Top 5 White Weed Strains to Grow in 2021

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The white family is notorious for copious amounts of sticky goo, so make sure you have your gloves handy when dealing with these little gems!

With the iconic White Widow at the head of the family tree, white weed strains are famous for their intense potency, excellent quality and superb levels of resin. Their legendary stickiness makes them crystalline as they reflect virtually every ray of light.

Top 5 – Best White Weed Strains

Without further ado, here are five of our all-time best white weed strains.

  1. White Widow
  2. White Russian
  3. Critical White
  4. Snow White
  5. White Widow x Northern Lights

1. White Widow

This variety is a firm favorite of many coffee shops in Holland. Very fashionable in the 90s, it quickly made a name and a brand image thanks to the white layer of trichomes characteristic of this strain. Its atypical taste cemented its reputation, and since then it is an essential Amsterdam weed, undoubtedly one of the most requested.

Its taste is quite chemical and reminiscent of nuances of lemon, lime mixed with incense flavors which gives weight to this alliance. The smoke is slightly thick but refined by the lightness of the Sativa that offers a good compromise, a smoke that you can smell in your throat, but that does not sting.

The effect is pretty cool; a little high that gives you a smile followed by a stone that comes quietly but very present. You quickly find yourself in a dreamlike world, thanks to the euphoric high that keeps your feet on the ground, while your head is in the clouds.

For cultivation on its own, this is a plant that will make a happy medium for beginners who have made their own way with big Indica’s. She is a bit finicky when it comes to fertilizers but will forgive the smallest mistakes. Otherwise, it stretches moderately and flowers rather quickly with abundant yields. She does well in SOG where she will give impressive harvests. Outdoors, her Sativa blood allows her to thrive in countries such as the south of France with mild temperatures.

In short, it’s a great compromise between Indica and Sativa that will disappoint very few smokers and growers.

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2. White Russian

White Russian comes from a cross of two legendary strains, White Widow and AK-47. An Indica-dominant hybrid, White Russian won the ‘Best Overall Ranking’ of the Cannabis Cup in 1996 and was for a time considered the most potent strain in the world with 22% THC. Showing remarkable consistency for an F1 hybrid, White Russian is an extremely fragrant plant, which smells of sweet fruit, lemon and skunk, even in its vegetative cycle.

It tastes of citrus with spicy nuances; the different fruity notes blend with the strong taste of hash. White Russian’s high is quite cerebral (especially for an Indica), but her potent high is still very balanced. However, it may lead to a risk of couch-lock due to the apparent feeling of physical relaxation it provides.

White Russian is highly recommended for medicinal use. It is mainly for stimulating appetite. It is also recommended when sleep is lacking because it will help fall asleep through the relaxation effect. We will also use the White Russian in the case of muscle pain or joints. The feeling of relaxation one feels after consuming White Russian is an indication of its usefulness in depression or anxiety.

White Russian cannabis seeds produce beautiful plants that are small in stature, but with a sturdy and compact structure. The internodal distances are quite short, and its leaves look like giant hands with spread fingers, because they are very wide.

The White Russian recalls in the position of its branches a fir tree with its apples. Indeed, its production is abundant, and its buds are large and very compact and completely covered with resin. During cultivation, but especially during the flowering season, the grower will be advised to use a filter against the overpowering scent given off by the plant which can easily betray production to neighbors or passers-by.

According to several studies in the UK and US, White Russian is considered the most potent plant among many other hybrid cannabis strains and far ahead of them.

The great advantage of White Russian is that it allows novice growers as well as more experienced growers to get a generous, high-quality harvest without having to exert inordinate efforts and all in a reasonably short time. On the other hand, White Russian, with her abundant resin production, is one of the best cannabis hybrids when it comes to therapeutic properties.

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3. Critical White

Critical White is a vigorous, robust, easy to grow, fast flowering, high yielding Sativa/Indica hybrid plant.

The Critical White seeds will grow into a beautiful, medium-sized yet compact cannabis plant. It grows like a bushy bush, and the production of large, dense buds is concentrated not only on its central stem but also on all secondary branches. She produces a large amount of resin full of THC with a deliciously sweet scent.

The weed has a delightful and sweet taste and aroma, with hints of lemon and candy. The balanced effect of Sativa and Indica will appeal to all cannabis smokers.

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4. Snow White

The female seeds of Snow White are increasingly popular as they are 80% Indica and closely related to “White Widow”, which guarantees a high yield and beautiful thick buds. Snow White is a real stunner, typical Indica property, and an improved variety of the “white strain”.

It is not tall, develops large dark green leaves and has a shorter flowering period. Commercial growers love this very potent little damsel, ready to harvest in about eight weeks and a yield that will satisfy the dreams of every grower.

The full, chunky buds covered with a layer of snow-white resin are a promising sight. Like any true Indica, it will numb you with its narcotic high that will persist for some time.

Snow White tastes sweet and freshly fruity, a bit like cotton candy.

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5. White Widow x Northern Lights

Northern Lights is famous in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, and White Widow is just as iconic with its generous white coating of resin crystals. Both varieties have been loved by aficionados for many years now, so the blend of these two types of weed was always going to be a hit.

With genetics from India, South America, Thailand, and Afghanistan, you could say that this is a world-class hybrid in every sense of the word. The notable vigor combined ensure an easy-to-grow plant with plenty of THC.

The hybrid has many other names, such as Great White Shark, watch out as others sometimes sell this as a cross between White Widow and Super-Skunk. However, our blend of Northern Light and White Widow offers a superb high and cannabis which can be relied on to deliver excellent results. They are resilient plants which allow you to do all kinds of methods such as Scrogging without any problems.

Many cultivators usually grow a species such as White Widow x Northern Lights in a Sea Of Green setup, where it will undoubtedly thrive.

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