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Weed seeds for beginners

New to growing and looking for easy strains? There are plenty of suitable weed seeds for beginners for sale. These seeds are highly forgiving and easy to grow. Weedseedsexpress offers the best weed seeds for beginners to kickstart your cultivation adventure. Check out these easy to grow beginner seeds, and start your first grow! Buy weeds seeds for beginners at Weedseedsexpress today. 

  • Easy to grow weed seeds for beginners
  • Don’t require much maintenance
  • Highly mold resistant
  • Germination and delivery guarantee
  • Easy to grow weed seeds for beginners
  • Don’t require much maintenance
  • Highly mold resistant
  • Germination and delivery guarantee

Seeds for beginners for sale

Why choose marijuana seeds for beginners?

Getting started for the first time can be overwhelming, lots of factors need to be taken into account. Therefore, it would be wise to get started with buying weed seeds for beginners. These strains can take a little punch and are very mold resistant, this makes it more easy to get familiar with all the aspects of cannabis plants. 

Which cannabis seeds can you choose best as a beginner?

As a beginner, a number of issues are important to consider before you buy weed seeds. Here, simplicity is key. Factors that influence simplicity are for example the gender of the plant, the flowering capability and the fungus resistance.

Tip 1) Gender - choose feminized seeds for beginners

Every beginner, but also advanced growers, have to make a choice between regular seeds or female weed seeds. There is an important difference here. With regular cannabis seeds, the gender of the plant has not yet been determined. Per seed, there is an average chance of 50% to get a male plant and a 50% chance of a female plant. For example, with 4 seeds will most likely result in 2 male and 2 female plants.

Male plants do not create weed flowers, but can pollinate the female plant. However, this is not desirable for the development of smokable buds. Tops are only developed by female plants. It is therefore highly recommended choosing feminized (female) cannabis seeds as a beginner. With this you do not have to recognize and remove the male plants which makes it much easier.

Tip 2) The flowering - choose autoflowering seeds for beginners

Non auto-flowering cannabis plants are influenced by the seasons and thereby, a cannabis plant will start to flower when the sun shines less than 10 hours. Before that period of time, a weed plant will increase in size and get bigger. As the time goes by, and it is getting later in the season, there will be fewer hours of sunlight. There will be a moment eventually when there will be less than 10 hours of sunlight and the plant will start to bloom. That is why a marijuana plant is an annual plant.

Indoor the same applies and these conditions have to be simulated. With everything that has to be considered, and with the lighting cycle on top of that, it is advised for beginners to choose autoflowering seeds. Autoflower strains will start to bloom within a few weeks and don't care much about the amount of light or the time of year. This makes the autoflower easier to handle.

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Tip 3) The mold resistance - choose for cannabis seeds with a high mold resistance

Some cannabis plants have a low fungal resistance, while others have a very high resistance to mold. It is a lot to take care of for beginners. It is therefore highly recommended buying mold resistant weed seeds.

Tip 4) Indica or Sativa? - Choose Indica seeds for beginners

Cannabis plants are roughly divided into two categories: Indica's and Sativa's. The distinction lies mainly in the structure of the plant. Plants grown from Indica seeds are generally easier to maintain compared to plants grown from Sativa seeds.

Indica plants produce a lot of buds in a relatively short flowering phase and have a compact structure. For beginners, it is therefore advisable to buy Indica seeds.

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