Top 5 Best Strains for Sleep - 2023 UPDATE

Top 5 Best Strains for Sleep - 2023 UPDATE

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    Marijuana has a plethora of amazing qualities. It can give you a euphoric high that relieves stress and depression. It can also soothe the tingling of the body and counteract pain and inflammation. Also, cannabinoids help protect your brain and even fight cancer cells. However, one of the most common uses of marijuana is to treat insomnia.

    As a rule of thumb, Indica-dominant varieties are the best choices if you want a good night's sleep. This is partly due to the sedative and relaxing effects commonly associated with Indica subspecies. In addition, cannabis harvested when it is fully ripe will be more likely to induce a heavier and tiring effect because of its higher CBD levels. As the buds mature, THC begins to transform into CBD, which is reportedly five times more soporific than THC.

    The best best marijuana strains for sleep

    Whatever the reason, smoking weed leads to a series of mental and physical relaxation effects. So what are the best Indica weed strains for deep sleep? Here are five of our best strains for sleep in 2023:

    1. Granddaddy Purple
    2. Northern Lights
    3. Blue Cheese autoflower
    4. Skywalker OG
    5. White Widow

    1. Granddaddy Purple

    Granddaddy Purple is an Indica cannabis strain that produces mood-boosting and relaxing effects. Whether you are sleep deprived, have chronic pain, or just want to relax, the Granddaddy Purple is a friend you can always turn to.

    The Granddaddy Purple arrived on the market in 2003 in San Francisco through the hands of breeder Ken Estes. Since then, it has become one of the most popular varieties in American pharmacies. Grandaddy Purple is also a very attractive plant to grow with its dense, purple buds, light yellow hues, red pistils and its coating of white trichomes.

    Granddaddy Purple is a cross between two legends, Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Recreational users appreciate the relaxing and calming side of the variety. It is a pleasant companion to fall asleep or accompany a hot bath. Medical consumers use it to stimulate appetite, reduce stress, depression or chronic pain.

    Although Granddaddy Purple is an Indica, it does provide euphoric effects. Novice consumers should watch out for this rather potent strain, which reaches THC levels of up to 23%.

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    2. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights is an iconic Indica-dominant strain that is very popular with growers for its soporific qualities. Smoking Northern Lights leads to drooping eyelids and a heavy head making it ideal for those that struggle to switch off at night.

    Northern Lights is a hardy plant with broad dark-green leaves that is pleasingly resistant to mould and disease. With its longstanding history and popularity, Northern Lights can be hard to get hold of so many home growers love cultivating Northern Lights. It is a good strain for novice growers although we recommend these feminised seeds for a consistent and reliable harvest.

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    3. Blue Cheese autoflower

    Blue Cheese earned its moniker because of its taste which is strongly reminiscent of cheese. Blue Cheese is one of the best strains of weed to give off that famous taste in the mouth that ignites the taste buds. However, there is far more to Blue Cheese than an interesting flavour.

    Blue Cheese is a pure Indica and therefore has all the physical characteristics: short and wide with the most sought after medicinal effects: relaxation and quality sleep. In short, by consuming this type of cannabis, the smoker takes a ticket to the Land of Nod. Blue Cheese is perhaps our best Indica strain for sleep.

    First of all, the smoker is overcome with a strong feeling of euphoria. Then, the effects on the body begin to be felt: relaxation, a full-body stone and a general feeling of well-being. It is only much later that sleep is felt. In our society, sleep is often of poor quality due to the pace of life: incessant thoughts, long working hours, stress, tensions, the list goes on. And the testimonials of Blue Cheese consumers have one thing in common: quality sleep, which is why it deserves to be in our top five.

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    4. Skywalker OG

    Skywalker OG is famous for its euphoric and joyful effects while releasing the stresses and tensions of the body, without anxiety. We have a note of caution, however, and that is to be aware that it has high levels of THC. Small doses will, therefore, promote sleep, while large doses will make you want to go for a midnight run. However, it is definitely one of the best marijuana strain for sleep.

    Skywalker OG is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that is a potent cross between the hugely popular Skywalker X OG Kush strains. Skywalker OG has an aroma of spicy herbal diesel with a fragrant herbal aftertaste. Plump buds produce dense resin-covered olive green nuggets with amber hairs and burnt orange undertones.

    Users describe Skywalker OG as a very heavy stoney high that leaves you completely couch-locked, chilled, and sleepy with an almost overwhelming urge for the munchies so make sure you have plenty of snacks to hand. These vibes are accompanied by an off-the-scale euphoric head high that gently fades into a deep and peaceful sleep. Thanks to these powerful effects, Skywalker OG is the perfect strain for treating patients suffering from chronic insomnia, as well as stress, chronic pain and mild cases of depression.

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    5. White Widow

    White Widow is one of the best strains for insomnia. Her seeds grow into bushy and vigorous Indica-shaped weed plants that could potentially reach heights of over two metres if grown outside.

    The White Widow strain is a heavy producer of large, heavy and solid nuggets. Another of her great qualities is her extraordinary ability to produce resin. During the flowering, her buds are covered with a thick layer of resinous trichomes that, at their peak, give the plant an almost white appearance. Hence her name, White Widow.

    While White Widow gives off a fresh and floral aroma, she has a rich and complex taste, combining bittersweet notes with delicious fruity and floral undertones.

    White Widow is additionally renowned for her wonderfully calming and therapeutic properties. The physically potent body 'high' she gives enables you to relax deeply and achieve a long-lasting state of calmness. Choose White Widow to combat insomnia, stress or anxiety.

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