10 Best Strains To Grow In Louisiana (2023 Update)

10 Best Strains To Grow In Louisiana (2023 Update)

Looking for the best strains to grow in Louisiana? Check out this article to learn about premier cannabis varieties that excel in Louisiana's humid climate. Simple advice for lush Bayou blooms! Last updated 24/08/2023 17 min read

    Louisiana is known for its unique blend of subtropical climate, long hot summers, short mild winters, and high year-round humidity.

    Navigating this climate can be challenging for cannabis growers, but it can become an advantage with the right strains and knowledge.

    In this article, we'll explore top-performing cannabis strains that are designed to thrive under Louisiana's steamy sun and frequent rain showers.

    Cannabis Growing Climate in Louisiana

    Best Strains To Grow In Louisiana

    1. Trainwreck

    Originating from the renowned Emerald Triangle of Northern California, Trainwreck is a compelling Sativa-dominant hybrid that boasts a robust lineage of Thai Sativa, Mexican Sativa, and Afghani Indica.

    This stimulating strain is wrapped in myth and legend, with a name stemming from a train crash near its original grow site during cannabis's illegal era in California.

    Growing Trainwreck in Louisiana

    As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Trainwreck is a surprisingly versatile strain that can thrive indoors and outdoors, making it suitable for Louisiana's humid, subtropical climate.

    However, care should be taken to protect the plant from excess humidity and frost. With its high resistance to mold and mildew, this strain is a favorable choice for growers in this region.

    Trainwreck is best grown in nutrient-rich soils and can yield impressively when given ample space. It is particularly popular among hobby growers for its substantial yield potential.

    With a relatively short flowering time of 56 to 63 days, this strain promises a bountiful harvest without an extensive wait.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Trainwreck captivates with its enticing aroma, marked by a distinct woody scent punctuated with layers of sharp, sweet citrus. As soon as you light up, the immediate hit of pine-like qualities leaves you yearning for more.

    To complement this, the strain reveals a lemon-lime sourness, adding depth to its aromatic profile.

    The taste doesn't disappoint either. Trainwreck delivers a zesty lemony flavor, reminiscent of the sweet and sour lemon candies from childhood, evoking nostalgia with every puff.

    The subtle sweetness balances the sharpness, offering a delightful blend of taste and sensation.

    But it isn't just the taste and smell that make Trainwreck stand out. Its effects are just as mesmerizing. This strain is a powerhouse, packing a THC blast that propels you into a state of euphoria.

    It engenders a creative surge and inspires happiness that lasts. The Indica balance introduces a soothing, pain-numbing effect, providing relief from chronic pain, stress, ADHD, and PTSD.

    However, moderation is advised as over-consumption may lead to paranoia, anxiety, dry mouth, and dehydration. To ensure a pleasant experience, it is best to stay hydrated and adjust your intake according to your THC tolerance.

    In all, Trainwreck proves to be a gratifying strain, offering an enchanting mix of stimulating effects, medicinal benefits, and a delightful taste and aroma.

    With its impressive yield and robust resistance to molds and mildew, this strain has solidified its place as a favorite among growers and consumers alike.

    Whether you're looking for a strain to grow in the sultry climate of Louisiana or just a high-quality strain to enjoy, Trainwreck is a promising choice.

    2. Platinum Cookies

    Introducing Platinum Cookies, an iconic offspring of the widely cherished Girl Scout Cookies lineage, known for its inviting sweet aroma and resilient growth profile.

    Growing Platinum Cookies in Louisiana

    If you're cultivating in the vibrant landscapes of Louisiana, then look no further than Platinum Cookies. Boasting robust genetics that imparts high resistance to mold, pests, and mildew, Platinum Cookies are as resilient as they come.

    These seeds are an excellent choice for growers, regardless of skill level, and are proven to thrive under the state's humid subtropical conditions.

    The plant's adaptability to both indoor and outdoor environments is remarkable, with the ability to yield up to 450 grams per m² indoors and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors.

    Indoor growers will appreciate its medium-height stature, perfect for most setups, while outdoor cultivators can look forward to the plant reaching grand heights of up to 190 cm.

    All you need to make the most out of Platinum Cookies is the correct planting season and plenty of sunlight exposure.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Platinum Cookies carries a distinctive bouquet that sets it apart from its peers. It welcomes you with an earthy, forest-floor aroma interspersed with hints of pine and moss.

    On the taste front, this strain surprises with a blend of sweet fruit cookies and citrus, rounded off with a spicy undertone, thanks to the abundance of caryophyllene terpenes.

    The effect is nothing short of an enticing dance between mind and body. High in THC content, Platinum Cookies delivers an uplifting, cerebral high coupled with a relaxing full-body buzz.

    The potency of this strain may kick in fast, so beginners are advised to start with small doses.

    Platinum Cookies is an excellent stress reliever, making it a preferred strain for those seeking an escape from the daily grind. Its medicinal properties have also found favor among users, with reported benefits for conditions like chronic pain, muscle spasms, and arthritis.

    However, with great potency come potential side effects. Dry mouth, dry eyes, and increased appetite are common, though these can be managed by staying well-hydrated.

    As with any high THC strain, bouts of paranoia or dizziness may occur in those who are not accustomed to such strength.

    All things considered, Platinum Cookies holds its own as a powerhouse strain, providing an indulgent mix of delightful flavors, compelling effects, and a robust growing profile. A legendary addition to the world of cannabis and a must-try for both growers and consumers.

    3. Skywalker OG

    Skywalker OG, a strain of incredible potency and high resin production, is a compelling descendant of the renowned Skywalker and OG Kush. An enhanced version of OG Kush, this strain is cherished galaxy-wide for its remarkable yield and quality.

    Growing Skywalker OG in Louisiana

    Among the most sought-after cannabis seeds in the UK and USA, Skywalker OG has a manageable size making it an ideal choice for growers in Louisiana.

    Due to its Indica-dominant nature, Skywalker OG thrives when grown indoors but can also adapt to outdoor environments under temperate, dry, and warm climates.

    Its forgiving nature and positive response to training techniques like Super-cropping, topping, LST, SCROG, and SOG make it a top pick for experienced growers.

    However, to truly utilize Skywalker OG's potential, adequate space is vital. This strain is known to produce thick and hefty buds that may even require extra support.

    One of Skywalker OG's most notable traits is its relatively short flowering time of 50 to 65 days, enabling multiple sowing and harvesting sessions in a year.

    Given optimal growing conditions, you can expect an indoor yield of 500-600 grams per m2 and an outdoor yield of up to 700 grams per plant.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Skywalker OG is a compelling sensory experience, offering an intense, dynamic flavor profile. On consumption, you'll first notice a piney Kush flavor that slowly transitions into a unique blend of lemon and diesel.

    In terms of effects, Skywalker OG is like an intergalactic journey of relaxation. Its high THC content creates a deeply relaxed state of mind and a euphoric sensation, akin to the warm and fuzzy feeling you get after saving the universe.

    It's an excellent choice for combating insomnia and for those seeking relief from pain.

    However, with great power comes a few side effects. After smoking Skywalker OG, you may experience dry mouth and eyes, an increased appetite, and possibly a desire for a nap.

    To avoid slipping into paranoia or anxiety, it's advised to consume Skywalker OG in moderation.

    Skywalker OG is truly a cosmic journey in a bud, offering an unforgettable experience with its potent effects and unique flavor profile. This resilient, high-yielding strain is definitely worth a try for experienced growers and cannabis connoisseurs.

    4. Tangie

    Hailing from the union of the legendary Skunk #1 and California Orange, Tangie has emerged as a prominent strain noted for its high-energy, euphoric high, and invigorating citrus flavor profile.

    Growing Tangie in Louisiana

    A proven favorite in Amsterdam's coffee shops, Tangie also flourishes under Louisiana's climate. Thanks to its resilient Sativa genetics, it thrives in warm, sunny conditions akin to the Mediterranean but can tolerate the occasional rain shower typical in the Pelican State's summer.

    A spacious outdoor garden is ideal, but don't fret if you're limited to indoor growing. Tangie can adjust just fine with the right techniques - topping, SCROG - to control its soaring height.

    While it's a fan of soil rather than hydroponics, greenhouse growing is another excellent option for our citrusy friend. Just remember, nutrient-rich soil is key to cultivating those unique, mouth-watering aromas and flavors.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Tangie is a celebration for your senses. As its name suggests, it enchants with an irresistibly fragrant blend of punchy orange and sharp citrus notes, with a hint of skunk origins adding a musky tang to the mix.

    It's hard not to fall for its sweet allure, with each puff delighting your taste buds with fresh tangerines and little to no bitterness or spice.

    But Tangie is more than just a flavorful experience. With THC levels topping at 22%, it delivers a long-lasting, energetic high that sparks creativity and induces a sense of euphoria.

    This makes it the ideal companion for social situations, deep conversations, or moments when you need a creative boost.

    Moreover, its soothing, sedative effects have found favor among medicinal users seeking relief from stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and even digestive issues.

    However, remember that every rose has its thorns. While Tangie isn't harmful, its high THC content can cause mild side effects like dry mouth, dry/itchy eyes, and in rarer cases, paranoia for those with lower THC tolerance. So, keep water at hand and enjoy responsibly.

    Tangie is the tribute and remake of the iconic 90s Tangerine Dream, boasting a similar stimulating high and unmistakable orange aroma.

    Inheriting about 30% Indica from its parent strains, this Sativa-dominant hybrid promises a beautifully balanced high to both recreational and medicinal users.

    Whether you're a creative looking for inspiration, a patient seeking relief, or simply a cannabis enthusiast in love with flavorful strains, Tangie is one not to miss.

    5. Amnesia Haze

    An electrifying fusion of Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani genetics, Amnesia Haze is a triumphant medley of aromas, effects, and fantastic yields that have secured its position as an award-winning, world-renowned cannabis strain.

    Growing Amnesia Haze in Louisiana

    Amnesia Haze thrives in outdoor setups, making it an ideal strain for Louisiana's humid, subtropical climate. This strain, though Sativa-dominant, can be a challenge for novice growers due to its susceptibility to bud rot.

    Hence, regular pruning, proper ventilation, and support for the branches, which bear the weight of sizeable buds, are necessary. In return, growers can anticipate yields up to an astonishing 800 grams per plant in optimal conditions, truly an XXL yield!

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Unmistakably a Haze family member, Amnesia Haze greets you with its delightful, smile-inducing lemon aroma. On further exploration, the scent profile unfolds an intriguing mixture of black pepper and earthy undertones, all topped off with an assorted citrus medley.

    This diverse aroma translates into a potent, sharp taste, leaving an earthy impression on the palate.

    Beyond the sensory experience, Amnesia Haze unfolds a plethora of effects that mirror its rich and complex aroma. Initially, the high brings on a state of euphoric excitement, with an energetic and positive feel, stimulating creativity and leading to daydreaming.

    The strain's name indicates a unique effect: the temporary, blissful amnesia that washes over you, making holding conversations somewhat tricky and giving the experience a "trippy" feel.

    This strain's uplifting and calming effects make it a fantastic choice for daytime use, allowing you to relax without feeling sleepy. Moreover, Amnesia Haze is known for alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety, making it a great choice for medical use as well.

    While most notable side effects are limited to dry mouth and eyes, Amnesia Haze's combination of a captivating aroma, rich taste, and a unique spectrum of effects undoubtedly explains its numerous awards and popularity among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

    6. Granddaddy Purple

    Immersed in the rich cannabis heritage of California's Bay Area, Granddaddy Purple, a child of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, stands as a testimony to the power of good genetics.

    Loved for its stunning looks, generous yields, and fruity flavors, this strain is equally favored by novice and seasoned growers.

    Growing Granddaddy Purple in Louisiana

    Looking to start your cannabis cultivation journey in Louisiana? You can't go wrong with Granddaddy Purple. Its high resistance to mold and adaptable nature makes it a top contender.

    While it thrives in a controlled indoor environment, outdoor cultivation also gives it a chance to stretch and reach its full potential, with heights up to 180 cm.

    And did we mention the yields? Outdoor cultivation can gift you up to 400-600 grams per plant. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned grower, Granddaddy Purple promises to deliver.

    Remember to maintain a humidity level of around 50% and ensure good ventilation. Be prepared to witness a true Indica in action as this strain, with its compact, bushy nature and broad-leaved fingers, efficiently absorbs sunlight.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    What's an excellent yield without a memorable sensory experience? Granddaddy Purple won't disappoint. One whiff and you're taken on a journey through sweet meadows, your senses tingling with the smell of fresh berries and earthy herbs.

    The taste? A complex blend of sweet fruitiness, earthy pine, and a tangy, slightly sharp twist of citrus. It's a treat for the palate, to say the least.

    A high THC content of around 23% ensures that each puff is an adventure. Its calming effect gently slows down your train of thought, guiding you into a state of total relaxation.

    Feeling stressed? Granddaddy Purple is your antidote. Many users also report feelings of euphoria. But remember, moderation is key. High doses could lead to anxiety and paranoia. Dry mouth and eyes might be other side effects you may experience.

    Whether you're after the visual spectacle, generous yields, or a unique sensory experience, Granddaddy Purple has got it all. It's not just a strain; it's a complete experience, a lesson in good genetics, and a joy to grow. Cultivate it once, and it might just become a regular in your garden.

    7. AK-47

    The legendary AK-47 strain is a global cannabis classic, a powerhouse with Sativa-dominance that owes its enduring popularity to its exceptional blend of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghan origins.

    Growing AK-47 in Louisiana

    Not every strain can thrive in the heat and humidity of a southern state like Louisiana, but AK-47 fits the bill perfectly. Remarkably resilient, AK-47 is a great choice for growers, whether they are beginners or veterans.

    With an average height, AK-47 doesn't demand a vast growing space. However, it does require adequate ventilation if grown indoors due to its potent aroma.

    Despite its Sativa dominance, AK-47 boasts a relatively short flowering period of 53 to 63 days, which makes it an excellent choice for growers looking for a quick turnaround.

    The yield is generous, ranging from 450 to 550 grams per m² indoors and 600 to 800 grams per plant outdoors. Given Louisiana's climate, outdoor cultivation could lead to higher yields.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    AK-47 is notable for its unique aromatic profile. An intriguing blend of acidity, earthiness, and dank undertones, it's sure to awaken your senses.

    Subtle notes of wood and sweet fruit mingle harmoniously with a spicy earthiness, contributing to AK-47's reputation as one of the skunkiest strains out there. Some consumers even detect a hint of licorice upon exhale.

    The effects of AK-47 are equally impressive. Ideal for end-of-day relaxation, AK-47 delivers a powerful yet balanced high that promotes creativity, sociability, and an overall good mood.

    Despite its strength, the high remains manageable, encouraging prolonged sessions of inspiration and bouts of laughter. Medicinal users value AK-47 for its ability to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and stress.

    The strain's ability to relax without causing sleepiness also makes it suitable for managing muscle spasms. If you're looking for a cannabis strain that can provide a deep sense of relaxation while keeping you energized, AK-47 is your go-to choice.

    Overall, with its multiple award-winning lineage and robust resilience, AK-47 is more than deserving of its renowned status. Its unique aromatic profile and balanced high make it a must-try strain for both recreational and medicinal users alike. Happy growing, and enjoy responsibly!

    8. Chemdawg

    Chemdawg strain, a fascinating mix of mysterious origins and potent effects, is truly a legend among cannabis strains, believed to have originated from Nepalese or Thai Sativa.

    Born out of the hands of a wanderer named Chemdawg, who carefully selected and stabilized the strain, Chemdawg packs a robust aroma resembling a mix of chemicals and diesel.

    This unique scent isn't merely a novelty, but rather the defining characteristic that lent this strain its fitting name.

    Growing Chemdawg in Louisiana

    Considering Louisiana's subtropical climate, it's crucial to choose strains that can handle high humidity and heat. Chemdawg, a Sativa dominant strain, is an excellent candidate for this environment, provided you take caution with its susceptibility to mold or mildew.

    The strain requires an attentive grower who can manage humidity levels and act promptly in case of any issues.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Chemdawg is truly an assault on your senses but in the best way possible. Its distinctive aroma marries pine, sour diesel, and citrus notes, creating an inviting, exotic blend that prepares you for the upcoming experience.

    When it comes to taste, Chemdawg doesn't disappoint, offering a similar mix of flavors that can only be described as a symphony on your palate.

    The effects of Chemdawg are as impressive as its aroma and taste. It's a high THC strain, reaching up to 21%, which promises a cerebral high that lifts the mood and motivates.

    As it melts away your stress and worries, Chemdawg doesn't ignore the body, inducing a deep physical relaxation that may help alleviate chronic pain. It's also hailed as a sociable weed, perfect for enjoyable nights out with friends.

    However, novice users should approach Chemdawg with caution due to its potency. Overconsumption could lead to paranoia, dizziness, or anxiety. Always remember, moderation is key.

    With its enticing blend of effects, taste, and smell, coupled with its intriguing backstory, Chemdawg remains a sought-after strain for those looking to expand their cannabis horizons.

    It's not just a strain, but an experience – an adventurous journey into the world of high-THC cannabis. Enjoy responsibly.

    9. Super Silver Haze

    Emerging from the coffee shops of Amsterdam to the mainstream scene, Super Silver Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain that elegantly combines the genetics of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights.

    Growing Super Silver Haze in Louisiana

    Louisiana's tropical and humid climate can be challenging for many cannabis strains. However, Super Silver Haze, with its high resistance to mold and its ability to thrive in above-average humidity, makes it an ideal choice for cultivation in this region.

    Keep in mind that this strain requires a longer flowering period and could face issues if there is an early or wet autumn. Growers with the right experience will find success with this strain, whether they opt for indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse cultivation.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Super Silver Haze is celebrated for its uplifting and smooth flavor profile, blending notes of lemon, sandalwood, and spice. Upon consumption, you'll enjoy a sensation that tantalizes the taste buds.

    The smoke from this strain exudes a sweet, earthy, and skunky aroma when properly matured, a delightful sensory experience all its own.

    As for effects, Super Silver Haze is well-known for its cerebral high and long-lasting impacts. It provides an instant sense of calm without the sedative effects often associated with other strains, making it perfect for daytime use or when embarking on creative projects.

    Medically, it has shown potential benefits for treating conditions like exhaustion, depression, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, and lethargy.

    In terms of side effects, Super Silver Haze is generally well-tolerated. Some users may experience dry eyes and mouth, mild paranoia, or anxiety, but these tend to occur only with higher doses.

    With a lineage hailing from countries like Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and southern India, and being perfected in Holland, Super Silver Haze has been recognized and adored by cannabis enthusiasts around the globe.

    Its winning streak at the High Times Cannabis Cup in the late '90s is a testament to its quality and appeal. Super Silver Haze is truly a classic strain that maintains its prominence and relevance in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.

    Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the scene, Super Silver Haze offers an experience worth trying.

    10. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner strain is an ode to the comic book hero "The Incredible Hulk" for its remarkable potency and green coloration, thanks to its whooping 27% THC content.

    Born from the passionate hands of breeder Jason Holck of Dark Horse Genetics, this powerful hybrid is the lovechild of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, flaunting an equal blend of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genes.

    Growing Bruce Banner in Louisiana

    Bruce Banner is one strain that demands your attention if you're situated in Louisiana. This state's mild to warm climate and abundant sunshine suit Bruce Banner perfectly.

    The plant thrives in such conditions, capable of delivering a fruitful yield of up to 600 grams per m² indoors and approximately 500 grams per plant outdoors.

    Not for the faint-hearted grower, this strain is classified as difficult to cultivate, but the payoff in terms of yield and potency makes the challenge worthwhile.

    Its growth is vigorous, and it lends itself well to various growing techniques, including SCROG and SOG. However, pay heed to its growth spurt at the onset of the flowering phase, necessitating early flowering initiation and proper training to maintain a manageable height.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Bruce Banner does more than pack a punch with its potency; it entices and intrigues with an intense aroma. One whiff of this strain greets you with a sharp diesel note, rounded off with a sweet berry fragrance.

    Indoor growers, take note! The strength of this aroma necessitates the use of carbon filters or other odor-neutralizing systems.

    Its flavor profile, however, steers towards the earthy end of the spectrum. It masterfully blends citrus and spicy nuances to form a delightfully complex taste.

    You'll also catch the notable berry flavor punctuated with notes of diesel, spices, and citrus, giving your palate a memorable experience.

    When it comes to its effects, Bruce Banner is no joke. The high THC content delivers a fast and hard-hitting experience that's capable of surprising even seasoned users.

    The Sativa properties are instantly uplifting, promoting creativity and focus. In contrast, its Indica effects offer a relaxing feel with strong pain-relieving potential.

    It shows promise in relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression and may help increase focus and concentration for ADHD or ADD patients when dosed properly.

    However, some minor side effects to be aware of include increased appetite, dry mouth, and dry eyes. But with a strain as dynamic and powerful as Bruce Banner, it seems a small price to pay for the overwhelming benefits it provides.