10 Strongest Autoflower Strains 🤯 (2023 Update)

10 Strongest Autoflower Strains 🤯 (2023 Update)

Autoflowering cannabis strains are popular because they're quick and easy to grow.

But it's not all about speed, today's autoflowers also boast impressive potency.

In this article, we look at 10 of the strongest autoflower strains that will knock your socks off. 

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10 Most Potent Autoflower Strains To Grow

1. Fat Bastard Auto - 37% THC

With THC levels hitting 37%, this wicked strain will blast you to outer space. The high comes on fast and hard, slamming you with a wicked head rush before settling into a deeply stoned body melt.

Def not for lightweights - this beast will put even seasoned stoners on their asses!

Fat Bastard is a total beast. She's an autoflowering strain so she moves fast from seed to harvest in under 3.5 months. Perfect for indoor setups, she stays short, maxing out around 130cm.

Take her outside and she might stretch a bit taller to 150cm.

Yields are crazy with this one - indoor growers can pull over 600g per m2! Not too shabby for an auto. Even outdoors, you're looking at 300g per plant.

If you don't mind extending your grow time, our photoperiod Fat Bastard offers bigger harvests.

2. Blackberry Moonrocks Auto - 31%

This crazy strain packs a punch with 31% THC! It starts with a sativa head-high that'll have you feelin' euphoric before settling into a deeply chilled-out body stone.

With its indica-leaning effects, Blackberry Moonrocks is perfect for kicking back in the evening when you want to relax. The powerful high means newbies should proceed with caution though. This ain't no lightweight strain!

Growing-wise, Blackberry Moonrocks is a pretty easy strain. She thrives indoors or out. For best results, use good soil and keep the pH balanced.

Indoor growing allows more control over things like light and temps which can boost your yields.

Employing training techniques like low-stress training can also increase yields with this strain. Keep temps between 70-79°F and humidity at 40-50% for optimal growth.

Flowering hits at 8-10 weeks. With the quick flowering time, you can pull off 2 harvests outdoors if your climate allows it.

For maximum production and control, try the photoperiod version of Blackberry Moonrocks instead.

3. Hellfire OG Auto - 30% THC


With nearly 30% THC, this strain is no joke! The high comes on fast with a euphoric head rush. As it settles in, a deep relaxation takes over your whole body, melting away stress and tension.

Medically speaking, Hellfire OG is great for treating pain, inflammation, depression, and more thanks to its hard-hitting effects. Just don't overdo it or you might feel some anxiety creep in.

Growing-wise, Hellfire OG is a breeze. Being an autoflower, it adapts well indoors or out and isn't too picky about conditions. Warm climates and organic soil are preferred though for the best results.

The plants stay short and bushy in structure, making them great for tight indoor setups. Flowering hits at 55-65 days allowing for multiple outdoor harvests per season if your climate permits.

Yields are pretty solid too. Indoor yields can reach 400g/m2 while outdoor yields hit around 150g per plant.

Go with our classic Hellfire OG if you want larger yields, better control of your plant, and aren't in a rush.

4. Bruce Banner Auto - 26% THC


Bruce Banner Auto is one hard-hitting super strain! With a whopping 26% THC, this bud packs a serious punch. The high is euphoric and energetic, getting your creative juices flowing and obliterating any laziness.

Despite the mega potency, side effects are mellow - just a bit of dry mouth and eyes. This makes Bruce Banner a great daytime option when you need a major motivational and inspirational boost.

Growing-wise, Bruce Banner Auto is a robust strain that thrives indoors or out. These tall sativa-dom plants can reach 100cm indoors from seed to harvest in just 10-13 weeks - super quick.

Outdoors or in, using organic nutrients can further boost your yields. You'll be amazed to see those chunky colas develop.

Yields are fantastic too - up to 600g/m2 indoors, and 150g per plant outdoors. For an autoflower, Bruce Banner produces some heavyweight harvests.

If yield and more robust plants are your priority, go with our photoperiod Bruce Banner rather than the autoflowering variant. 

5. Gorilla Glue Autoflower - 26% THC


Effects-wise, that crazy 26% THC makes for one hell of a ride! You'll be feelin' euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted in no time. It glues you to the couch without puttin' you to sleep. Still, newbies should go easy since it's super potent.

Growing Gorilla Glue Auto is a breeze thanks to the autoflowering genes. No need to mess with light cycles - it transitions itself from veg to flower.

You'll see pistils popping as early as week 2! Then in just 8-10 weeks, you've got thick, frosty nuggets.

The strain adapts well indoors or out. Indoors it stays short, around 60-100cm. Outside it can get a bit taller, hitting 100-150cm.

As for yield, indoor grows can pull 550g/m2 while outdoor yields are around 60-120g per plant depending on your climate.

Given time to reach its full potential, our photoperiod Gorilla Glue delivers massive harvests.

6. Lemon Autoflower - 25% THC


This sativa-leaning strain packs a serious punch with 25% THC. Just a few tokes will lift your mood and melt away stress.

The high potency means newbs should go slow with this one though. It can hit pretty hard if you overdo it.

Growing-wise, Lemon Auto is super easy thanks to the autoflowering genes. You'll see buds in just 7-8 weeks from seed which is crazy fast.

Indoors she stays short, only hitting about 70cm in height while pumping out yields of 400g/m2. Take her outside and you can get up to 150g per plant with heights around 80-100cm.

The compact size makes Lemon Auto perfect for discreet outdoor grows or tight indoor spaces. She's an awesome blend of zesty flavor and easy growing.

7. Critical Purple Auto - 25% THC


With 25% THC, this indica-heavy strain packs a real knockout punch. You'll be feeling completely chilled out and numb after just a few hits. It's ideal for nighttime use when you want to unwind and get some serious rest.

Medically, Critical Purple Auto kills pain, anxiety, nausea, and stimulates appetite - perfect for chemo patients or anyone with eating issues. Just don't plan on getting anything done after toking this one!

Growing-wise, Critical Purple Auto is super easy thanks to the autoflowering genes. The plants transition themselves from veg to flower automatically. You'll get fat nugs whether you grow indoors or out.

Indoors the plants stay around a meter tall. Outdoors they average around 120cm. Yields are solid too - 400g/m2 inside and 200g per plant outside.

8. G13 Auto - 24% THC


This mostly indica strain brings 24% THC to the table making for a super chilled-out, mellow high. It crushes stress and pain while easing you into a deep relaxation. Higher doses can even knock out insomnia so you can get some zzz's.

With the potent 24% THC levels, newbies should tread lightly - too much can lead to some paranoia or dizziness. Start low and go slow with this heavy hitter.

Growing-wise, G13 Auto adapts well indoors or out. Indoor yields hit 450-550g/m2 while outdoor plants produce around 100g each.

She stays pretty short - just 90-120cm, allowing for discreet outdoor growing.

The fast 8-9 week flowering time means you can squeeze multiple outdoor harvests per season too. For best results, use hydroponics or quality soil with solid nutrients since this strain is a heavy feeder.

Our photoperiod G13 will reward slow but steady growers with higher outputs.

9. Grape Ape Auto - 24% THC

Grape Ape Auto's THC levels can hit an insane 24%! At first, This strain blasts you with a wicked head high that's super uplifting. But after an hour or so, it'll mellow out into a seriously chill body buzz that's perfect for just spacing out.

As for growing this dank strain, it's a breeze indoors or out. The short and squat plants max out around 1.5 feet tall but get nice and bushy.

The deep green leaves sometimes flash pretty purple and red colors too. Flowering happens crazy fast in just 7-8 weeks.

With indoor grows, you can bank on yields of around 1.5 ounces per square foot. Outdoors, each plant typically drops around 5 ounces of frosty nugs.

This fast finisher lets outdoor growers snag multiple harvests each season.

Our photoperiod Grape Ape gives you more control and lets you maximize your harvest if you're able to wait out a longer grow duration. 

10. Haze Auto  24% THC


This sativa-dominant strain packs a serious punch with its 24% THC! Haze Auto brings on an energetic mental high that gets your creative juices flowing. But it also chills you out a bit thanks to some mellow indica genetics.

Just take it easy at first, especially if you're new to hazes, because overdoing it can spark some paranoia. The high-powered head buzz might be too much for some.

On the growing side, Haze Auto is super easy - even for beginners. You don't have to mess with light cycles to start flowering since it's autoflowering. It grows pretty quickly too, finishing up in 8-9 weeks.

Indoors, it stays a reasonable height between 2-3 feet tall. Outdoors with enough sun, it can stretch up to around 5 feet high.

Yields are solid, with indoor grows yielding 1.5 ounces or more per square foot. Outside, plants typically produce 3 to 7 ounces each.

For a more robust plant and to get the biggest possible yield, check out our photoperiod Haze strain.


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