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Looking to buy cannabis seeds, but have no clue where to start? Try one of our most popular marijuana seeds, and get ready for the grow of your lifetime!
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Here at Weedseedsexpress, we have one mission: to be the best weed seeds bank we can possibly be for our customers. We offer a great variety of cannabis seeds on sale, and with more than 150 strains of weed, we have a great perfect option for every single grower, from beginners to experts, both outdoors and indoors. Our marijuana seeds come with different effects, flavors, and genetics, making the growth (and consumption) of every strain a different journey to embark on. Our cannabis seeds have one thing in common though: the highest quality possible! This way, we know for sure that you are in for the grow of a lifetime.
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Our love for cannabis has been running deep since 2005, from growing marijuana seeds to consuming the bountiful harvests of our own cannabis plants. While cultivating our own homegrown weed, we learned more and more about the plant and everything it has to offer. We want to share our passion with you, bringing you not only the best strains, but also making your experience shopping weed seeds as smooth as possible. So you can focus on growing your next batch of top-notch weed.

Stellar Customer Service Stellar Customer Service

While cultivating cannabis seeds can be a one-person job, it is nice to get some assistance at times. Our customer service is ready to answer any questions related to growing or ordering your own weed seeds. Just shoot us a message, and we will help you with your weed seeds-related issues.

150+ Premium Strains 150+ Premium Strains

From the classics to the hottest new strains, we always offer the highest quality cannabis seeds for sale. Our weed seeds catalog is ever-expanding with new releases, so you will always have a new strain to grow in your cannabis garden. And no matter which strain you choose, you are in for the grow of a lifetime!

Fast Worldwide Shipping Fast Worldwide Shipping

We understand you want to start growing your marijuana seeds as quick as possible. This is why we provide the fastest international delivery possible. To make sure your order will arrive safely, we will ship your weed seeds in stealthy, sturdy packaging. Depending on your country, you can also add track & trace to your shipment.

Germination Guarantee Germination Guarantee

There is no worse feeling than getting ready to start your next grow of cannabis seeds, and the seeds refuse to sprout. Our weed seeds have an average germination rate of 96.1%. To make sure you have a 100% germination rate, we have added free seeds with every order (Not applicable to 3-packs).

Passion for growing Passion for growing

In our minds, a proper weed seed bank should be as passionate as you're about growing. We don't just sell you the seeds, we also help you grow them! With a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to growing cannabis seeds, you can always consult our learning center, our beginner grow guide, or our guide for advanced growers.

Great offers and discounts Great offers and discounts

Growing cannabis can be an expensive hobby, but it does not have to be. Buy cannabis seeds in sale, and save some of your hard-earned cash. We also offer coupons, so you can shave off a little extra on your next order of weed seeds.

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Grow Guides

Whether you just ordered your first pack of cannabis seeds, or have already grown hundreds of weed plants, you can always learn something new. With our grow guides you will be able to grow your first marijuana plant, from seed to harvest, and master new growing technique to grow more, high-quality buds. All you need to do is follow the steps, and your next grow will be a successful one!

Learning Center - Stay educated In our Learning Center, we aim to help you understand the art of growing weed seeds. Learn new insights, brush up on your skills, or find a refresher course on certain grow stages. As a great man once said: “Learn continually – there’s always ´one more thing´ to learn.”
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Blogs - Stay up to date In our blog section, you will find articles ranging from new release updates to our top 5 lists ranking the best weed seeds in their respective categories. If you’re looking for inspiration on what cannabis seeds to grow next, the blog section will be your muse.
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