10 Best Strains To Grow in Quebec Outdoors (2023 Update)

10 Best Strains To Grow in Quebec Outdoors (2023 Update)

Looking for the best strains to grow in Quebec outdoors? Dive into this article to unearth top cannabis strains tailored for Quebec's outdoor climate. Simple tips for flourishing plants under Quebec skies! Last updated 24/08/2023 17 min read

    With a climate that swings from frosty winters to warm summers, Quebec growers require cannabis strains that are resilient and adaptable.

    In this guide, we'll look at the best strains to grow in Quebec to maximise your yield and make your grow less stressfull. 

    Cannabis Growing Climate in Quebec

    Best Strains To Grow In Quebec Outdoors

    1. Tangie

    Tangie is an Exotic Sativa Dominant Strain from the Blends of Skunk #1 and California Orange. Take a journey into the world of citrus flavors and uplifting highs with Tangie, a blend of classic genetics from Skunk #1 and California Orange.

    Growing Tangie in Quebec Outdoors

    If you're in Quebec and yearning to grow some top-notch strains, consider adding Tangie to your garden. This Sativa-dominant strain brings out the best in outdoor environments.

    Even though Quebec's summer can be a bit unpredictable, Tangie can handle short spells of rain while basking in the warmth of 20°C to 30°C.

    For the best yield, ensure Tangie is planted in nutrient-rich soil to enhance its terpene profile. Remember, this strain can shoot up to 225 cm outdoors, so be ready for a plant that loves to stretch its branches!

    Harvest typically happens around September or October, but be sure to plan around the colder temperatures that could impact growth.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Tangie is an epicurean delight in the world of cannabis. As soon as you light up, you are instantly drawn into a symphony of fresh, punchy orange aromas, rounded off with sweet, sharp citrus notes.

    There's a notable lack of bitterness, which enhances its mouth-watering appeal. A touch of musky tang from its Skunk #1 parentage adds depth to this remarkable strain.

    Once you take a hit, prepare for a wave of euphoria as its high THC content kicks in. This strain has a reputation for sparking creativity, making it perfect for artists or simply for deep, enlightening conversations.

    Medicinal users also sing praises for Tangie, as it effectively soothes anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. However, first-timers and those with lower THC tolerance should approach Tangie with care due to its potential to induce paranoia.

    2. Skywalker OG

    Hailing from the heartlands of the Netherlands, and backed by an intriguing lineage that includes Skywalker, Blueberry, Mazar, Chemdawg, Pakistani Kush, and Lemon Thai, Skywalker OG is a marvel of the cannabis world.

    It's an improved, more robust version of OG Kush that has won over enthusiasts across the globe with its phenomenal resin production, high-quality yield, and alluring effects.

    Growing Skywalker OG in Quebec Outdoors

    Skywalker OG proves to be a great choice for outdoor cultivation in climates similar to Quebec's. Despite being an Indica-dominant strain, it manages to flourish well under the skies, reaching impressive heights of 120 to 180 cm.

    Given enough space, it blesses the grower with thick, large buds that may require extra support due to their sheer size.

    While Skywalker OG is capable of withstanding varying outdoor conditions, it thrives best in temperate to dry and warm climates. Keep in mind, though, to ensure that the humidity levels are kept under check to avoid risks of mold growth.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Skywalker OG offers a comprehensive sensory experience to its users. It greets you with a potent aroma, merging the earthy nuances of pine with a subtle hint of diesel.

    As you delve deeper into its use, the flavor profile starts to morph, presenting a delightful twist of lemon that gently overlays the initial piney Kush taste. Every puff is a journey through a symphony of well-balanced notes, making Skywalker OG a tasteful joyride for your palate.

    The effects of Skywalker OG go beyond the realm of taste and smell. This Indica-dominant hybrid boasts high THC levels, translating to powerful, lasting effects.

    Upon consumption, you are likely to experience a warm wave of euphoria and relaxation, perfect for unwinding after a long day. It skillfully alleviates pain, induces a sense of tranquility, and can even be effective against insomnia.

    As the force is strong with Skywalker OG, it's wise to consume it in moderation to avoid any undesirable side effects such as dry eyes, dry mouth, or feelings of paranoia and anxiety.

    In all, Skywalker OG is an exceptional strain, delivering an all-around delightful experience with its superior yield, captivating aromas, and potent, soothing effects. Be it for recreational or medicinal use, it stands as a worthy contender in any cannabis connoisseur's collection.

    3. Grape Ape

    Introducing Grape Ape, a compelling Indica dominant strain whose mysterious origins are entwined with both Apothecary and Barney's Farm, and whose genetics trace back to Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani.

    Growing Grape Ape in Quebec Outdoors

    If you're looking to cultivate a strain that thrives in the outdoor climate of Quebec, Grape Ape tops the list. This resilient strain is easy to grow and exhibits a robust nature, flourishing under a variety of conditions.

    The climate in Quebec, which is favorable to this strain, means that growers can expect to witness a spectacular sight of rapid growth, vigorous side shoots, and a generous display of flowers coated in shimmering resin crystals.

    Due to its bush-like shape, Grape Ape is suitable for both small and large outdoor spaces. Given an appropriate outdoor environment, the plants can stretch their branches to heights of 100 - 150 cm.

    Besides, Grape Ape offers generous outdoor yields of up to 500 to 700 grams per plant, rewarding the cultivator's effort with abundant, fragrant purple buds. To maximize your yield, you can employ SOG or SCROG training methods, which this strain responds well to.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    One cannot overlook the unique sensory experience Grape Ape provides. The aroma is intense and alluring, blending the spiciness with the sweet and tangy notes of tropical fruits and berries.

    This delightful medley of scents can captivate any smoker, with the faint undertones of sweetness adding a pleasing twist to the overall smell profile.

    The taste of Grape Ape, much like its scent, is a complex mix of fruity flavors. The smooth smoke will leave a defined aftertaste on your palate, marking an unforgettable smoking experience. Although intense, the smoke can be tempered with a sip of water, enhancing the enjoyment.

    In terms of effects, Grape Ape delivers a powerful, cerebral start that gradually transitions into full-body relaxation within an hour. The high THC level of 25% triggers an energetic rush that gives way to the relaxing Indica effects, resulting in a hypnotic and meditative state.

    The strain is also noted for its medicinal properties, despite its relatively low CBD level of 0.4%. Grape Ape is commonly used for muscle relaxation, mood elevation, anxiety, and pain relief, as well as appetite stimulation, proving its value to both recreational and medicinal users.

    Whether you are looking for a daytime uplift or a serene sleep aid for the night, Grape Ape is a reliable choice with great flavor and appeal.

    4. Cinderella 99

    Cinderella 99, affectionately known as C99 or Cindy 99, is a legendary Sativa-dominant strain that owes its powerful punch to the genius breeding skills of "Mr. Soul" from Brothers Grimm.

    Deriving from the illustrious Jack Herer, this hybrid captures the attention of Sativa lovers with its potent euphoric effects and tantalizing fruity aroma.

    Growing Cinderella 99 in Quebec Outdoors

    Cinderella 99 makes the cut for one of the best strains to cultivate outdoors in Quebec due to its robustness and substantial yield potential. As a Sativa-leaning hybrid, Cindy 99 revels in plenty of space, yet its moderate height makes it less unruly than other Sativas.

    This strain flourishes in Mediterranean-like climates, but even in the fluctuating temperatures of Quebec, a greenhouse can offer a safe haven.

    Cinderella 99 reaches peak potential when planted in quality soil, which significantly enhances the yield and amplifies its delightful flavor profile. Feeding it organic nutrients keeps it hearty and happy.

    The flowering time typically ranges from 8 to 10 weeks, and outdoor harvests usually take place from late September to October. You can expect a bountiful yield of 600 to 800 grams per plant outdoors, which is quite generous compared to many other strains.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Cinderella 99 delights your senses with its alluring aroma and enchanting flavors. It emanates a delightful blend of sweet citrus and tropical fruitiness, with hints of earthy pine subtly layered underneath.

    Upon tasting, your palate will relish the juicy tropical fruit flavors, punctuated by a citrus tang and soft floral notes.

    On consumption, the effects of Cindy 99 become evident in around 15 minutes, introducing a creeping high that evolves into a long-lasting, blissful euphoria.

    This strain combines a vibrant cerebral high with relaxing full-body effects, making it perfect for those seeking a blend of energizing and calming experiences. With THC levels reaching up to 20%, Cinderella 99 offers a potent, uplifting high that makes your evenings relaxed and enjoyable.

    While it provides recreational users with a dreamy and uplifting experience, it also holds potential benefits for medical users. This hybrid is renowned for its effectiveness in combating symptoms of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and muscle pain.

    Bear in mind, though, that this potent strain can sometimes induce minor side effects like dry mouth, dry eyes, and in rare cases, bouts of anxiety or dizziness, particularly in individuals not accustomed to high THC strains.

    Cinderella 99 is a true gem, offering a harmonious balance of tantalizing aroma, delightful flavors, and a potent high. This strain caters to the novice grower and the connoisseur user alike, making it a must-try strain for every cannabis enthusiast.

    If you're in Quebec and planning your outdoor growth, Cinderella 99 deserves a spot in your garden. Just remember to keep plenty of water nearby when you're ready to enjoy its sweet and uplifting embrace.

    5. Bubba Kush

    Bubba Kush's flowering time stands between 8 to 9 weeks, making it ideal for those seeking quick harvests. Growers can expect a relatively small stature indoors, with heights ranging from 70 to 120 cm, perfect for space-limited settings.

    In contrast, outdoor growing will yield an Indica bush stretching between 120 and 180 cm. The yield is just as satisfying, with indoor growers likely to see 500 - 600 grams per m² under optimal conditions, while outdoor growers could witness up to 800 grams per plant.

    Growing Bubba Kush in Quebec Outdoors

    Quebec's climate, which sees long, cold winters and short, warm summers, may challenge some cannabis strains. However, Bubba Kush, with its robust genetics and adaptability, can flourish here. Its compact size, quick flowering time, and high yields make it an ideal candidate.

    Although the strain prefers a consistent, warm climate, its tolerance for colder temperatures (which can even enhance its appearance by encouraging vibrant purple hues) makes it a smart choice for growers in Quebec.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Bubba Kush comes with a unique, compelling profile. Its aroma is a blend of rich chocolate and coffee, intertwined with a distinct Kush backdrop that entices the senses. This complexity extends to its flavor, carrying nuanced undertones that set it apart.

    When it comes to effects, Bubba Kush does not disappoint. The strain boasts an approximate 20% THC content, offering a potent, enduring high.

    Users often experience a calming yet slightly euphoric sensation, leading to a prolonged, relaxing physical stone - the perfect partner for a cozy evening on the couch.

    While side effects are typically minimal and limited to dry eyes and mouth, staying hydrated can help alleviate these minor inconveniences.

    Embracing its roots in the hip-hop culture of 90s Los Angeles, Bubba Kush is a strain worth considering for its unique taste, potent effects, and grower-friendly traits. Whether you're an experienced grower or a cannabis newbie, this strain has something to offer you.

    6. Amnesia Haze

    Amnesia Haze, born from a mysterious mix of Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani genetics, is an award-winning Sativa-dominant strain that has captured the hearts and palates of cannabis connoisseurs around the globe.

    Growing Amnesia Haze in Quebec Outdoors

    Amnesia Haze is a top choice for outdoor cultivation in Quebec. This Sativa-dominant hybrid relishes the outdoors, growing tall and vigorous, just be wary of its susceptibility to bud rot in more humid climates.

    With the right care regarding watering, nutrition, and support for those hefty buds, Amnesia Haze will reward you with a generous yield. Don't be intimidated by its need for a little more attention; even novice growers can secure a successful harvest with the help of Amnesia Haze.

    For outdoor growth in Quebec, opt for large pots or open-ground cultivation. Regular pruning helps keep the plants manageable while ensuring sufficient ventilation.

    Indoors, expect it to reach a height of 80 cm - 140 cm, while outdoors, it can stretch up to a staggering 2.5 meters in optimal conditions. A seasoned indoor grower might reap 600-650 grams per m2, while an outdoor yield in a warm climate could be a whopping 800 grams per plant.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    One of the most memorable characteristics of Amnesia Haze is its distinctive aroma and flavor. The strain greets you with a robust, zesty lemon scent that's the perfect pick-me-up for the start of your day.

    As you delve deeper, you'll encounter earthy and sharp undertones, an aromatic complexity typical of the Haze family. With each inhalation, hints of black pepper mingle with various citrus notes, creating a unique and exciting sensory experience.

    But Amnesia Haze is more than just a delight for the nose and palate. It delivers a high that's both cerebral and relaxing. True to its name, it might cause a brief bout of memory loss, but don't fret, it's a temporary trip that's more soothing than alarming.

    This strain encourages your mind to wander, unlocking a stream of creativity and thoughtfulness that might otherwise lie dormant.

    Despite the stimulating high, you'll remain calm and relaxed, free to daydream away from your worries without feeling the need to retreat to your bed. It's a strain perfect for daytime use, offering effective relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression.

    After all, there's a reason why Amnesia Haze has repeatedly stood on the podium at multiple Cannabis Cups. With its compelling aroma, invigorating taste, and distinctive high, it continues to be a shining star in the cannabis universe.

    7. Granddaddy Purple

    A true gem from the Bay Area of California, Granddaddy Purple is a potent blend of Big Bud and Purple Urkle that has won over recreational and medicinal cannabis growers alike with its royal purple hues, rich fruity flavors, and impressive yields.

    Growing Granddaddy Purple in Quebec Outdoors

    While Granddaddy Purple is a strain well-suited to indoor growing due to its preference for moderate humidity and controlled environments, it is also one of the best strains to grow outdoors in places like Quebec.

    Its robust mold resistance and compact, bushy growth habit make it an excellent choice for growers in areas with fluctuating weather conditions.

    Growing Granddaddy Purple outdoors in Quebec is a viable option, especially from late spring through mid-October.

    Despite its relatively short stature - typically 60 to 100 cm when grown indoors -, this plant can reach up to 180 cm outdoors, producing generous yields ranging from 400 to 600 grams per plant.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    As alluring as its vibrant coloration, Granddaddy Purple's aroma and flavor profile is an intricate symphony of fruity and earthy notes. On the nose, this strain delights with the sweet scent of ripe berries and herbal nuances, hinting at the complex tasting experience to follow.

    When savored, the taste unfolds to reveal a sweet fruity character underscored by a grounding hint of pine and the tartness of citrus, resulting in an intriguing interplay of flavors.

    When it comes to its effects, Granddaddy Purple shines as an excellent evening strain. With a THC content typically around 23%, this strain delivers an immediate sense of calm, slowing down thoughts and promoting deep relaxation.

    Along with this tranquilizing effect, users often report feeling a sense of euphoria. However, newcomers and those sensitive to THC should proceed with caution as overconsumption can potentially trigger anxiety or paranoia.

    Apart from the potential for anxiety and paranoia with high doses, users may also experience the common side effects of dry mouth and eyes. As with any strain, moderate and mindful use is advised to enjoy the strain's benefits without unwelcome effects.

    In summary, whether for its stunning appearance, layered flavors, generous yields, or calming effects, Granddaddy Purple has plenty to offer for both novice and seasoned cannabis growers and enthusiasts alike.

    8. Strawberry Kush

    Strawberry Kush is a flavorful hybrid strain that blossomed from the mix of the pungent OG Kush and the sweet and aromatic Strawberry Cough.

    Its popularity has spread from the sunny coast of California to the bustling, canal-laced streets of Amsterdam, marking its high stature in the cannabis world.

    Growing Strawberry Kush in Quebec Outdoors

    Strawberry Kush is among the top strains recommended for outdoor cultivation in Quebec. Its hearty and resilient genetic profile makes it adaptable to various conditions, although it thrives best under the warmth of a Mediterranean-like climate.

    Regular pruning and training ensure the plant stays manageable and healthy, while also optimizing yield. Though Quebec's colder climate might not seem ideal, Strawberry Kush adapts well to greenhouse growth, offering a good compromise.

    In a typical outdoor setting, Strawberry Kush can grow up to 150 cm tall and produce a generous yield of up to 600 grams per plant. Its flowering time is relatively short, between 63 and 70 days, and in Quebec, you could be harvesting your crop starting in September.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    One of Strawberry Kush's most enticing features is its vibrant aromatic profile. A deep whiff reveals a potent Kush-like scent of dank earthiness coupled with a musky allure.

    The strawberry nuance comes alive on the palate, akin to a tart, skunky, and sun-dried strawberry candy. Complementing these flavors are subtle earthy notes and a delicate herbal hint, creating an unforgettable taste experience.

    When it comes to effect, Strawberry Kush is known for its quick-acting and long-lasting high. Its significant Indica genetics engender a deeply calming and soothing sensation that can be quite potent, especially for those with a lower THC tolerance.

    The strain is perfect for unwinding at the end of the day but be prepared to find yourself comfortably cemented to the couch.

    Aside from recreational use, Strawberry Kush has also shown potential benefits for medical cannabis users. It can help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia, while also mitigating chronic pain and muscle spasms.

    The strain's uplifting and euphoric effects make it an ideal mood enhancer to counteract daily stress.

    Strawberry Kush is more than just a sensory delight—it offers a profound relaxation effect, potential medicinal benefits, and a hardy profile suitable for cultivation in various climates.

    Its rich genetic background gives it a robust character, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

    9. Pineapple Express

    Introducing Pineapple Express, a quintessential child of Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains, celebrated as a delightful delight for cannabis connoisseurs.

    Revered as a premier strain, Pineapple Express owes its prestigious lineage to the Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains. When cultivated, it morphs into a lush, bushy structure, expanding significantly during flowering, reaching heights of up to 170 cm outdoors and between 100 to 130 cm indoors.

    Despite its voracious growth, Pineapple Express feminized seeds adapt effortlessly to confined spaces, requiring only balanced fertilization to thrive.

    Growing Pineapple Express in Quebec Outdoors

    Given Quebec's colder climate, the selection of cannabis strains to grow outdoors can be a tad tricky. Pineapple Express stands out as a suitable choice thanks to its resilient and adaptable nature.

    This fast-growing strain can endure colder climates, promising generous yields of up to 800 grams per plant.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    There's a certain indulgence that comes with savoring Pineapple Express. Upon the first puff, your senses are greeted with an unmistakably sweet floral aroma with a twist of pineapple. Deeper explorations reveal hints of mango and cedar, giving this strain a complex and layered profile.

    Pineapple Express is no slouch when it comes to effects. With an average THC content of 20% and 0.3% CBD, prepare for a balanced yet potent ride.

    It delivers an uplifting and slightly euphoric high that smoothly transitions into a physical relaxation, likened to a serene sojourn on a tropical island.

    Despite its relatively low CBD content, many medicinal users favor Pineapple Express for its efficacy in pain and anxiety relief, and as a remedy for chronic migraines.

    However, avoid partaking in Pineapple Express before bedtime. While its Indica roots may suggest otherwise, Pineapple Express can stir cerebral activity, making it difficult to calm the mind for a restful sleep.

    The taste matches its enchanting smell - Pineapple Express is a strain for the indulgent. It offers a uniquely layered blend of sensations and flavors that promise a pleasurable cannabis experience.

    10. AK-47

    AK-47, a cannabis strain that’s earned its legendary status in the world of marijuana, takes its lineage from the robust mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghan roots.

    Since its emergence in the 70s and official release in 1992 by Amsterdam's Serious Seeds, AK-47's popularity has exploded internationally. It's highly appreciated for its straightforward cultivation process, substantial yields, and the uniquely balanced high it provides.

    Growing AK-47 in Quebec Outdoors

    Despite the Canadian province of Quebec's sometimes harsh climate, AK-47 is among the most reliable strains for outdoor cultivation. Its robust genetics contribute to its high resistance to mold, essential for withstanding the occasionally damp Quebecois summers.

    The strain's medium height and impressive yields make it a suitable choice for growers in this region. When granted enough space, AK-47 plants can thrive to their full potential, reaching between 130 cm and 170 cm.

    With the yield ranging from 600 to 800 grams per plant, AK-47 promises a bountiful harvest.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    AK-47 is known for its unique and potent aroma, combining a slight acidity with a distinct earthy dankness. Woody undertones meet sweet fruity notes, harmonizing with a spicy earthiness that marks AK-47 as one of the most "skunky" strains.

    Some users even detect a faint hint of licorice, adding a layer of complexity to its flavor profile.

    Beyond its captivating smell and taste, AK-47's effects set it apart. Its high is intensely relaxing yet uplifting, providing an exceptional balance that is rare to find.

    The potent high can spark bouts of laughter, creative thinking, and social engagement, giving a euphoric experience that can last longer than many other strains.

    Yet despite its potency, the high is usually gentle and steady, making it a favored choice for users seeking relief from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and stress.

    Please be aware that, when consumed in higher doses, the potent effects of AK-47 can be overwhelming for inexperienced users. Common side effects at moderate use include a sense of dehydration, primarily in the mouth and eyes.

    As always, if you're new to this strain, it's wise to start slow and gradually increase the dose as you become familiar with its effects.

    With its remarkable ease of growth, generous yield, unique aroma and flavor, and the highly satisfying high it offers, AK-47 remains an enduring favorite among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.