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Indica seeds

Cool, calm and collected. That is what you are after growing your own indica seeds. It helps that these plants stay relatively small, have a high yield and a shorter flowering time in general. Who doesn’t love indica strain seeds? At Weedseedsexpress, we have the best indica seeds for sale! Choose your new favorite indica, and harvest the most relaxing buds you have ever seen. Buy indica seeds today!

  • Indica weed seeds are available in both feminized and autoflower
  • We offer indica strains with different levels of THC and CBD
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • #1 place for indica seeds
  • Indica weed seeds are available in both feminized and autoflower
  • We offer indica strains with different levels of THC and CBD
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • #1 place for indica seeds

Indica seeds for sale

Why buy indica weed seeds

This calming cannabis is popular among users who need physical relaxation and/or a good night's sleep. Indica is also frequently used in relieving physical complaints and pain. The substance that takes care of this is CBD. Are you looking for THC seeds that produce weed for an active and creative high? Then buy sativa seeds.

Indica seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If you want to grow them indoors, then you don't need much space because these plants don't get big. And because they flourish excellently in cooler climates such as the Netherlands, they are also suitable for outdoor cultivation. Despite the fact the plants are small and compact, the yield will meet your expectations.

Advantages and disadvantages of indica seeds


✔ Provides a relaxing and calming effect.
✔ Suitable to use before going to sleep.
✔ Plants are small and compact, making them suitable for indoor growing.
✔ Suitable for outdoor cultivation because they grow without problems in cool climates.
✔ Short flowering time.
✔ Can also be used for pain and physical complaints.


✔ Less suitable for daytime use because it induces sleep and affects alertness.
✔ Longer flowering time.
✔ Not or less suitable as a creative and energetic mood enhancer.

Characteristics of indica weed seeds

From Indica cannabis seeds, you grow cannabis with a relaxing effect. The weed often contains less THC in contrast to sativa strains. But not only does the genetics influence the THC and CBD content, it also affects the external characteristics of the plant.

For example, they do not grow very large and remain bushy and compact. Their size makes them ideal for indoor cultivation. The leaves are dark and have wide leaf discs compared to the sativa species that are quite narrow. Due to the large amount of chlorophyll, the leaves are also oily.

Origin of indica seeds

As the name suggests, most Indica cannabis strains originate from the remote areas of the Hindu Kush mountains (Central Asia) and the Himalayas. This includes countries such as India, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal and Afghanistan.

Indica was introduced into the Netherlands around the 1970s. From then on, Indica's were often crossed with Sativa's and Ruderalis varieties. By crossing them, these so-called hybrid cannabis seeds possess the best characteristics of each species.

For whom are indica cannabis seeds suitable?

Indica seeds are suitable for:

Growers who want to relax and improve their sleep

Indica has a stress relieving effect and promotes sleep. The component CBD is responsible for this. The effect is also more focused on the body and is also called a "body-high".

Novice and experienced growers

Indica strains are mostly easy to grow. This is because they are fast growers. And the shorter the flowering period, the less likely they are to fail. The latter is especially true when growing indica outdoors. There are also some popular indica autoflowering varieties (including Northern Lights and CBD Purple Kush Auto), which will ensure a successful harvest for you.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing

Indica strains have traditionally been outdoor plants because they can handle cool weather conditions well. Thanks to clever genetic engineering, they have been made suitable for growing successfully indoors. Since they do not grow tall (approx. 60 - 180 cm) and grow in width, you do not need much indoor space.

Quick harvest

Indica plants are known for their short flowering periods, which means that you can harvest quickly. Although the plant does not grow very tall, it produces heavy and compact buds, which means that the harvest will not be disappointing.