Top 5 Best Purple Weed Strains

Top 5 Best Purple Weed Strains

Explore the best purple weed strains and discover the varieties that deliver the taste and effects you’re looking for. Last updated 30/01/2023 7 min read

    Many of us have only seen purple cannabis plants in pictures. We've stared longingly at the colorful plumage, curious how these lavender-hued beauties got that way, often wondering how we could get some for ourselves. While purple weed plants may look like art, it's actually science that's behind their striking appearance.

    There are a couple of methods for achieving purple marijuana. One way of growing purple plants applies to virtually any cannabis variety. The process is as simple as dropping the grow room's nighttime temperatures low enough to create a constant 15 °C (27 °F) difference between daytime temperatures once the plants have begun to flower. Just like the leaves on trees change color every fall, the cooler nights force cannabis leaves to turn as well. To learn more about this method, check out our guide on how to grow purple weed.

    Another way to attain purple plants is to choose cannabis varieties that are bred specifically to produce varying degrees of violet coloration. With the correct type of weed, growers don't need to worry about forcing the issue through temperature changes. They can sit back and enjoy the show while their tent fills with a colorful bounty. Read on to explore the best purple strains of weed and discover how easy and fun it can be to grow a tent full of potent purple pot.

    Best Purple Weed Strains - Top 5

    Spoiler alert, these are, in our humble opinion, the five best purple weed strains:

    1. Granddaddy Purple Feminized & Autoflower
    2. Purple Kush Feminized
    3. Purple Punch Feminized & Autoflower
    4. Purple Urkle Feminized
    5. CBD Purple Kush Autoflower

    1. Granddaddy Purple Feminized & Autoflower

    The best purple weed strain ever created is Grandaddy Purple, an Indica-dominant hybrid developed in the California Bay Area during the early-2000s. The genetic offspring of popular Purple Urkle (which is mentioned later in this list) and Big Bud varieties, Grandaddy Purple is favored by growers for her potent, tasty, and generous yields, as well as a fantastic purple hue that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palette.

    Grandaddy Purple is well known for her complex flavors and aromas, with a juicy mixture of sweet berries, citrus, and earthy pine notes. Grandaddy also delivers a strong kick, with THC levels running as high as 23%. Connoisseurs of the GDP strain report full-bodied relaxation, with an overall sense of calm, happiness, and euphoria. Medical patients recommend Grandaddy Purple for her potential pain-relieving benefits and for helping overcome insomnia.  

    Grandaddy Purple can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. This variety can be a bit picky regarding humidity levels, preferring a constant 50% humidity and good ventilation. Therefore, GDP is an excellent candidate for indoor grows where conditions can be better regulated. Grandaddy Purple is also well-suited for beginning growers, offering mold resistance and a manageable indoor height, topping out at around 100 cm. Flowering is typically nine to ten weeks, delivering a solid yield of up to 500 grams per square meter. 

    Starting your grow with Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds will ensure that it's a girls-only party inside your tent. And Grandaddy Purple autoflower seeds make growing even easier by eliminating any worries about adjusting your lighting setup. Either way, in just a matter of weeks, you'll enjoy the great taste and powerful relaxation Grandaddy Purple brings to the party.

    2. Purple Kush Feminized

    Another violet-hued variety known for her good looks, great taste, and long-lasting, powerful effects is Purple Kush. This Cali girl is a straight-up Indica, emerging from Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani parents during the early-2000s in the famous Oaksterdam neighborhood of Oakland, California.

    Purple Kush delivers some serious THC levels, as high as 27%. Fans of this variety have come to expect full-bodied relaxation that quickly creeps up on a comfy case of couch lock. Purple Kush is also a favorite of medical users who swear by her consistent ability to stimulate appetite and help fight insomnia. And Purple Kush feminized seeds produce plants that taste as purply as they look, with hints of spicy grape and sweet fruit flavors.

    The Purple Kush strain's Indica heritage delivers a relatively squat, bushy plant that rarely exceeds a height of 80 centimeters indoors. She doesn't get much taller outside either, and with high fungal resistance, she's an ideal variety for beginners. Starting out with Purple Kush feminized seeds ensures a grow room full of flower-bearing girls every time. With proper care, growers can expect a fairly fast bloom time and an excellent harvest of fat buds in as little as seven or eight weeks. 

    This is one of the best purple weed strains in the Weedseedsexpress collection. She's colorful to grow, with buds full of glowing purples and oranges, and she's among the easiest strains to cultivate indoors, delivering a fast fat harvest as heavy as 500 grams per square meter.

    3. Purple Punch Feminized & Autoflower

    Purple Punch is a relatively new girl on the block, developed in 2013 by crossing a couple of Indica-heavyweights, Larry OG and the earlier mentioned Grandaddy Purple. The resulting 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid has since become one of the most sought-after strains by breeders looking to cultivate new varieties based on Purple Punch's premium genetics.

    Purple Punch develops good THC levels up to 20%, providing profound relaxation and euphoric effects that soon drift into a tranquil state of sleepiness. Medicinal users also report that Purple Punch delivers a strong knockout for their muscle spasms and chronic pain. And, if you like the smell of blueberry muffins right from the oven, you'll love the aroma of Purple Punch. She also tastes as good as she smells, with plenty of sweet fruity flavors at the forefront.

    Purple Punch feminized seeds are sometimes recommended for more experienced growers. She's particular about her climate and can be susceptible to pests, making indoor grows the best method for cultivating this variety. Growers experienced with SOG and ScrOG methods typically do quite well with Purple Punch. She's a rather short girl indoors, and her strong lateral branches make training easy. Flowering typically runs eight to ten weeks and is well worth the wait, delivering massive indoor yields as large as 650 grams per m2.

    With Purple Punch feminized seeds, you'll be sure to get nothing but girls on every grow. And if you're looking for a faster harvest without worrying about your light setup, consider Purple Punch autoflower seeds. Either way, you'll soon be rewarded with a bounty of tasty, potent purple weed. 

    4. Purple Urkle Feminized

    Purple Urkle is another California girl, growing up around Humboldt County in the 80s. Recognized as a descendant of Mendocino Purps, an original purple weed strain, the Urkle is an 80/20 Indica-leaning hybrid well-suited for nighttime and medical uses.

    Effects from Purple Urkle are most frequently described as being happy and calming, starting with some initial creativity that soon develops into full-body relaxation. With THC levels as high as 20%, she's also a popular strain for medical patients seeking relief from pain and insomnia. Purple Urkle's flavors and aromas are breathtaking, reminiscent of tropical fruits and sweet grapes. 

    The Urkle is particularly well-suited for indoor grows. The plant's structure is ideal for ScrOG training, and heavy pruning under the canopy is advised for improved ventilation. With proper care and patience, Purple Urkle feminized seeds will flower in seven to eight weeks, yielding as much as 450 grams per m2 of sticky purple buds.

    Purple Urkle is consistently rated as one of the best purple weed strains, and her genetics are in high demand. In fact, the strain's alleged namesake, American actor Jaleel White, who portrayed the character Steve Urkel on the television sitcom Family Matters, recently launched a new line of cannabis varieties based on Purple Urkle

    5. CBD Purple Kush Autoflower

    Users looking for an easy-to-grow, high-CBD, low-THC strain need look no further than the CBD Purple Kush autoflower seeds for sale at Weedseedsexpress. She's an Indica-dominant descendant of Purple Kush CBD and Purple Afghan CBD, with just enough Cannabis ruderalis genetics to kickstart the autoflowering process. 

    This strain is all about the CBD, with levels as high as 19%. Combined with low THC amounts of less than 1%, CBD Purple Kush autoflower delivers deep physical relaxation without any psychoactive effects. Users report the same sweet fruity flavors with hints of berries and citrus often associated with the best purple strains of weed.

    CBD Purple Kush autoflower makes for an effortless indoor grow. She has high resistance to fungus, mold, and pests and is particularly well-suited for beginners. Patience is recommended to ensure peak CBD concentration, so growers are advised to allow a full eight weeks of bloom before harvest. The reward is a heavy haul of the most potent and purple CBD flower you can grow. 

    Choose your favorite purple weed strain

    There's a purple weed strain perfect for anyone who appreciates a combination of strength, taste, and beauty. Many of the best varieties are typically Indica-leaning, with high THC content and potent medicinal properties, though some CBD-dominant strains of purple weed are also popular. In addition to the best purple weed strains listed above, some other lavender-hued ladies to consider include Purple Gelato Feminized and Autoflower, Purple Haze Feminized and Autoflower, Pinkman Goo Feminized, and Blackberry Kush Feminized.

    Remember that you can color almost any cannabis plant purple by adjusting your nighttime grow temperatures. Try it with your favorite marijuana variety or any of the best purple weed strains found in the Weedseedsexpress catalog. To learn more about growing cannabis, check out the beginner's guide to growing weed, as well as the advanced grow guide for more grow techniques.