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Indoor weed seeds

Not everyone lives in a climate that is very kind to cannabis plants. Or perhaps you want to hide your wonderful grow from the world. In any case, indoor weed seeds are the way to grow. At Weedseedsexpress, we have the best indoor seeds for sale. Take a look and pick your next favorite strain to grow inside. Buy indoor seeds today!

  • Many different weed seeds for indoor growing for sale
  • Grow all year round!
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • #1 place for indoor seeds
  • Many different weed seeds for indoor growing for sale
  • Grow all year round!
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • #1 place for indoor seeds

Indoor weed seeds for sale

High-quality indoor weed seeds

If you are looking for easy indoor cannabis seeds, you have come to the right place. In our assortment, you will find a selection of the best indoor cannabis seeds. For example:

These in particular Indica species are strong and stable. This means that the chance of mold is limited.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing indoors?

There are lots of benefits when choosing indoor marijuana seeds. However, in order to make a good assessment, you also have to take into account the existing disadvantages. That is why we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages below.


With seeds for indoor usage, the following list reflects the advantages.

  • No dependence on (unexpected) weather influences
  • Controlled climate in which it is possible to control the light, air, temperature, feed and water supply.
  • Getting started anytime
  • Anonymity
  • The development of cultivation can be monitored closely


An indoor cultivation also has disadvantages. View the disadvantages below.

  • High energy bills
  • Increases fire hazard
  • Odor nuisance without using a filter

Choosing cannabis seeds for indoors

The choice for a suitable seed depends on several factors. Not only your budget and price play a role in this. Perhaps there is a certain type of taste, smell, effect or high that you find attractive. Moreover, take into account the available space. When a place with high ceilings is available, Sativa seeds are a suitable choice, but when space is limited, Indica seeds would be a better option. Your experience is also a very important aspect. Maybe you already have a lot of experience, or not. Is the latter the case? Then start with a simple seed like an autoflower. You can always try other seeds later.

Use our filters

Do you have a good view of your wishes? Then you can easily find the most suitable seeds. Use the handy filters to filter on plant height, difficulty, rates, yields, flowering time and price. It is also possible to compare different products.

Buy indoor cannabis seeds at Weedseedsexpress

Are you looking for a reliable web-shop where you can buy cannabis seeds discreetly and economically? At Weedseedsexpress you find 25 years of experience and expertise under one roof.

We work with in house breeders. This way, we assure you of fresh seeds directly from the greenhouses. This also enables us to offer the highest possible quality for the best price.

Besides our high-quality genetics. Our customer service is of the best quality through internal training. With a professional team, we are always ready to answer your questions.