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Regular seeds

If you want to go back to the original version of a strain you love, you should check out our regular weed seeds. It stays a gamble, as the plants from these non-feminized seeds can grow into either male or female plants. At Weedseedsexpress, we have the best regular weed seeds for sale. Choose your favorite regular seeds and go back to the source! Buy regular weed seeds today!

  • Regular weed seeds can produce more seeds
  • Create your own strains with regular seed
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • Going back to the source with the best regular seeds
read more about regular seeds

Read more about our regular seeds

Why choose regular seeds?

Regular seeds (50/50 composition of male and female cannabis seeds) are mostly bought by experienced growers who want to grow new seeds themselves and/or cross different strains with each other (hybrid seeds). Because to grow new seeds you need both male and female plants. You can harvest weed from feminized seeds only, but you cannot grow new seeds. If you only want to grow full buds and harvest weed, then you should choose feminized seeds or autoflowers. More about differences between male and female marijuana plants.

Advantages and disadvantages of regular marijuana seeds


✔ Suitable for growing your own seeds or new varieties
✔ More economical than feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds
✔ A natural selection which creates strong genetics
✔ After removal of the male plants, the remaining female plants are extra stress resistant


✔ Labor intensive to grow
✔ No guarantee for a successful harvest
✔ Not suitable for beginning growers as it requires knowledge and experience
✔ Small supply of regular cannabis seeds because the demand for them is limited

Characteristics of regular weed seeds

Regular seeds consist of both female and male variants. They are seeds as you find them in the original nature, without having been manually sorted by gender. Because this process has been omitted, these seeds can be offered at a much lower price. But because only female cannabis seeds grow into a cannabis plant with smokable buds, a successful harvest is not guaranteed with regular seeds.

Only experienced growers can recognize and remove the male plants at an early stage during the growing process. If you want to harvest from these regular seeds, you will have to separate the male plants from the female plants during the growth phase. In this way, you will avoid disrupting the weed production of the feminized plant. If you choose feminized cannabis seeds, then you won't have this problem. The female plants will then grow unhindered, and you can be sure that after the flowering period you can harvest.

Who are regular seeds suitable for?

Regular seeds are suitable for:

Experienced (hobby) growers

Growing regular cannabis seeds requires knowledge and experience. Often these experienced growers are hobby growers who want to grow new seeds, mother plants and/or new (hybrid) strains. The cultivation process is labor-intensive, and you will need to closely monitor the progress on a daily basis. If you only want to grow buds, then it is better not to buy regular seeds.

Growers who opt for organic quality

Do you want to grow marijuana seeds in the most unmanipulated, and therefore purest, form? Then you should choose regular cannabis seeds. Keep in mind that you will grow the seeds the hard way. You will therefore need to have green fingers and a passion for growing. In the end, you will get great organic weed in its purest form.