Easy to grow weed seeds

Cannabis varieties

The level of difficulty for the cultivation of a cannabis plant varies per strain. This has to do with the resistance to diseases and breeding errors. It is therefore important for both novice growers and experts to determine what they are looking for. For example, you can choose easy to grow weed seeds that have been developed specially for indoor growing or outdoor cultivation or autoflowers. Easy to grow means that the cannabis seeds contain forgiving genetics. Ideal for beginners, but also for experienced growers who are looking for simplicity.

Do easy to grow cannabis seeds offer lesser quality?

A common fallacy is the idea that easy-to-grow cannabis strains produce weed of lesser quality. Or the other way around: that hard to grow cannabis plants always result in a higher quality of weed. That is not the case. The difficulty of cannabis strains doesn’t say anything about the quality of the weed.

What makes a cannabis seed easy to grow?

The mold resistance has already been mentioned above, but this is not the only factor. There are various factors that determine whether a cannabis seed is easy to grow or not. Think about:

The blossoming

When choosing cannabis seeds you can choose between autoflower weed seeds and non autoflowers. Do you grow indoors and have you chosen non-autoflower seeds? Then you have to put the cannabis plant into blooming by adjusting the light scheme. This is not necessarily difficult, but it does require the right approach. With autoflowers it’s not necessary to adjust the light scheme. These strains will in fact start to flower on their age. Therefore, autoflower cannabis seeds are generally easier to grow than non-autoflowers.

The gender

Feminized cannabis seeds are easier to grow than regular cannabis seeds. Why is that? When you grow for the production of weed and you use regular cannabis seeds, you grow both male and female cannabis strains. However, only female marijuana plants produce smokable cannabis. In addition, the male plants can pollinate the female plants so which will result in a decreased production of weed. When using regular cannabis seeds, it is therefore important to remove the male plants on time. For this you need to recognize the genus of the cannabis plant which requires knowledge. However, do you opt for feminized cannabis seeds? Then you grow with 99% certainty only female cannabis strains. This makes the cultivation of feminized cannabis seeds easier than regular cannabis seeds.

Flowering time

The flowering time probably has the least influence on the degree of grow difficulty. Yet it is important to mention these. Cannabis varieties with a short flowering period have less chance of disease and are therefore often more easy to grow than those with a long flowering period.

Top 5 – Easiest cannabis seeds to grow

Are you a novice grower or do you already have experience and are you looking for an easy to grow strain? In the top 10 below you find our best easy to grow pot seeds. 

  1. Northern Lights
  2. Northern Lights x Big Bud autoflower
  3. Northern Light autoflower
  4. White Widow
  5. Critical