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Top 5 Best Strains for Male and Female Arousal - 2023 UPDATE

Last updated 26/01/2023 5 min read

    Are you looking for a weed that will help you to become aroused before sex? Look no further, as we have five strains that will help you get in the mood, whether you are a man or a woman. You might be surprised to learn that some strains of cannabis have aphrodisiacal properties - after all, weed is more often associated with couch-lock and the munchies, neither of which are conducive to a night of passion. The truth is that weed has actually been used to boost libido for thousands of years and is definitely a more wholesome alternative.

    There are currently countless cannabis strains and as you know, one weed strain is not the other. A frequently asked question is, therefore: which cannabis strain works the most stimulating for men and women? There is, of course, no better prelude than investing your time and love in advance, in cannabis plants that eventually produce delicious aphrodisiac buds! Since the effect can differ considerably per person and per type of cannabis, there is no easy answer to this. Yet, there are some interesting strains for male and female arousel.

    Best strains for male and female arousal 

    The following five types of cannabis are known to work as an aphrodisiac.

    1. Sexxpot
    2. Green Crack
    3. Northern Lights
    4. Granddady Purple
    5. Bubblegum

    1. Sexxpot

    Many women especially when they are in their 50s and 60s struggle to find help for sexual health problems or increasing libido. It's still a common taboo for women. Sexxpot is a strain of cannabis that reportedly helps women to relax during sex and works particularly well when used in combination with lubricants containing CBD.

    Sexxpot has a growing reputation for being a real game-changer, especially among women in the San Francisco area where it has achieved an almost cult-like status. Sexxpot has a lower THC level than usual: around 14%, while smokers often prefer varieties at 18-20%. This offers a real advantage because the product provides a sensual sensation without ever leading to the numbness that would prevent you from enjoying it.

    Women generally need less THC and THC levels can modify the activity of antiestrogens, although scientific research is currently very limited. Sexxpot, with its low THC level, regulates the endocannabinoid system and helps balance hormones, without sacrificing therapeutic properties.

    A strain aimed at women is an attractive addition to the cannabis market, which is very focused on male consumers. And even if the scientific data is limited, Sexxpot fans are very enthusiastic.

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    2. Green crack

    With high levels of THC and strong Sativa genetics, Green Crack will leave you feeling energetic and as horny as a field full of rhinos!

    Plump, sticky buds are covered with a resin containing limonene that with a citrus aroma that will clear your head and leave you feeling refreshed. Myrcene slows down your brain to relieve anxiety and allow you to live in the moment. Green Crack is ideal for those who want a long night of passionate love-making.

    Greek Crack induces a euphoric high that is perfect for a night with your loved one. And it also provides lots of energy and confidence that is essential for a man planning a night of action.

    The only negative aspect of this marijuana strain is that you may have difficulty falling asleep afterwards! But as long as you are aware of its stimulating caffeine-like properties, this negative turns into a positive!

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    3. Northern Lights

    Many men are familiar with the gut-wrenching anxiety that comes from worrying about erectile dysfunction or just straightforward performance anxiety, which can add an enormous amount of stress to a new relationship. Northern Lights is a great strain for alleviating anxiety and giving the confidence to try something new to help spice up long-term relationships.

    Northern Lights is a pure Indica renowned for its propensity to reduce symptoms of stress, pain and anxiety. Enjoy a quick smoke in the evening, and there's a good chance you will feel your worried feelings float away to be replaced with strong sensations of euphoria ad confidence. Don't hit it too hard, however, becasue it can make you feel too sleepy if you take too much - you don't want to feel too relaxed!

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    4. Granddaddy Purple

    When you are fully relaxed, your senses are heightened and this can lead to deeper and stronger physical sensations, making sex more rewarding for men and women. Grand Daddy Purple is a good cannabis strain to help achieve this. It is an Indica dominant Californian variety that resulted from a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud.
    Grandaddy Purple is a potent strain that induces a positive high common amongst the West Coast Indicas. You can be confident of a smoke with a serious kick that provides sensations of euphoria with a pleasant whole body buzz.

    Smoking Grandaddy Purple with your partner will help you feel more in tune with each other. Imagination is stimulated, appetites of all kinds are increased. And when you are done, drifting off to sleep is usually easy. Recommended for unforgettable nights of passion.

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    5. Bubblegum

    As an Indica-dominant strain, Bubblegum Kush is good for long, relaxed sessions of staring into your partner's eyes and feeling chilled as waves of pleasure roll over you for ages. You can look forward to a euphoric high that lasts for hours although it does take a while to get going.

    Despite its sugary sounding name, Bubblegum actually tastes strongly of orange and lemon. However, it does have undernotes of burnt candy and it is pretty sweet. Watch out, as it is associated with the inducing bursts of giggles that could kill a sensual vibe if you aren't expecting it.

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    Some final thoughts ...

    It is certainly true that cannabis can increase arousal and enhance lovemaking, although it is important to remember not to overdo it.

    As well as the physical effects of relaxation and euphoria, sharing a spliff with your partner can help achieve a stronger bond and a healthier relationship. If both partners are on board, smoking weed before sex could lead to an intense spiritual connection that is unlike anything else - and certainly more fun.