social situations, taking the edge off and laughing the night away.

Buy the best feminized weed seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

Why use WeedSeedsExpress

Here at WeedSeedsExpress we offer only the top of the line, high quality feminized seeds, with a wide variety of different genetics, both classic and the hottest new strains. We guarantee there is always a new strain in our seed bank catalog that is perfect for your next grow.

When buying feminized pot seeds, it is important to figure out what you want to get out of your next grow. Different strains offer different benefits and experiences. Scroll through the catalog and figure out what is important to you. Maybe you want to have a harvest of buds with a sweet flavor, or you want to grow a cannabis plant that blooms purple weed. We cannot decide for you what your next strain is going to be, but we can help.

If you have any questions, our stellar customer support team is ready to aid you, either with growing marijuana or with ordering and shipping your new seeds. Also, don't forget we offer a delivery guarantee (on tracked orders only) and a germination guarantee, which is another worry less when you ware looking to buy cannabis seeds.

Your search for the right cannabis seed banks ends here, order the best female weed seeds now and get ready for the grow of a lifetime!

Feminized cannabis seeds FAQs

What does 'feminized seeds' mean?

Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that have been altered in such a way that they will sprout only female cannabis plants. This means you do not have to worry about male plants ruining your harvest. Male cannabis plants carry pollen that can pollinate female cannabis plants.

While experienced growers might want to grow cannabis the old-fashioned way, choosing regular cannabis seeds makes your grow a lot more complex. Most growers would benefit from picking feminized cannabis seeds over regular marijuana seeds, as growing only female plants guarantees a harvest of buds.

Are feminized marijuana seeds worth it?

It depends on the type of grow you want. If you are looking to grow massive amounts of buds, and buds only, feminized marijuana seeds are not just worth it, they are your best option. As mentioned before, if you buy feminized cannabis seeds, you know you will not grow any male plants.

Are all feminized seeds female?

Yes, all feminized seeds are female seeds, meaning they produce female plants. If you grow exclusively feminized seed strains, you ensure you wouldn't see any male plants popping up in your grow space.

Be careful however not to add any regular seeds in the same grow space, as those are capable of growing male plants, and those, in turn, can cause your female plants to be pollinated, which is devastating for your total yield.

Are feminized seeds easy to grow?

Yes and no. While feminized cannabis seeds are always easier to grow than regular seeds, not every feminized strain is suitable for growers who are just starting out. Some feminized cannabis strains need more attention and are more prone to be affected by fungi such as mold.

If you want to be sure that your next grow of female seeds is relatively easy, you can always check out our seeds for beginners. Saves time trying to figure out which seeds are suitable for your growing level.

Are feminized seeds photoperiod?

All of our feminized cannabis seeds in this category are photoperiod. This means they grow and develop based on the number of hours of light they receive. Outside, the sun is the biggest factor, and makes you more dependent on nature. When growing indoors, you are 'god' so to speak, as artificial lighting can be altered, which means you can directly influence the growth process of your cannabis plants.

On the topic of 'feminized': technically, our autoflower cannabis seeds can also be considered feminized or female seeds, as they sprout female weed plants only. But to avoid any confusion, the strains on our site called 'feminized seeds' are always photoperiod. If a cannabis seed is marked as 'autoflower seeds', they are not.

Are feminized pot seeds less potent?

When compared to regular cannabis seeds, feminized strains are not necessarily less (or more) potent. It all depends on the genetics of the weed strain in question. Many of our feminized cannabis seeds produce flowers that are more potent than the regular seeds we have in our seed bank catalog.

Autoflowering seeds tend to have lower potency than photoperiod female weed seeds, but this also differs from strain to strain. Just check the information on the seed pages in question when buying feminized cannabis seeds, and you should find out all you need to know. It can't hurt to compare one strain to the other.

Will feminized cannabis plants produce seeds?

While plants grown from feminized cannabis seeds are capable of producing seeds, this is only possible if they are pollinated by male plants. So if you make sure to grow only female marijuana seeds, you are guaranteed only to find female marijuana plants that produce buds in your cannabis garden.

How long do feminized cannabis seeds last?

When you buy weed seeds, it's always recommended to grow them as fast as possible. But sometimes you might want to get a good deal, and you grab more seeds than you can grow in one season. Don't fret, your weed seeds can last for a while.

It is important to store the seeds you do not want to grow immediately, in a cold, dark, and dry container. The easiest option that most (if not all) of you should have at your disposal is the refrigerator. Saving your feminized cannabis seed in a place like your fridge should add multiple years to the seed's longevity.

If you do not store it in an optimal location, the cannabis seed might not be able to germinate anymore within a year. Especially when exposed to constant sunlight and a humid, damp environment.

How long does it take a feminized seed to grow?

The time it takes to grow female cannabis seeds depends on multiple factors. Whether you are growing your female cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors, and if you choose the latter, where in the world you are situated matters. And finally, which cannabis strain you choose can impact the amount of time it takes until you can harvest those dense and resinous buds.

To give a general indication, the vegetative stage takes about eight to nine weeks when you choose outdoor growing. If the summers are long, and the number of light hours is high, this period where the plant is growing can take considerably longer, and the same goes for the opposite.

If you grow your feminized marijuana seeds indoors, growers tend to expect this stage to last six to eight weeks. When you choose indoor growing, the vegetative stage is completely dependent on the number of hours you set up for your light schedule.

After the vegetative period has passed, the flowering stage takes over, and your beautiful buds start to blossom. The time this stage takes completely depends on which of our feminized strains you choose.

A few of our quickest flowering feminized strains are Critical, Grape Ape, and Swiss Cheese, all taking between seven and eight weeks to complete flowering. Our slowest strain is the classic Haze, which can take up to 14 weeks to harvest when she starts flowering. But hey, you know what they say, you can't rush greatness.

Can feminized seeds turn male?

No, if you germinate a feminized seed, you will always grow a female plant. While, as mentioned, the female cannabis plant can get pollinated by a male plant, the gender of the cannabis plant will not and cannot be changed. Just make sure to buy feminized cannabis seeds only, and you have nothing to worry about.

Are feminized cannabis seeds expensive?

We offer our feminized cannabis seeds in many different price ranges. In case you want to directly find cheap feminized seeds, you can check out our cheap weed seeds page.

We know for sure that, especially in the long run, it's always cheaper to consume your own homegrown weed (grown from feminized cannabis seeds) than to buy buds at your local dispensary or coffee shop. This can be a great reason to invest in seeds and growing equipment.

If you are looking for deals, many of our best feminized cannabis seeds go on sale, and you can shave a bit off the total price when using one of our coupons. That's the perk you receive when you buy cannabis seeds online.

Can you apply growing techniques to feminized cannabis seeds?

Yes, just like with regular seeds, many of our best feminized cannabis strains are very suitable for applying growing techniques. These techniques are a great way to get a bigger, better and/or faster harvest of your favorite seed strains.