10 Strongest Weed Strains 🤯 (2023 Update)

10 Strongest Weed Strains 🤯 (2023 Update)

A few decades ago, THC percentages used to top out at around the 10% mark.

However, it's now possible to find strains that contain a staggering 25-30% THC or greater.

These intensely potent varieties provide the most intense psychoactive effects possible from the cannabis plant.

In this article, we'll look at 10 of the strongest weed strains in the world.

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1. Fat Bastard - 38% THC

Fat Bastard packs a real knockout punch! With its crazy high 38% THC level, just a few tokes of this dank bud will put even the most seasoned stoner on their ass. This stuff is not for beginners.

You gotta respect Fat Bastard, or it'll put you into a major couchlock coma.

The killer combo of Goldmember and Monkey Spunk genetics gives Fat Bastard super potent effects. It's like getting whacked upside the head with a sledgehammer of pure THC.

The high hits fast and hard, slamming your body with a heavy relaxation while your mind goes on a spaced-out adventure.

If quick harvests and subtle growing are your goals, our Autoflower Fat Bastard fits the bill.

2. Permanent Marker - 34% THC

Packing a solid 34% THC level, even veteran stoners will catch a buzz off Permanent Marker. This ain't no lightweight strain; it hits fast and hard with super relaxing effects that will have you sinking deep into the couch.

But it's not all body buzz - your thoughts will be racing and creativity flowing, too.

The expert growers blended Biscotti, Jealousy, and Sherb Bx to craft an absolute beast of a strain. The indica genetics give Permanent Marker its insane potency and relaxing high.

Don't expect to get anything done after puffing this dank nug; you'll be too blissed out!

3. Sleepy Joe OG - 34% THC

Bred from Obama Kush and Nova OG genetics, Sleepy Joe OG delivers heavyweight effects thanks to its insane THC content. I'm telling you, even the most seasoned stoners will catch a monster buzz from puffing this top-shelf flower.

At first, you'll be riding a huge wave of euphoria that's perfect for laughs and good vibes. But soon after that, you'll feel your whole body start to melt into the couch as you slip into a super chilled-out and relaxed state of mind.

Sleepy Joe OG is perfect for a nice evening sesh when you want to kick back and get mega stoney baloney. With its powerful 34% THC level, this dank bud will have you feeling mighty fine!

It inspires creativity and imagination, too, which is great for activities or just zoning out.

4. Chiquita Banana - 34% THC


Just a few hits of Chiquita Banana, and you'll be riding a huge wave of euphoria and positivity, perfect for getting those good vibes flowing. It really puts you in an uplifted mood and gets the creativity juices flowing.

Then, soon after, you'll feel your whole body start to melt into the couch as a relaxing body high takes over.

The expert growers did an awesome job growing this dank bud to reach up to 34% THC. That super high level means Chiquita Banana is not for rookie smokers - this strain will launch even the most seasoned stoners into a blissed-out space.

5. Blackberry Moonrocks - 33% THC

The Blackberry flavors will have your tastebuds jumping, but the real magic is the hard-hitting high. At first, you'll be flying high with a major head buzz that's perfect for getting those good vibes flowing.

Everything seems funnier, and you'll laugh at the smallest things.

But soon after that head change, you'll feel your whole body start to go slack as you sink deeper and deeper into the couch. The insane 33% THC gives Blackberry Moonrocks super relaxing effects that are perfect for the evening wind down.

For rapid, stealthy Blackberry Moonrocks growing, go with our autoflowering option.

6. Jealousy - 30% THC

Even though Jealousy is an Indica, it gives you a real heady and psychedelic sativa-like head buzz. It supercharges your creativity and gets your imagination lit up like the Griswold house on Christmas.

Perfect for artists or anyone looking to explore their ingenious side.

But I don't think it's all head high. After that initial big buzz, Jealousy brings on a relaxing body melt that will have you chillin' like a villain. It is great for kicking back in the evening and just zoning out.

With that eye-watering 30% THC level, this strain is not for newbie smokers. Even the most seasoned stoners need to watch their intake with Jealousy, or you might end up couch-locked.

7. Do-si-Dos - 30% THC


A few puffs of Do-si-Dos will buzz your head hard from the powerful cerebral high. Everything seems hilarious, and you'll have a perma-grin on your face from the intense euphoria.

But soon after, you'll feel your whole body go slack as a seriously relaxing body stone takes over.

The combo head and body high make Do-si-Dos perfect for kicking it solo or with friends. It's great for chillin' and zoning out in the evening as you fade into a super relaxed state. Just don't be surprised if you get the munchies hard!

With that beastly 30% THC level, Do-si-Dos is definitely not for newbie tokers. This top-shelf flower will put even seasoned stoners on their ass if you overdo it. 

Autoflower Do-si-Dos is ideal for those seeking quicker, hidden harvests. 

8. Hellfire OG - 30% THC

Hellfire OG smacks you right in the face with a wicked, powerful head high that'll make you feel euphoric within minutes. Everything gets hilarious, and you'll laugh at the smallest things.

Then, soon after, your whole body melts into the couch as you fade into a nice, relaxed state.

With that beastly 30% THC content, Hellfire OG is not meant for rookie tokers - this one is strictly for the most seasoned stoners who can handle their bud.

Even just a few hits will put your head in the clouds. It's perfect for pain relief and kicking back in the evening before bed.

For a shorter duration and more subtle growing, use our Autoflower Hellfire OG  seeds.

9. Ghost Train Haze - 30% THC


I'm telling you, a few puffs of Ghost Train Haze, and you'll be tripping major face, feeling straight-up euphoric and happy as hell. It gives you a wicked head change and super introspective thoughts.

Your mind will be racing with insane ideas and creativity. Now, don't expect to get all energetic from this dank nug.

Ghost Train Haze delivers more of a spaced-out, numbing body high that has you chilled out and zoning. Perfect for just kicking it and vibing out.

With that beastly 30% THC content, Ghost Train Haze is meant for only the most experienced stoners. If you're new to Bud, this one will launch you into orbit! It's great for treating stress, depression, and nausea.

10. Godfather OG - 30% THC


This heavy-hitting Indica strain packs a massive 30% THC, so you know it will rock your world with chill vibes.

Don't let the super high THC percentage scare you off, either. Godfather OG creeps up on you real smooth with a mellow head buzz before easing your whole body into a deep state of couch-lock relaxation.

It is perfect for kicking back solo or with friends. With effects that strong, Godfather OG is a top choice for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, chronic aches and pains, or insomnia.

A few puffs will erase all your worries and have you snoozing like a baby!

Just take it slow if you're new to the Kush game, or you might end up passed out from the heaviness. And don't make any plans after blazing this dank because you'll be straight glued to the couch, munching out hard!

Need More High THC Strains?

We hope you found a strong weed strain from our list.

For even more choices, check out our full range of High THC cannabis seeds.

We also stock a wide range of autoflower seeds and  feminized cannabis seeds.

Happy growing!