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5 Tips On What To Do With Weed Seeds

Curious what to do with weed seeds? We have 5 great tips for you! Check it out and make your spare seeds useful! Last updated 06/12/2022 4 min read

    If you notice seeds in your bud, it can be annoying, but there's no need to discard them! At Weedseedsexpress, we think that all weed should be valued. Instead, read our blog to discover some ingenious ways to use any spare cannabis seeds. Here are five ideas that are certainly worth investigating.

    Why have you got excess cannabis seeds in the first place?

    There are many reasons why you could end up with extra marijuana seeds, either because you started growing with seeds found in the bottom of a bag and have a few left or because you developed some during your growing crops.

    How are cannabis seeds created?

    If you find seeds in your crop, your plants experience some degree of stress during the vegetative or growth phase and/or the flowering period. In that case you might have hermaphroditism issues. This can then lead to accidental pollination of the female flowers, which causes them to produce seeds rather than buds.

    Hermaphroditism occurs because a single cannabis plant can produce both male and female flowers. Unless you choose female seeds (which guarantee good success for growing only female plants), you could have several hermaphrodite plants if they are exposed to light stress, water stress, environmental stress or nutritional stress.

    The same phenomenon can occur if you let male plants fertilize female plants. That's why a grow with regular cannabis seeds should be closely observed and watched for signs of sexual characteristics as they grow into flowering plants - before the males are able to pollinate the females and ruin all of your hard work.

    No matter why you have extra seeds left after harvest, here are five alternative ways to make the most out of them, rather than just throwing them away.

    5 Tips to help you decide on what to do with weed seeds

    1. Experiment with different growing methods
    2. Eat them
    3. Give them to your pets
    4. Give them away or sell them
    5. Return the seeds to the seed bank

    1. Experiment with different growing methods

    First, discard any immature seeds. Mature seeds have a different appearance compared to those who are immature.

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    When you have plenty of extra seeds for no additional cost, you have the perfect opportunity to experiment with growing conditions. Why not try a stealth guerilla grow in the wild by planting some seeds in the middle of the woods? Or you could try a low-cost hydroponics setup. You have nothing to lose with these seeds, so why not use them to learn a new cultivation technique? After all, if it all goes well, you will have grown some extra plants - ready to harvest!

    2. Eat them

    Did you know that cannabis seeds are extremely nutritious, just like hemp, which has long been sold in health food stores? In fact, they are packed full of protein, fiber, healthy unsaturated seeds rich in omega oils and many vitamins. Plus, they contain an impressive range of minerals, such as iron, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

    You can eat them raw (with or without the husk) or toast them. You can eat them on their own, or use them as a tasty salad garnish. Cannabis seeds do not contain measurable amounts of THC, so you can enjoy them without worrying about getting high. Try scattered granola or oatmeal - they even count as one of your five a day!

    3. Give them to your pets

    And cannabis seeds aren't just a healthy snack for you; they're also good for your feathered and furry friends who will also benefit from all the nutrients just mentioned. Mix the seeds with their regular foods and let their digestive system do the rest. Don't have any pets? Mix them with birdseed and hang them in a feeder or scatter for any passing wild animals or rodents.

    4. Give them away or sell them

    Obtaining certified seeds from a seed bank is something we would always recommend, and if you turn to the black market to buy and sell seeds, it is without any guarantees. Local guidelines may vary from region to region, and care should always be taken.

    Another option - perhaps less risky - is to give your excess seeds to friends, without involving any financial transactions. If you are completely transparent about where the seeds come from, this can be an excellent way to encourage someone to get into growing cannabis, and you could have a new weed growing buddy to swap clones or buds in the future.

    5. Return the seeds to the seed bank

    You can try and return the seeds to the original purveyor, and explain what happened. A reputable seller, though, will always be interested to hear about your experience and to find out the cause.

    There you have it; these were our five suggestions for what to do with your extra cannabis seeds! Instead of throwing them out with the rubbish, make good use of your excess cannabis seeds. In an age where recycling and reuse are so important, weed fans have a role to play too!

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