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Weed seeds

Growing a cannabis plant from seed to harvest can be quite the journey. It all starts with choosing the right strain. We can make your life a lot easier though, because we have the best weed seeds for sale. So no matter your choice, you are in for the grow of a lifetime. Buy weed seeds online at Weedseedsexpress today.

  • Choose from 150+ strains
  • Highest quality weed seeds you can find
  • Delivery and germination guarantee 
  • #1 shop to order weed seeds
  • Choose from 150+ strains
  • Highest quality weed seeds you can find
  • Delivery and germination guarantee 
  • #1 shop to order weed seeds

Weed seeds for sale

Weed seeds have been cultivated for over 12,000 years, possibly even one of the earliest plant to be domesticated. Cannabis has been enjoyed by many of the great civilizations, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the far eastern corners of Japan and China. And now, in this day and age, it is easier than ever to buy weed seeds, online, right here at Weedseedsexpress!

At Weedseedsexpress we have a large selection of over 150 strains of the best weed seeds for sale. From strong couch-locking, and munchies-inducing Indicas to uplifting, energizing, dance the night away Sativas. From absolute classics you can find on the menu of every Amsterdam coffee shop, to brand-new strains that defy all your expectations.

Buy weed seeds online

Every new grower might be asking themselves: “Where to buy weed seeds?”. When buying weed seeds, you should only settle for the best weed seeds. And that is where our seed bank comes in. Whether you are looking for weed seeds in the USA, UK, Europe, or anywhere else in the world, we only sell you the highest quality possible. Just pick your favorite strain, put them in your shopping cart, and we will make sure you have the grow of a lifetime. Oh, and if you need help picking what strain to grow next, maybe give our Seedfinder a try.

Types of weed seeds

There are many types of seeds and strains, here is a quick overview of our most popular categories:

Autoflower seeds

In case you want to grow your own weed quick, and easy, you should look no further than autoflower seeds. With a shorter vegetation time and flowering stage, you will be able to harvest a good crop of high-quality weed.

Feminized seeds

Guaranteed female plants. Maybe that is all you need to know. If not, then let us tell you this: Feminized seeds will guarantee you plants with plenty of buds, so you can fill your buckets full of your own homegrown weed.

CBD seeds

CBD seeds are perfect for growers who like to relax their bodies, without the psychoactive high. This means no feelings of intoxication and no midnight munchies. Just relax and grow some CBD seeds.

Sativa seeds

If your middle name is wake-and-bake, then you need to grow some Sativa seeds. After you have grown your own sativa strains, their buds will help you start your day with not only an energy boost, but also a powerful, euphoric feeling.

Blueberry strains

Blueberries might be the most versatile fruit on the planet. Whether you eat them in a muffin, in a pancake, or straight after plucking them, the sweet and sour taste always works. The same goes for our Blueberry strains. Grow those Blueberry strains, and find out for yourself.

Skunky strains

Skunky strains have been around since the 70s, and it looks like they are here to stay. Fast to flower, with buds that are dense and powerful. Try out these skunky seeds, you won’t be disappointed.

Kush strains

Originating from the mountains in the Hindu Kush region, Kush strains are fast-growing, hardy plants, with incredible, powerful, yet balanced effects. For those reasons, many of the most popular strains are descended from the early Kush strains. Every cannabis garden, can use a little bit of Kush.

Indica seeds

Relax, take a load off, you deserve it. Truly regain your inner peace and plant a handful of Indica seeds. Not only will the process be tranquil, the harvest you will yield will make you even more relaxed.

Hybrid seeds

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Many of the most popular strains are hybrids, yet we have selected only the most balanced of hybrids in this category. So, if you want a strain that will give you a perfect balance of head high and body stone, you got to grow hybrid seeds!

High THC seeds

Some cannabis lovers simply want one thing: flying higher than a kite in a hurricane. And while the coffee shop or dispensary around the corner might get you there, growing your own homegrown weed is even better. And if you grab our High THC seeds, you know you will be in for a crazy high.

How to grow weed seeds?

You are here because you were browsing weed seeds, but figured, how do I actually grow those seeds into beautiful flowering plants, with plenty of smokeable buds? The process is actually fairly simple, especially if you follow the steps in our beginners guide. You will get the answers to the following questions:

How to germinate weed seeds?
How to plant weed seeds?
How do I take care of a weed plant?
How to harvest weed seeds?
How to dry weed seeds?

After reading our guide, you will know exactly how to grow weed from seed. If you have more questions, like “What do weed seeds look like?”, you can always consult our learning center. Have fun growing!