How to choose seeds for growing weed?

Cannabis varieties

Choosing the right weed seeds for your culture isn’t always easy. Especially due to the large selection of various cannabis seeds Weedseedsexpress and the different characteristics of the species. It’s therefore important to take your time before you make a choice. But how to choose seeds for growing weed and what should you pay attention to when choosing cannabis seeds? In this blog we explain it in a simple way.

Which factors determine your final choice?

Your final choice between the different cannabis seeds is ultimately determined by the factorization that you find important. These are factors such as breeding characteristics. Think of plant height or for example yields, but also things like taste, smell and effect are important factors to for many home growers. Below is a handy list of the most important features that will determine your final choice:

Grow difficulty

The grow difficulty of a strain is often one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing marijuana seeds. As an experienced grower, you can probably grow any kind of weed, but beginners can choose best for an easy to breed variety. Not every cannabis plant is the same. For example, some species are more susceptible to fungus or a mistake during breeding, while other species have a high mold resistance and can also tolerate errors such as over-watering.


Real beginners often choose autoflowers. These strains are very easy to grow because they have the ability to automatically bloom. This means that the lighting scheme doesn’t have to be adjusted to make the plant bloom.

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Indoor or outdoor cultivation

Because not all species are suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, you have to determine where your breeding will take place. For example indoors (in a tent), outdoors in the open air or in a greenhouse.

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Plant height

An important factor closely related to the point above is the plant height. Each cannabis plant can be controlled in height. For example, by applying a shortened growth phase. However, some species has a tendency to grow very high while others remain small sized. Many indoor growers don’t have the space to grow very tall plants. They therefore often choose cannabis seeds that develop plants with a maximum height of 1.20. Although this isn’t always the case, outside growers often opt for a species that reaches a maximum height.

The plant height is mainly determined by the characteristic Indica or Sativa. Indica species have as main characteristic that they remain low and grow mainly in width, while Sativa species are known for their high and narrow stature.

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Regular or feminized

The plant gender is of course not entirely unimportant. Only the female plants develop smokable weed tops. A grower who intends to grow weed will therefore opt for female seeds (feminized seeds). However, growers who want to develop their own species or grow their own seeds choose regular seeds while they also need male plants.

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Flowering time

We haven’t mentioned the flowering yet. Nevertheless this is a very important aspect for the choice of cannabis seeds. Some growers are looking for quick results and will therefore choose a fast flowering strain. Consider, for example the Northern Lights that only needs 49 to 56 days to be ready for harvesting. Or how about Swiss Cheese that can be ready for harvest in just 42 to 56 days? A short flowering period also means that the chance of problems such as mold or plant diseases is smaller.

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Potential yields

While many growers don’t grow without risk (even when the harvest is purely for personal consumption) the potential size of the harvest is an important factor for many growers when choosing cannabis seeds. It’s therefore not surprising that they expect something in return.

A large harvest isn’t of course a guarantee, because it depends on many factors. Consider, for example, the breeding technique, the plant’s health, diseases, humidity and soil values. However, there are species that are known to have the ability to produce (extremely) large harvests such as the Super Silver Haze that can produce up to 800 grams per m2 or our Sexxpot strain that produces up to 1000 grams per m2.

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Smell during flowering

Growers who grow their plants indoors without the proper equipment to neutralize the smell of a flowering cannabis plant often choose cannabis seeds that produce plants in which the smell is limited during flowering. An example of this is the Pure Power Plant strain.

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Effect, taste and smell of the weed

Cannabis seeds are not only chosen on physical aspects. Also the effect, taste and the smell of the weed are also very important aspects. Some people prefer a strong psychological effect while others prefer a relaxed weed that has a physical effect. In these aspects, the THC and CBD levels play an important role. A high THC content results in a strong psychological effect while a high CBD results in a physical relaxation.

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