Top 5 Fastest Autoflower Strains - 2022 UPDATE

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Homegrown weed is the best weed to find, but you do have to have a little patience to grow your own cannabis plants. There is one big tip we can give to make sure that the growing period is as short as possible: choose the right strain! When it comes to speed, we advise picking autoflowering seeds.

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The fastest autoflowers have a relatively short period before they begin to pop. From seed to nugs can be a mere 9 to 10 weeks. That’s a short period, so you’ll get your buds before you know it.

Before we get to the top 5 fastest autoflower cannabis seeds of 2022, let’s discuss harvest time in more depth. Then we’ll list out some supersonic autoflowering strains for you to consider. Sounds like a plan?

What is the flowering stage of weed?

The life cycle of cannabis is pretty basic. Nature has no need to overcomplicate the issue. It starts with seeds. Seeds can be pre-germinated with water before being placed in soil.

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When the plant emerges from the ground, she is now a seedling. This sprout grows taller and taller, adding leaves. Her roots grow deeper and leaves continue to sprout. Welcome, intrepid ganja gardener, to the vegetative period.

Preflowering is the next stage. Following so far? Here shrubs will stop growing and resources will focus on beginning to produce buds. However, plants must be female to produce flowers and thus are referred to as ‘feminized’. Therefore, they are referred to as ‘she’ or ‘her’.

Finally, we arrive at the flowering period of the plant. It’s almost harvest time. At the end of this flowering stage, you can begin to pluck the nugs from the plant. Go ahead and plunder like a pirate because you’ve earned it.

That’s why the flowering stage is significant. This was what all the hard work was about. It’s when you get to open your presents.

Now, the most important question is still unanswered: what are the fastest autoflower strains? Well, we’re going to tell you.

Fastest Autoflower Seeds – Top 5

If automatic flowering appeals to you, then you likely want to know which are the fastest growing autoflower strains. We will look at attributes such as flowering time, effects, and flavor. You’ll probably also want to know the THC and CBD levels of each kind. And finally, we’ll look at expected yields.

Here is a list of some superspeed seeds for you to consider:

  1. Black Jack Autoflower
  2. Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower
  3. Big Bud Autoflower
  4. AK-47 Autoflower
  5. Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Autoflower

1. Black Jack Autoflower

This first strain has a minimum of 6 weeks from seed planting to nugs popping. Give them a few weeks to fill out and you have a harvest time of about 9 weeks. Not bad, eh? Black Jack energizes because she’s a sativa-dominant strain, which tends to be stimulating. This makes her perfect for use during the day. Plus, there are strong mental benefits such as increased concentration. Better focus and more energy, what could you do with that? Write a book, sculpt, and maybe finally clean out the fridge. That guacamole in the corner is looking not-so-good.

Her buds are fat and densely packed together. They are also heavily frosted with trichomes. Trichomes are where the cannabinoids are concentrated. Sweet aroma and spicy fruit taste permeate this flower. And THC levels are going to be a mighty 23% with just 1% CBD. The benefits will be strong with this one.

She is not only faster than lightning, but Black Jack also brings you huge yields. Plan on around 400 – 550 grams per square meter for your pampered indoor plants. A Black Jack cannabis plant outdoors can reach up to 250 grams, depending on your climate. This is the reason she is also among the Top 5 Highest yielding autoflower strains.

Black Jack autoflowering seeds Black Jack autoflowering seeds
Levels 23% THC / 1% CBD
Variety 10% Indica / 70% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 400 to 550 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 40 to 250 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 49 days
Growersprofile Beginner

2. Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower

This strain of autoflowering seeds combines Northern Lights with the Big Bud strain. She tends to take 11 to 12 weeks to reach picking time. Unless you’re incredibly impatient, that’s not long at all.

Northern Lights x Big Bud is known for her indica properties. Indicas relax you. So, this strain works de-stressing but also give some mental stimulation. That makes it great for all-day use. Not that you should smoke continuously. Maybe pace yourself, and smoke a little here or there throughout the day. Unless it’s your day off, then indulge to your heart’s content.

The flowers themselves are large, with an aroma that is sweet and earthy. The flavor is citrusy. Think of walking through an orange grove, and you get the idea.

Indoors, you will get a nice crop of 500 to 600 grams per square meter of plant space. The maximum yield outdoors could go as high as 60 to 100 grams for each shrub. That’s lots of nugs, glorious nugs.

Northern Lights x Big Bud autoflowering feminized seeds Northern Lights x Big Bud autoflowering feminized seeds
Levels 22% THC / 3% CBD
Variety 80% Indica / 0% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 500 to 600 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 60 to 100 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 49 days
Growersprofile Moderate

3. Big Bud Autoflower

Remember this one from above? It’s one of the parents of the previous autoflower on this list. Big Bud is an indica dominant strain. The production of nugs takes about 45-50 days. That’s less than two months. With the Big Bud strain, benefits will be big, too. It’s a chill cannabis for just before bed. Or, if you want to listen to some smooth jazz.

Are the buds big? Yes, yes they are, hence the name. Taste-wise, Big Bud Auto is fruity with a skunky aroma that your nose won’t soon forget. Nor will your neighbors. Hopefully, they’re cool.

What kind of garden can you get? Outdoors, these autoflowering seeds generate 50 to 120 grams per cannabis plant. Indoor grows yield 300 to 500 grams for every square meter of vegetation. That’s not too shabby if you ask us. Big Bud is quite simply a superstar among autoflowers, no wonder she can also be found in our Top 5 Best Autoflowering Seeds.

Big Bud autoflowering seeds Big Bud autoflowering seeds
Levels 22% THC / 0.1% CBD
Variety 70% Indica / 10% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 300 to 500 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 50 to 120 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 50 days
Growersprofile Beginner

4. AK-47 Autoflower

AK-47 is an evenly balanced hybrid strain with a mixed blend of effects. These blended benefits make this a suitable cannabis for use throughout the day. Though it can relax you, it also stimulates. So, she’s a great accompaniment to your morning coffee or tea. You can also puff in the afternoon and still get stuff done. That laundry isn’t doing itself, unfortunately.

Harvest time occurs around 42 to 56 days after the start of the flowering period. This is another autoflower strain that is ready in less than three months. Flowers are yellow-green and covered with white trichomes. They will feel powdery when you hold them with your fingers, like a powdered donut. The aroma of the strain is strong, earthy, and sweet with a sugary taste. Again, think of a powdered donut, but outside. Is anyone else getting hungry?

How potent is this AK-47 autoflower? The THC strength is 21%, with 1% CBD. That’s some formidable, potent buds.

And, finally, what about the expected bounty? Indoors, the maximum yield runs around 400 to 500 grams for every square meter. And for the outdoor gardener, expect a plant outdoors to yield 60 to 90 grams. All of these things combined, make AK-47 not just one of the fastest autoflower strains in 2022, but also one of the best autoflowering cannabis strains.

AK 47 autoflowering feminized seeds AK 47 autoflowering feminized seeds
Levels 21% THC / 1% CBD
Variety 40% Indica / 35% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 400 to 500 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 60 to 90 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 56 days
Growersprofile Beginner

5. Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Autoflower

Got time for one more? This autoflower is a combination cannabis crop. Amnesia Haze is a sativa, while Blueberry is an indica. So, those parent strains produced a well-balanced hybrid, much like Northern Lights x Big Bud.

The benefits include a kind of giggly highness combined with a sharp mental focus. It may be just what you need for early mornings and throughout the day. She may not make work or chores easier, but you’ll be happier doing them. So, there’s that.

This variety will bear fruit at about 42 to 56 days. She will birth chunky buds with fruity flavor and a flowery fragrance.

You’ll enjoy a max yield indoors of 300 to 500 grams for every square meter. And outdoors, you’re looking at a bounty of buds, 150 to 175 grams produced per plant. Call a friend or two, because you may need help smoking all that cannabis. I am available, just so you know.

Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflowering feminized seeds Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflowering feminized seeds
Levels 19% THC / 0.3% CBD
Variety 40% Indica / 40% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Max yield indoor 300 to 500 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 150 to 175 grams/plant
Flowering time up to 56 days
Growersprofile Moderate

Choose your favorite Fastest Autoflower Strain

When you’re ready, we’ve got the fastest autoflower seeds available to buy. You can search through our extensive catalog to find the strains and effects that best suit your needs. It’s your crop, so you decide.

Maybe you want relaxation. We have indica seeds. They will help you chill and get a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, perhaps some powerful sativa seeds suit you better. Again, we have you covered. When they flower, you’ll be able to wake and bake, then get stuff done.

If you prefer balance, find a 50/50 hybrid auto that will neither sedate nor overstimulate. Maybe you need that equilibrium for the middle of the day. Light up for lunch and let the weed soothe your soul without putting you to sleep. It’s all up to you.

If you want to learn more about how to grow autoflowering cannabis, you can read more about this process in our Autoflower Grow Guide, or read any of our other articles in our blog section. There you can pick up plenty of tips and tricks to make your garden grow.

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