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At Weedseedsexpress we believe that we are stronger together. Therefore we would like to invite you to participate in our profitable affiliate program. As an affiliate partner you form a very important key of our joint success and we are happy to reward you for this.

For every customer who places an order via your website or your channel, you receive a commission of at least 20%. Depending on the number of orders that come through your channel, this may reach up to 30% commission. In addition, you receive 5% commission on every repeat purchase or purchase of a sub affiliate.

Are you the owner of a website, (personal) blog, youtube channel, newsletter, forum or social media page with a large or small marijuana related audience? Let‘s partner up!

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The advantages of becoming a Weedseedsexpress affiliate

As an affiliate partner of Weedseedsexpress you enjoy the most competitive conditions in the market:

  • Highest commission. Where most affiliate parties offer a maximum of 15% - 25% commission, we offer you a maximum of 30% commission.

  • Longest cookie time. With a cookie that stays active for over 1 year, we offer you the longest cookie time in the market.

  • Endless retention. Any customer that you brough will stay with you. If a customer you brough makes a purchase after 4 years for example, and still is traceble to you, you will get commission.

  • Designed to convert. Our productpage is designed to convert, the call to action is always visible to encourage visitors to buy the product.

  • Super fast website. We have optimized our website in order to be the fastest loading seedshop online. This is of great importance since a 1 second delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

  • Detailed information. We may say we have every aspect of each strain covered, so visitors don't find the need to search any further.

  • Immediate support. We integrated live support by chat in our website so visitors can asked us anything, anytime.

  • Fast payment. You can be paid at a balance of 50 euros and at a time that you want.

Extra services

  • Custom promotional materials. We create banners that will match your design and style on request.

  • 24/7 Support. We are always available to answer your questions

  • Campaign optimisation. Personal advice, training and help with optimizing your promotions.

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As a Weedseedsexpress affiliate partner, your turnover can increase significantly. The following applies: the more people order through your channel, the higher your turnover. Check your earnings below.

  • 20% on sales up to € 2,000 per month

  • 25% on sales between € 2,000 - € 5,000 per month

  • 30% on sales above € 5,000 per month

You also receive:

  • 5% on repeat purchases from customers

  • 5% on purchases from sub affiliates

High-end affiliate program

To provide the best service we use the world's most used and sophisticated affiliate system: Post Affiliate Pro. With Post Affiliate Pro you have access to the real-time performance of your banners and text links. Besides, you can track your sales, traffic and account balances in a very simple way. This information is always available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please sign up via the button below and if you have any questions, don‘t hesitate to contact us.

How does it work?

As soon as you have signed up you can start promoting our products via your channel. This can be a link or banner to our homepage, but just as well to a specific product or category. In addition, we offer various banners and we can, if desired, make custom banners and other promotional material.

As soon as a visitor clicks on your link or banner, a cookie is placed and if the visitor makes a purchase, both you and Weedseedsexpress know that an order has been made.

The cookie remains active for a year. This means that a visitor doesn’t have to make a purchase immediately. Even if the visitor places an order after six months or 11 months, you will still receive your commission.

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