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10 reasons why you should grow your own weed

10 reasons why you should grow your own weed

Curious why you should grow your own weed? These are the 10 reasons! Buy seeds at Weedseedsexpress and get FREE SEEDS + BEST SERVICE Last updated 06/12/2022 5 min read

    A life free from street dealers, protection from contaminants and an unlimited choice of strains - there are so many reasons to grow your own weed. Today, home cultivation is booming, especially in countries where it is legal.

    What could be better than to try out what Mother Nature has to offer? The selection of weed varieties is vast - freedom of choice that no pharmacy or dealer, however well stocked, can match. And cultivation is practicable practically everywhere as long as the law allows!

    Why grow your own weed?

    In various countries and regions, weed cultivation is permitted or decriminalized for adults. The most famous examples include Uruguay, the US states of Colorado and California as well as Canada, South Africa and Mexico.

    In Spain and the UK, cultivation for personal use in your own four walls is not punishable. In the Netherlands, up to 5 plants are "tolerated". In Austria, cultivation is allowed until flowering begins. In Switzerland, self-cultivation of CBD grass with less than 1 percent CBD content is permitted.

    All of this is not a blank check because if authorities suspect that you grow to sell for a profit that specific regulations have not been complied with or necessary reporting requirements have been circumvented, it becomes uncomfortable!

    However, if you do the research beforehand, there is no reason why you shouldn't grow your own weed at home. And, if you need convincing further, here are ten reasons why you should give it a try - even if you have never grown anything in your life before!

    1. Independence

    Not everyone lives in a city, such as Amsterdam or Toronto, where there a legal cannabis outlet on every corner. Even if cultivation is legal, good quality is often surprisingly hard to get hold of, and self-sufficiency is often the only way to enjoy good weed.

    2. Availability

    The strains that you would like to have are not always and everywhere available. Feel like trying White Widow or Northern Lights? Growing your own could be the easiest way to make your dream come true. However, there is a huge assortment of seeds available for self-cultivation, which makes it possible to try out a wide variety of varieties.

    3. Health

    Legally purchased weed is sometimes contaminated with mold spores, over-fertilized or contaminated with pesticides. Not everyone is ready to put their health at risk for a bit of fun. And when you buy from a street dealer, you could get lucky with a fantastic smoke, or you could walk away with a bag of oregano.

    When you buy cannabis, and especially hashish, on the black market or in a dispensary supplied by industrial production, it is difficult to know what you are smoking. The quality of the product, its taste, smell, and effects are not always up to par.
    In many parts of the world, it is also difficult to know where the weed we buy comes from. By growing your own cannabis, you will be able to obtain excellent quality weed and even hashish. As long as you take the trouble to learn a few basics, of course.

    Plus, you know where your cannabis seeds come from, what potting soil and what fertilizers you used. So you don't have to worry about the quality of what you smoke.

    4. Avoid taking risks when buying on the black market

    Even in countries where it is possible to buy cannabis legally, the black market is still present. And it sometimes offers attractive prices.

    Getting supplies on the street can be very risky. First, for you, physically, because you could be the victim of an assault or smoke a harmful product. And then at the legal level, since you could be arrested and prosecuted for taking part in illegal drug trafficking. Even if you click on a dodgy website, there is a good chance you could infect your computer with a virus!

    With the self-production of cannabis, you avoid some risks associated with the black market.

    5. Convenience

    Although there is work involved in growing weed, once you have harvested, you can sit back and relax. There is no need to leave your home to stock up on supplies. You smoke quietly at home!

    6. Taste

    Purchased, insufficiently rinsed weed simply doesn't taste good. Commercial growers often forget to flush the flowers with fertilizer residues or to properly harden them shortly before harvest.

    7. Budget

    Legal cannabis is expensive as a popular medicine. Not everyone can afford their favorite grass or even their much-needed medication. Many weed users, therefore, rely on self-sufficiency.

    Unless your best friend is Jack Herer or Arjan Roskam, you're probably bound to get your favorite weed or hash at a steep price. And you often feel like you are spending too much money on smoking.

    Good news. By growing your own cannabis, you can significantly reduce your smoking expenses!

    Although initial start-up costs are dependent on the method of cultivation, the price per gram is frequently estimated to be significantly less than purchasing weed from a retailer.

    For a first crop and counting the cost of the material, it is still possible to produce grass inexpensively.

    8. Fun

    Many people simply enjoy growing plants. Anyone who has ever grown tomatoes or peppers knows how satisfying it can be to watch your own sprouts grow.

    And which hobby gardener is not proud to serve their loved ones homegrown vegetables? Over the years, as you grow more experienced, you can take weed cultivation to the next level and have years of fun experimenting with clones and even developing your own strains!

    9. An educational, fun and anti-stress hobby

    Growing any plant is a gratifying activity that allows you to learn a lot about a wide variety of topics, from DIY to chemistry, including life in the plant world and electricity.

    If photosynthesis, pH, and lumens are entirely new concepts to you, you'll have a chance to master the basics when you start growing cannabis.

    10. A reliable supply of weed to hand

    Have you ever missed a date with your girlfriend because your dealer was an hour late? Or not being able to smoke because the only coffee shop in town was closed? This will no longer be an issue if you grow your own cannabis.

    You will be able to smoke quality weed all year round with just one or two harvests per year. Unless you smoke 10 grams per day of course! You're going to want to take care of it as best you can. And you will feel enormously proud when you see the positive effects of taking care of your lovely little plants. Maybe you already know this if you are lucky enough to have a garden. There is nothing more relaxing than gardening!

    Being in contact with living things and taking care of them is an activity that allows you to clear your mind and decompress. It's a holistic activity that takes on an almost spiritual dimension when you finally smoke weed that you have grown from seed.

    Conclusion: are you going to grow your own cannabis? 

    If you are a regular smoker and the law of your country allows you to grow weed for your personal use, there is nothing to think about. There is no longer any reason to continue shopping for exorbitant prices at the local coffee shop. Or worse, on the black market.

    Self-production allows you to reduce your expenses and consume a quality product without taking unnecessary risks. And you might even discover a passion for this rewarding and relaxing hobby!