Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Sativa cannabis seeds grow tall and do well in warmer climates. They produce a focused and energetic high that makes them popular with most growers. 

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Sativa Seeds For Sale

Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Sativa seeds originate from the Cannabis sativa plant, one of the primary subspecies of the cannabis genus.

Benefits of Growing Sativa Seeds 

  • They grow tall  - These plants are known for their tall and thin structure, often with narrow leaves.
  • High yield - Plants provide exceptionally good yields. Especially outdoors, where the sativa plants are able to stretch and create a lot of room for their buds to grow. For a full overview of our cannabis strains that will get you amazing harvests, browse our high yielding seeds category page.
  • Easy to germinate - While we provide a germination guarantee on all our seeds, sativa strains tend to have a high success rate of cultivation due to their high germination capacity.
  • They like warm climates - Typically, Sativa strains are native to warm climates, with origins in regions like Central America, Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa.
  • They take longer to flower - When cultivated, Sativa plants can take longer to mature compared to their Indica counterparts, sometimes requiring up to 12-14 weeks of flowering.
  • Head high - Provide an active and creative high thanks to higher THC levels. If you want to grow a highly potent strain, you should also check out our high THC seeds.

How To Grow Sativa Seeds

Thinking about growing a sativa strain? Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure your grow is a success.

  • Seed Selection: Opt for high-quality sativa seeds from a reputable breeder or seed bank.
  • Lighting - Provide at least 18 hours of light during the vegetative stage. Consider using LED or HPS grow lights for optimum results.
  • Soil - Use a well-draining potting mix, ideally cannabis-specific. Ensure good aeration to prevent root rot.
  • Temperature - Daytime: Aim for 75-80°F (24-27°C). Nighttime: No lower than 65°F (18°C).
  • Space - Sativas can reach over 6 feet tall indoors; ensure adequate vertical space. Consider training techniques like Low-Stress Training (LST) to control height.
  • Pruning - Trim lower branches that receive little light to focus growth energy on top colas. Remove yellow or dying leaves to maintain plant health.
  • Watering - Water deeply but infrequently, allowing the top 1-2 inches of soil to dry between watering. Be cautious of overwatering, which can lead to root rot.
  • Nutrients - Start with a balanced N-P-K ratio; as flowering approaches, reduce nitrogen.Use cal-mag supplements to prevent deficiencies.
  • Humidity - Maintain around 40-70% humidity, reducing to the lower end during flowering to prevent mold.
  • Harvesting - Sativas take longer to flower (often 10-12 weeks). Harvest when trichomes are milky with some amber.
  • Patience & Observation - Regularly inspect plants for signs of pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies to address them promptly.

The Best Sativa Seeds (Our Picks)

Wondering what the best sativa strains are to grow? Here are 5 of our favorites.

1. Amnesia Haze

Grow Amnesia Haze seeds if you want to grow a piece of cannabis history. Just like White Widow, Amnesia Haze is found in many coffeeshops of Amsterdam, and to be honest, we can't imagine it every being any other way.

Even though she is so common among Dutch coffeeshops, Amnesia Haze feminized seeds are not the easiest to grow, due to a susceptibility to bud rot. If you are not an experienced grower, it is wise to opt for Amnesia Haze autoflower seeds instead.

Her tall plants leave a lot of space for plenty of buds to grow, and outdoors you would be able to gain a yield of up to 800 grams per plant. Her weed can make you forget what you were doing at times, which can be expected with a name like that, but Amnesia Haze also can help you forget your worries.

2. Lamb's Bread

Native to the Caribbean island of Jamaica, Lamb's Bread inspired many locals, including the legendary King of Reggae, Bob Marley. And while she is very well beloved on the island, Lamb's Bread feminized seeds can be a bit of a challenge to grow.

As she is so acclimatized to the warm environments of the Caribbean, Lamb's Bread is not really fond of colder temperatures. If you live in a climate that can be on the colder side (like here in the Netherlands, the north of USA, and Canada), she will not be able to reach her full potential, so consider growing indoors.

When you have harvested her sweet-smelling buds, you can expect deep philosophical debates with your like-minded friends, that can last for hours after consumption. You won't doze off either, as Lamb's Bread provides you with an energy boost, that will carry you though these endless conversations.

3. Maui Waui

Another great, yet underrated island landrace is Maui Waui. Hailing from Hawaii, she too is more fond of the warmer climates. Keep that in mind when trying to grow strains that have not hybridized to the moon, getting as close to the original environment is key for a successful grow.

Maui Waui feminized seeds do flower rather quickly, with an average flowering time of nine to eleven weeks. And when it's harvesting time, the final weight on the scales should bring a smile to your face; with a whopping 900 grams, these sativa plants are quite the heavy yielders.

Talking about putting smile on your face, her uplifting high will bring you to a proper state of euphoria, and might even want to make you dance. This sativa strain is best consumed before (or during) a nice day at the beach or when you want to go clubbing, shaking your hip all night long.

4. Jack Widow

As the name might suggest, Jack Widow feminized seeds were conceived after crossing Jack Herer x White Widow. Combining the Dutch classic with the strain named after the late great cannabis activist, created a super strain that became easier to grow and a heavier yielder!

While she is not as much of a challenge as the aforementioned strains, you do still have to keep your wits about it with Jack Widow cannabis seeds. Especially when it comes to providing her with the right nutrients. But if you don't try, you will never learn, we would say.

Lemon fruity buds will be your reward, if you take the deep plunge with this version of Jack. In the right conditions, you will be able to harvest a whopping one kilo of weed. Just calculate how much you need for a fun night with friends while playing (board) games, and imagine you are set for quite a while.

5. Super Silver Haze

If you want to grow an award-winning sativa strain, look no further than Super Silver Haze. Three-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner in the late 90s... in a row! But becoming a three-time world champ, does not mean she is easy to handle. To be honest, growing Super Silver Haze feminized seeds might be your biggest challenge yet as a grower.

Luckily she is rather resistant to mold, but it is mostly her diet that you need to keep an eye on. If you are an experienced grower who is rather hands-on, growing her sativa cannabis seeds should be far from insurmountable.

Manage to steer her to a successful harvest, and you will be greeted by delightful buds with sweet, earthy, and skunky aromas. Her flavor palette is more on the citrus side, with notes of sandalwood and spices. The main attraction of Super Silver Haze weed is the ability to make any mundane task a lot more fun. Even hoovering or doing the dishes can become a fun activity. And while you clear your head, creative ideas might even jolt through that brain of yours, so keep the notes app on your phone at the ready.

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Sativa seeds FAQs

What Are Sativa cannabis seeds?

Cannabis Sativa is an annually growing plant that originally grew in the east of Asia, but has now made its way all over the globe. Originally used mostly for medicinal and spiritual use, over the centuries, more and more cannabis enthusiasts started to grow sativa cannabis seeds for recreational purposes as well.

It is good to know that some growing experience is a plus, when you also want to grow cannabis sativa seeds. Due to their often longer flowering time, a sativa plant needs more time to grow, which means more care in the long run.

What Are Sativa cannabis seeds?

Cannabis Sativa is an annually growing plant that originally grew in the east of Asia, but has now made its way all over the globe. Originally used mostly for medicinal and spiritual use, over the centuries, more and more cannabis enthusiasts started to grow sativa cannabis seeds for recreational purposes as well.

It is good to know that some growing experience is a plus, when you also want to grow cannabis sativa seeds. Due to their often longer flowering time, a sativa plant needs more time to grow, which means more care in the long run.

What do sativa marijuana seeds look like?

Cannabis seeds from sativa strains don't necessarily differ from non-sativa seeds. It all depends on the specific strain you choose, and the genetics of said strain.

For a general rule of thumb, cannabis seeds typically exhibit darker hues, ranging from black to red, brown, or gray, and possess a lustrous, waxen sheen that reflects light. Often, the seeds feature stripes with a resemblance to those found on tigers or dark blotchy patterns. In terms of shape, the majority of marijuana seeds have an oval droplet-like appearance.

Are sativa cannabis seeds feminized?

Most of our sativa seeds are feminized seeds. That means that these cannabis seeds only grow female plants. Feminized sativa seeds are a great option when you want a guaranteed harvest, without male plants messing up this prospect.

Why is this important? If you have a male and a female sativa plant in one grow room, the male plant can pollinate the female. This means the female marijuana plant will focus her energy on growing cannabis seeds, and not on those buds you really wanted to consume. This becomes a very real possibility if you pick regular sativa seeds.

So, in short, if you want lots of sativa buds, you should always choose feminized sativa seeds. Our autoflower sativa seeds are also always an option, as those are feminized as well.

What are the fastest growing sativa strains?

Talking about autoflower seeds, our fastest growing sativa strain is Black Jack autoflower. Like most autoflowers, the vegetative stage is only about three to four weeks long, plus another six to seven weeks of flowering time sets you back between two and two and a half months. As she does not grow very tall, unlike most sativa plants, she is also a great option for indoor growers.

Our fastest growing photoperiod sativa strain is Cherry AK feminized, with only 49-56 days of flowering time. You don't have to wait very long for that cherry-flavored uplifting high.

Is it better to grow sativa or indica marijuana seeds?

The choice to grow sativa or indica cannabis seeds is a personal one, and should be based on a spectrum of different factors. In the following situations, sativa marijuana seeds are the better option, when compared to indica strains:

  • You want to grow a tall cannabis tree in your outdoor garden

  • You want a more cerebral high, with uplifting effects

  • You are a wake-and-bake type of cannabis consumer

  • You are looking to spark your creativity

If these situations do not fit your needs, you might want to try growing hybrid or indica seeds instead.

Where do sativa seeds come from?

Sativa seeds originated in two places of the world: in the humid areas of Southeast Asia (Thailand and Indonesia) and South America (Colombia, Peru, and Mexico). The humid climate of these areas has made the Sativa a strong strain with increased resistance to mold.

What is the best place to grow sativa cannabis seeds?

If you want to grow sativa cannabis seeds, make sure you have enough growing space, because these plants are, on average, quite large. It is, therefore, best to grow them outdoors. The advantage of these larger weed plants is that they provide you with large yields.

As the original landrace sativa seeds were used to be grown in tropical environments, sativa strains tend to perform better in warmer climates.

Do you sell pure Sativa Seeds?

We have two strains on offer that could be considered our most pure sativa seeds. The first is multiple Cannabis Cup winner Chocolope, and Bob Marley's favorite 'herb' Lamb's Bread.

They both have a sativa content of 95% and are the closest sativa dominant strains to what would be considered pure sativa strains.

Which sativa seeds grow the heaviest-yielding plants?

Jack Widow is the sativa strain with the highest outdoor yield, an astonishing 1000 grams per plant can be grown outside in the optimal environment and growing conditions.

While technically considered one of our hybrid strains, Green Crack feminized seeds have an even higher outdoor yield potential. In prime conditions, this sativa dominant strain can deliver you 1200 grams per plant! So if you want an even higher outdoor harvest, and don't mind a bit more indica genetics in your grow, this is a great option.

Indoor growers, your heaviest yielding sativa cannabis seeds are Amnesia Haze x White Widow feminized seeds. With a little experience, and the right settings in your tent, you should be able to yield a maximum of 700 grams per square meter in your grow space!