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Explore our trove of outdoor Autoflower seeds, your ticket to cultivating fast and hardy cannabis plants under the vast, open sky.

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Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds
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AK-47 autoflower seeds
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Bruce Banner autoflower seeds
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Outdoor autoflower cannabis seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Step into the world of outdoor autoflower seeds, where Mother Nature marries modern science to cultivate vibrant life under the open sky. This extraordinary collection we offer is more than just weed seeds; it's the promise of a journey, a foray into the realm of green thumb aficionados and backyard botanists.

Unlike traditional photoperiod strains, autoflower seeds follow their own rhythm. They don't rely on changes in light to bloom, but are hardwired to flower automatically, hence their name. This intrinsic ability to withstand variations in light conditions and weather, and still produce potent, bountiful harvests, makes them the seed of choice for outdoor growers.

Each seed in our collection is a tiny testament to nature's resilience and adaptability. And they're not just for the seasoned gardener. Even if you're a novice to the art of growing, these autoflowering wonders are your stepping stones to becoming a pro. With minimal fuss and maximum yield, they're the perfect introduction to the fulfilling world of outdoor cultivation.

Think of them as your silent partners, growing side by side with you, maturing under the sun and moon's watchful eyes. From the moment they sprout, to the day their leaves unfurl in the breeze, right up to when their buds burst forth in a riot of colors, these seeds are an exercise in joy, patience, and awe.

So, whether you're a seasoned grower looking to expand your green space, or an enthusiast taking your first step into this magical world, our autoflowering outdoor seeds are here to help you grow strong, healthy plants in harmony with nature's dance. Let this adventure of growth and discovery commence!

Advantages of growing outdoor autoflowering seeds

Uncover the many benefits of outdoor autoflower cannabis seeds, the underrated powerhouses of the horticultural world. These wondrous seeds merge productivity with expedience, offering an array of advantages for both seasoned cultivators and green-thumbed novices.

Savor the Speed

Outdoor autoflower seeds boast one of the quickest lifecycles in the plant kingdom. Compared to photoperiod strains, these autoflower seeds have a shortened vegetative state and swift flowering phase; you can relish the fruits of your labor in a mere ten weeks. It's akin to nudging Mother Nature along her course, prompting an accelerated timeline while still enjoying bountiful yields.

An Abundance of Harvests

The rapid growth cycle of outdoor autoflower seeds facilitates multiple harvest seasons within a single year. This allows for an exponential increase in your annual yield. A masterclass in efficiency, these seeds are your ticket to a plentiful cannabis yield.

The Perfect Partner in Cultivation

The resilience and robustness of outdoor autoflower strains make them an ideal companion for beginners. Their forgiving nature and sturdiness allow even first-time growers to navigate potential pitfalls and enjoy a successful harvest.

Small but Mighty

Outdoor autoflower cannabis plants are the embodiment of the saying, "great things come in small packages." Despite their compact stature, these plants are prolific, making them perfect for situations where space is limited or discretion is key.

Rugged Resilience

When growing autoflower seeds outdoors, you will find these plants are durable, displaying a robustness that is the product of strong genetics. They demonstrate notable resistance to variable weather conditions and are less susceptible to mold, ensuring their dependability throughout your cultivation journey.

Outdoor Autoflowers: A Match for All

Whether you're a newcomer to cultivation, eager for quick results, or aiming for multiple harvests in a year, outdoor autoflower cannabis seeds are your go-to choice.

Novice Cultivators will find these seeds an excellent starting point. The plants' resilience and easy-going nature provide a smooth, stress-free introduction to cannabis cultivation without compromising the yield.

Impatient Cultivators will appreciate the swift turnarounds. Many outdoor autoflower strains are ready for harvest within two to three months, allowing rapid enjoyment of your homegrown stash.

Seasonal Harvesters will relish the potential for more than one outdoor autoflower yield within a single year. The rapid maturation of autoflower plants revolutionizes the cultivation process, particularly for those growing outdoors.

The best outdoor autoflower seeds

We recognize your desire for excellence when seeking autoflower outdoor seeds, and we share it. While the 'best' autoflowering cannabis strains often depend on personal preference, we've carefully curated a selection of strains that truly thrive under the open sky.

Girl Scout Cookies

Here's an invitation to savor the essence of California in your own backyard, with Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds. Bursting onto the cannabis scene with her unforgettable flavor and potent effects, this strain has been turning heads globally. A breeze to cultivate, she has been lauded for her robust structure, high resistance to mold, and generosity in yield. This Kush-like performer delights in the sun but holds her own in the temperate climate too.

One puff, and you'll see why recreational and medicinal users sing its praises. Expect a delicious symphony of sweet and earthy notes, laced with spicy undertones that hint at its strength.

And her effects? A deep relaxation for your body, a jolt of creativity for your mind, and an unforgettable euphoria that lingers. So whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or a weary soul yearning for relaxation, the Girl Scout Cookies autoflower is your perfect companion.


Hailed as a classic, AK-47 autoflower seeds are a no-brainer for those seeking an effortlessly fruitful cultivation experience. With her roots in the AK-47 lineage, this strain dons an autoflowering cape, gifting growers a hassle-free journey, minus the worry of light schedules.

A solid performer both indoors and outdoors, she has a preference for basking under the summer sun. Embodying the resilience of the famed AK-47 and her ruderalis lineage, she bravely withstands mold, disease, and the well-intentioned mishaps of beginners.

The allure of this variant lies not just in her robust growth but also in her pleasurable effects. AK-47 auto hits with a perfectly balanced punch – invigorating yet soothing, a harmonious dance of energy and tranquility.

She’s a sensory delight, draping your taste buds in a cloak of sweet musk, layered with subtle herbal undertones. Experience the magic of growing the AK-47 autoflower seeds and treat yourself to an enchanting journey from seed to a sublime smoke.

Northern Lights

Step into the spotlight with the famed Northern Lights autoflower seeds – a true star of the cannabis world. Loved for her swift growth and generous yields, it's like having your own green magic show, only with 70% Indica, 10% Sativa, and a sprinkle of Ruderalis for that effortless touch.

And the show is open to all – no magic wands required – perfect for the budding green thumb seeking a challenge-free cultivation experience. With this plant, you get the best of both worlds: a bountiful, space-saving indoor yield or a sun-loving outdoor growth.

The grand finale? A euphoric high that sweeps stress and pain away, replacing them with a tranquil calm and dreamy relaxation. All this, wrapped in a nostalgic Skunk flavor kissed with notes of lemon and undertones of earth and pine. So, why not treat yourself to a front-row seat? With this Northern Lights autoflowering version, every day is a star-studded performance.

Buy the best autoflower outdoor seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

At WeedSeedsExpress, we're more than just a source for top-quality outdoor autoflowering cannabis seeds—we're passionate enthusiasts dedicated to making every planting journey a memorable story to be shared and cherished. Our commitment encompasses a wide range of premium seeds, ensuring that we're your steadfast ally from seed to harvest.

We aim to make cannabis cultivation a collective joy, inviting gardeners of all skill levels to experience the magic of growing. The advantage of our outdoor autoflowering strains is their quick turnaround, with plants producing buds in just two to three months. These strains grow independently of light, allowing for multiple harvesting opportunities within a single year, showcasing their exceptional efficiency.

When you order weed seeds from WeedSeedsExpress, you're not just purchasing seeds; you're starting a rewarding cultivation journey. We stand by our commitments with robust support, including tracked delivery and germination guarantees, to ensure a smooth and joyful experience from the moment you order to the time of harvest.

Don't hesitate to start your cultivation adventure. Order your outdoor autoflooring seeds today and join the WeedSeedsExpress family, where each plant's growth begins an exciting new chapter. Get ready for the grow of a lifetime!

Outdoor autoflower seeds FAQs

How to grow autoflowering seed outdoors?

Outdoor cultivation is a dance with nature where your autoflower plants mostly lead the way. But during the initial two weeks, these young sprouts require your protective care against the wind and heavy rain. Deploy wind-breaks and cover screens to provide a safe haven from harsh weather conditions.

As you step into the fourth and fifth week, your outdoor plants begin to reveal their true potential, sprouting their beautiful flowers. Your primary role in this phase is to safeguard them from wind and excessive rain while routinely checking for signs of mold and rot. The beauty of outdoor cultivation is that Mother Nature will manage the light schedule for you, something indoor growers can only dream of.

Check the specs of the specific autoflowering strains you are growing, to know when the flowering stage is done and dusted. This can help determine when it is time to bring out the scissors and start harvesting.

How to germinate autoflowering seeds outdoors?

Germination of outdoor autoflower seeds unfolds in two engaging stages for optimum results.

Stage One: Germination in a Glass of Water

The first step invites you to fill a clear glass up to three-quarters with lukewarm, filtered, or pH-neutral water. Into this gentle bath, introduce your seeds. The glass then finds a home in a dark nook for the next 12 to 24 hours. In this quiet solitude, if fortune smiles upon you, your seeds will reveal tiny green-white specks - the birth of the taproot.

Stage Two: Germination Progresses with Kitchen Paper

Transition your seedlings to a new abode, a plate swathed in damp kitchen paper. Another plate serves as a cover, preserving the precious moisture within.

After a day's passage, it's time for a progress check. If the taproot stretches between 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm (0.6 to 1 inch), it's time for the next step. If not, a little more patience is in order, allowing them to germinate further. Bear in mind that this germination phase can extend up to a maximum of nine days.

When should I plant autoflower seeds outdoors?

Timing your planting of autoflower seeds outdoors is like catching the perfect wave: it requires a blend of good timing and keen observation. While late spring or early summer, post-frost, is often an ideal time, the unique characteristics of autoflower seeds offer you flexibility.

Autoflowering plants don't need specific light cycles to shift from the vegetative phase to flowering, unlike their photoperiod siblings. This trait not only allows for multiple harvests in one season but also grants you the opportunity to kickstart their growth indoors.

Even before the outdoor conditions become perfect, you can start nurturing your autoflower seeds indoors, letting them soak up the sun from behind a window. This indoor sunbathing can give your plants a robust start, preparing them for the world outside when the conditions become optimal to grow outdoors.

So, planting autoflower seeds outdoors becomes a dance between understanding your local climate and leveraging the adaptability of autoflowers. You'll find that, with the right approach, this dance can lead to a vibrant and bountiful garden, letting you savor the joys of a successful growing season.