How Much Does it Cost to Grow Weed Explained

How Much Does it Cost to Grow Weed Explained

Curious how much does it cost to start growing weed? Here you find the answers! Check it out! Last updated 11/04/2023

    Are you thinking about growing your own crop of cannabis? It sounds easy, and it is certainly doable, but there is quite a bit more to it than sprinkling some seeds in the ground and watering now and then. You will need to invest in some equipment to grow a successful harvest, and this can cost a significant amount. Yet, there are also many ways to grow weed in a cheap manner. So how much does it cost to grow weed actually? Let's look at what you will need and approximately how much you will need to spend.

    How much does it cost to grow weed

    One plant will typically cost about 200 EUR in terms of heating, equipment and fertilizer costs; although one plant alone is hardly worth the bother. Growing five plants will set you back about 300 EUR.

    Why grow it yourself?

    Cannabis use can be costly. The purchase price can vary greatly depending on the quantity and quality, plus it can sometimes be hard to get hold of if you live in a country where weed use is illegal.

    Home cultivation has several advantages. Above all, the product is 100% free of pesticides or other toxic substances and the consumption costs are reduced to a minimum. In addition, varieties can be planted that are not commercially available.

    In this article, we will investigate the estimated costs of a small indoor set-up with around five or six plants; the typical scenario for a novice grower. Of course, it is easily possible to spend hundreds if not thousands on a commercial set up with a sophisticated hydroponics system.

    What you need to get started

    1. Seeds
    2. Containers
    3. Germination equipment
    4. Growing medium
    5. Fertilizers or nutrients
    6. Lightning system
    7. Grow tent
    8. Hygrometers or thermometers
    9. Fans

    1. Seeds (40-60 EUR)

    The cost of cannabis seeds can vary, but prices on a reputable seller such as range from 40 EUR to 60 EUR, with most seeds falling in the region of 50 EUR. They are usually supplied in a packet of five. Not all weed seeds are the same - there are enormous variations in strength, flavor, yield and much more.

    We recommend browsing the website and choosing seeds that are suitable for beginners, as they are considered reliably easy to grow. As a beginner, it is not advisable to buy the most expensive seeds. However, newbies should never buy the cheapest seeds for cost reasons. Because no matter how good the growing conditions of your cannabis plants are, it is always up to the genetics whether your cannabis brings the desired results. Therefore, no money should be saved here.

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    2. Containers (5-20 EUR)

    If you use second-hand containers, give them a good scrub with soapy water and rinse them thoroughly as plants can suffer from diseases and viruses just like humans.

    You might not need small containers for seedlings. Check the preferences of the variety as some types of weed do not like being transplanted and do best when the seedlings are planted straight into a large container.

    3. Germination medium (5-10 EUR)

    We like peat pellets, although you can save money by making your own with a damp kitchen towel and a transparent plastic bag. You need to germinate marijuana seeds before you plant them.

    4. Compost or another type of growing medium (50-60 EUR)

    Compost is very important to your young weed plants, so choose a good-quality potting compost. One plant will need a sizable 20-litre bag of soil. You might be able to save money by a 'three for two' deal at a garden center if you are lucky.

    5. Fertiliser or nutrients - (40-50 EUR)

    We advise doing some reading about the requirements of your chosen weed variety. You will need to be aware of the nutritional variations of the vegetative and growth phases - and finally, the flowering period! See, it's more complicated than you thought. Don't be disheartened, though - you will find plenty of very informative blogs on that are an excellent starting point.

    6. Lighting system (50-300 EUR)

    This is probably the most costly element of the set-up and is one that shouldn't be skimped on. Cannabis plants grown indoors need a specific type of artificial light - not an ordinary incandescent light bulb. In fact, there are three types of light bulbs - the HID light, the LED light and the fluorescent light.

    7. Grow tent (50-75 EUR)

    There are many reasons to invest in a grow tent - to reduce suspicious smells, to maximize insulation and radiation, and to make the most of a small space.

    8. Hygrometers or thermometers - (15-60 EUR)

    If you are going to grow weed, you will need a hygrometer to measure humidity levels and a thermometer to measure the temperature. Cannabis cultivation is not a guessing game, as weed plants need specific humidity and temperature levels to thrive and produce the lovely weed you want.

    9. Fans to control airflow - (20-100 EUR)

    Weed plants do not do well if the air is stale, humid and still. You will need air fans to keep the air circulating. Combined with the lighting, you will notice an increase in your electricity bills, which you should also take into consideration when budgeting for your set-up.

    The electricity cost of growing cannabis

    The electricity costs for a 250W lamp and standard accessories are approximately 75 EUR for four weeks of growth and twelve weeks of flowering. A small buffer should always be included for the electricity costs so that there are no nasty surprises.

    The above are essential items, but you will also need other sundries if you are new to the world of horticulture. These include things like:

    • Sturdy gardening gloves - some species produce lots of resin which can feel very sticky
    • Secateurs or scissors - for pruning and harvesting
    • Gardening twine to tie up branches
    • Storage jars - for storing the results of your harvest

    If you buy the cheapest options, it is possible to equip yourself for a five plant set-up for 300 EUR - or possibly even less. We think this is a very affordable amount for an activity that is highly enjoyable and potentially hugely rewarding, especially when you consider how much a small amount of cannabis costs to buy.

    Get started! 

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