How to buy weed seeds safely?


There are different ways to get weed seeds in a safe way. In countries where growing weed is legal, cannabis seeds can often be purchased in growshops, coffee shops and dispensaries. However, unfortunately cannabis seeds aren’t for sale in every country. Here you can think of Australia, countries in Asia and several states in the USA. 

Fortunately there are still possibilities for growers living in countries where buying cannabis seeds is difficult as many seed banks have cannabis seeds for sale and ship overseas. This may sound scary, especially when living in a country where cannabis seeds aren’t allowed to enter your country. You therefore might wonder, is buying online safe?

Let us reassure you. Buying online is safe and discreet even when you live in a country where cannabis seeds aren’t allowed. Yet, there are few points of interest in order to make an online purchase in a safe way.

Would you like to know how to buy weed seeds safely and in a discreet way when shopping online? Weedseedsexpress offers some great tips, so continue reading to find out more! 

How to safely buy cannabis seeds online?

There are still many seed banks scamming customers, providing poor customer service, no or very little guarantees and selling bad seeds. It’s therefore very important to do your research before you make an online purchase. Yet, doing research isn’t enough. That’s why we decided to create a list with essential tips. 

  1. Check the legislation in your country
  2. Buy from an European seedbank
  3. Place a small order
  4. Divide your order
  5. Choose a discrete payment method 
  6. Use a different name
  7. Use a different e-mailadres
  8. Have your shipment delivered in a PO box
  9. Use a different shipping address
  10. Choose for a shipping method without the requirement of a signature

1. Check the legislation in your country

Although the law in the Netherlands allows small quantities of cannabis seeds to be sold to customers, this doesn’t mean that cannabis seeds and the germination of the seeds is allowed in your country. We therefore highly recommend checking the legality of cannabis seeds in your country and the regulations when it comes to importing seeds before you make a purchase.

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2. Choose a reputable seed company from the Netherlands or the UK

Many cannabis seeds banks are located in Canada, UK and the Netherlands. Dutch seed banks are often located in or around Amsterdam: the source where the highest quality seeds come from and where most knowledge can be found. For the best quality cannabis seeds, it’s therefore best to order from a reputable (Dutch) seed bank with a long service record.

3. Do not immediately spent hundreds of euros 

If you buy cannabis seeds at a particular seed bank more often then this rule doesn’t apply, but if you are planning to buy cannabis seeds for the first time and do you want to do this safely we recommend to start with a small order. With a small order the risks are low, you are able to test the seed bank and the quality of their seeds. 

4. Divide your order

When you are planning to order multiple seeds it’s advisable to divide your order. For example, by placing a small order at different times or by buying cannabis seeds from various suppliers. Does a package get lost? Then you will not immediately lose all your seeds.

5. Safe and discreet payment methods

Nowadays, online payments with credit cards have become very safe. Like Weedseedsexpress, most seeds offer banks the possibility to purchase seeds with a credit card via an external payment processor which offers various advantages.

First of all: the seed bank only receives the payment without receiving your credit card details. In addition, the payment processor destroys the customer data after the payment.

For your discretion, reputable seed banks ensure not to use marijuana related descriptions on your bank statement. However, are you still a bit reluctant to use your credit card? Then you can always opt for a prepaid credit card or by choosing another discrete payment option. Here you can think of:

  • Bitcoins
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer

6. Name, initials or abbreviation

If you do not want your name to be associated with marijuana related products you can choose to order without track and trace and you won’t have to sign for the post when it arrives at your destination. In that case you can choose to use a different name, abbreviation or just your initials at the postal address.

7. Use another e-mailadres

In addition to changing your name, you can also use a general e-mailadres without containing your own name.

8. Have the order delivered to a PO Box address

There are several seed banks that can deliver cannabis seeds to a PO Box address.

9. Have the order delivered to a different address

You can also ask family or friends if the seeds may be sent to their address. 

10. Choose a shipping option without signature

Registered mail such as Track and Trace post usually requires a signature upon receipt. For your own discretion, you can order without track and trace but there is a disadvantage to keep in mind. Without Track and Trace you can’t see where your order is going.

Last but not least, be patient!

Many orders are shipped internationally which takes time. An order from Europe to the USA or Australia will take about 7-10 business days on average. In some cases, delivery can take up to 15 business days and in case of delays up to 25 business days. Therefore we highly recommend not to panic if the transit takes some time. When buying from a reputable seller, your order will get delivered. One way or the other. 

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