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Shipping and Delivery

We do our utmost to deliver your order as fast as possible, free shipping, discreetly packaged and delivery guaranteed.

Shipping methods

We have two shipping methods available:

Regular shipping Your order will be sent with the regular post. With regular shipping there is no option to track the location of your order.

Track & Trace We send your insured with Track & Trace. You can track the location of your order anytime and when the package is delivered, you have to sign for it.

Delivery Guarantee applies to both shipping methods, read more about our delivery guarantee here.

What you can expect

We always work very careful when packaging the seeds, furthermore you can expect the following from us:

Fast shipping
Orders will be shipped within 8 hours once the payment has been received. This means we dispatch packages twice a day so your order is sent as soon as possible.

Stealth delivery
Your order is packed in such a manner that you cannot see there are weed seeds inside of it, or that the package is sent by us.

Solid packaging
The package of the seeds is really solid and will protect the seeds for external influences. Our packaging material makes it almost impossible to crush the seeds and the seeds are packed moisture-proof.

Shipping duration

Here you see how long it will take for your order to arrive. These are averages so it might be faster or slower once in a while.

regionregular post track & trace
Europe3 to 10 business days3 to 12 business days
Canada5 to 15 business days5 to 18 business days
United States5 to 15 business days5 to 18 business days
International5 to 15 business days5 to 18 business days


Note that the arrival of your order can be delayed during holidays.

Our delivery continues as normal but please take into consideration your order may be delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We wish you all the best of love & health, stay safe.