How to store weed seeds?


Once you have received your ordered cannabis seeds, it is best to get started immediately. After all, they are fresh and you want to prevent the cannabis seeds germinating uncontrollably. However, if you can not or do not want to start with your cultivation immediately it is important to store your seeds properly. When you do this correctly, the seeds remain good, fresh and alive. Are you curious how you do this in the best way and how long you can store your cannabis seeds? Read this blog about “How to store weed seeds“.

General rules for storing cannabis seeds

Keep in mind that marijuana seeds are living organisms. Does the seed come into contact with moisture and light? Then the nutrients in the seed that trigger the germination process will be released. To prevent unused cannabis seeds from germinating or getting damaged, you have to keep the seeds in a cool, dark and moisture-free place. Cannabis seeds can withstand very low temperatures, but air humidity and fluctuations in temperature should be avoided at all times.

Below you read about the best way to store weed seeds for a long or short term.

How to store cannabis seeds for a short term?

The best way to temporarily store weed seeds (several days, weeks or months) is to place the seeds in a dark, lockable (plastic) container in the refrigerator.

Please note: once you have decided to use the marijuana seeds, place the seeds in the box for 6 hours outside the refrigerator so the seeds calmly reach room temperature.

How to store cannabis seeds for a long time?

Of course it’s also possible that you have bought several cannabis seeds and that you want to keep a part for, for example, next year. The best way to store cannabis seeds for a long term is to freeze the seeds. Make sure you vacuum pack the seeds, place the seeds in a dark lockable (plastic) container and put them in the freezer. If done right, you can store your seeds for years. 

Note: seeds that are stored in the freezer should be germinated immediately after you take the seeds out of the freezer. Do not let the seeds thaw first.

How long can you store marijuana seeds for

You can store the seeds in the refrigerator for up to about a year. When freezing, the seeds remain good for up to about 2 years.

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