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Autoflower seeds

There is no better feeling than harvesting your own homegrown buds. If you choose autoflower seeds, you don’t have to wait for long either. A shorter lifecycle means you can harvest quicker! At Weedseedsexpress, we have the best autoflower seeds for sale. Choose from a wide selection of autoflower weed seeds, and you can grow your next favorite autoflower before you know it. Buy autoflower seeds at Weedseedsexpress today!

  • Autoflower feminized seeds always produce buds
  • Multiple grows per grow season with autoflowering seeds
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • #1 place for the best autoflowering seeds
  • Autoflower feminized seeds always produce buds
  • Multiple grows per grow season with autoflowering seeds
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • #1 place for the best autoflowering seeds

Autoflower seeds for sale

Autoflower weed seeds are the best invention since feminized weed seeds. Why? Because not only will you get guaranteed female plants (just like with our feminized seeds), you can expect to harvest your buds in no time! Unlike our feminized marijuana seeds, which are photoperiod, autoflowers grow based on level of maturity. Because of this, autoflowering seeds are not dependent on a light cycle and can have a seed-to-harvest time of less than three months.

Another great quality of autoflowering weed seeds is the fact that the plants grown from said seeds are very sturdy. If you, as a beginner, make mistakes when growing autoflower seeds, they are rather forgiving, which can (at least in part) be attributed to their ruderalis genes. Do you want to know more about autoflowering seeds? Check out our article explaining what autoflowering seeds are.

Are you still puzzled by the diverse choice of weed seeds we sell? Either check our Guide to the Differences Between Autoflower, Feminized (photoperiod) and Regular Seeds, or try Seedfinder to find the perfect strain for you to grow. If you were on the hunt for autoflower cannabis seeds, look no further! Take a gander at our catalog and buy autoflower seeds, right here at Weedseedsexpress.

Advantages of growing autoflower weed seeds

Quick harvests

Due to a short vegetative stage, (and often shorter flowering period as well), you can expect to yield your homegrown weed very quickly, some strains even within 10 weeks.

Multiple grows per season

Another benefit of the shortened lifecycle, you will be able to grow your autoflowers twice in the same grow season.

Ease of growth

Anyone can grow an autoflower plant, as she needs little care and is very forgiving when it comes to mistakes by (beginning) growers.

Less space needed

Most autoflowering strains tend to be on the shorter side, which perfectly suits a stealthy grow or a smaller grow space.

Hardy plants

Thanks to their sturdy genetics, autoflower plants are very strong plants that can withstand a lot of different weather conditions and are mold resistant as well.

Suitable for

Autoflower seeds are suitable for:

Beginner growers

While advanced growers might have their reasons to grow autoflowers (who doesn’t love to harvest their weed asap?), it is mostly beginners that benefit from cultivating autoflower cannabis seeds. As said, autoflower strains are very easy to grow and are rather forgiving when it comes to mistakes during the growing process. If you can still use some tips, especially when growing for the first time, you should check our grow guide for beginners. Our guide will help you grow your (first) weed plant step-by-step, from the moment you unwrap your seeds to being able to smoke/consume your own homegrown weed.

Quick harvests

The choice for autoflowering seeds is easily made if you are impatient. These weed plants are fast growers, so the vegetation and flowering stage is relatively short compared to (photoperiod) feminized seeds. Many of our autoflowering weed seeds can be harvested within 70 days, so you can enjoy your own weed within three months.

Indoor and outdoor cultivation

Autoflower seeds can be grown virtually everywhere, and with their shorter stature, can fit perfectly in a smaller-sized grow space, indoors. Or let’s say you don’t want your plants to peek over your fence; you can always opt for autoflowering strains for a more stealthy grow.