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Top 5 Best Strains for Energy to Grow in 2023

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    While most people associate smoking weed with lazing around on the couch, an increasing number of weed smokers are using the herb to boost productivity. Some strains are known to help many medical issues, such as fibromyalgia and insomnia, but feeling energised is one of the most highly-prized effects of marijuana right now. So what are the best strains for energy?

    Most strains intended for daytime use give a buzzing, energetic high, encouraging us to hurry up and finish household chores, go for a run or get busy with a creative project. However, it is important to be aware that energetic strains of weed are often accompanied with side effects of paranoia and anxiety, which can be problematic when at work or if you have to make an important decision.

    Smoking cannabis affects everyone differently, so take your time when trying out these strains for the first time. Yet, if you feel like you need an energy lift, try these five strains.

    The best strains for extra energy

    1. Green Crack
    2. Sour Diesel
    3. Chocolope
    4. Acapulco Gold
    5. Amnesia haze

    1. Green Crack

    Smoking Green Crack is like drinking a turbo-charged energy drink, but it doesn't have anything to do with the class A drug. Rumour has it that the strain got its name from Snoop Dogg.

    There is a kush-like taste to this fabulous cannabis strain that is not too predominant. The effect of the bud is a nice physical buzz that will make you feel like dancing on the tables. A perfect balance between Indica and Sativa, which can vary considerably depending on the cultivation method.

    An exceptionally striking and positive observation is that the Green Crack shoots into the air when grown outdoors, growing just as energetically as it will make you feel. The cannabis plant can grow to a height of up to 3 metres. In addition, Green Crack flowers very quickly, making the yield lucrative. The growth and yield are among the main advantages compared to other cannabis plants.

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    2. Sour Diesel

    Sour Diesel is a cannabis strain that consists of a nice balance of Indica and Sativa genetics. This cannabis strain is famous around the world and is one of the most cultivated species, especially in America.

    The THC content of this cannabis is high so this strain is not suitable for novice smokers. Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D for short, is named after its Diesel-like aroma and contains mostly Sativa genetics. Sour Diesel already came into the picture in the early 90s and since then it has been an integral part of the cannabis world. Both recreational and medicinal users have benefits and benefits from using Sour Diesel.

    When you smoke this cannabis, you will recognize a pleasant feeling thanks to the nice balance of the Indica and Sativa influences. Sour Diesel is a fast-acting cannabis strain, soon after ingestion/inhalation, you will feel it starting to work. You will experience an uplifting high that will make you feel especially energetic and somewhat dreamy. Medicinally this works great against stress, pain and depression. Because the effect lasts for a long time, it is the favourite choice of many medicinal users. The flavour is a sour taste with Skunk-like undertones and is known to strike firmly on the throat/airways while smoking. A moderate dose is, therefore, more than sufficient.

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    3. Chocolope

    Chocolope is a cannabis strain with a taste like no other and unbelievably stable genetics. Germinating cannabis from Chocolope seeds, therefore, provides you with lovely cannabis plants and very promising buds. Since Chocolope allows her to grow easily with no strict demands or requirements for temperature or nutrition, this is a recommended cannabis variety to begin with as a novice grower. Experienced growers also love Chocolope as she is a beautiful cannabis strain with a striking taste and bountiful harvests.

    Chocolate is delicious even in combination with weed. Chocolope proves that as you will taste delicious chocolate undertones. The effect is a relaxed uplifting high with plenty of energy that will definitely get you through the day. It contains a lot of THC, but the effect is still tolerable and characteristic of an almost pure Sativa cannabis strain.

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    4. Acapulco Gold

    This Acapulco Gold takes its name from the colour of its buds. They are gold and red-brown in colour with highly visible THC crystals. The intense fruit cocktail of flavours produces a long-lasting high. Acapulco Gold is Sativa Dominant and provides a relaxed, stress-reducing high.

    Acapulco Gold has good news for growers: this cannabis strain has a high resistance to many fungi, including grey mould and mildew. In addition, the yields are also quite high.

    This tasty cannabis strain with its energetic, creative and energizing high was rightly the winner of the Sativa Cup 2010.

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    5. Amnesia Haze

    Due to its delicious taste and extremely strong effect, Amnesia Haze is a favourite with countless cannabis users and is therefore available in the many coffee shops in our country.

    The feminized seeds of Amnesia Haze are an excellent way to grow this strain yourself as a Haze enthusiast. The female seeds will germinate quickly and easily due to the extraordinary germination capacity of the seed.

    Indoor growers can expect an easy-to-maintain cannabis plant with Amnesia Haze that will grow to a height of over a meter.

    The weed yield will be around 600 to 650 grams per square metre. You can grow the Amnesia Haze on both hydro and soil and the plant is also suitable for the Sea of Green / Screen of Green process.

    The effects of Amnesia Haze are tricky to assess, but they are undoubtedly potent. The experience of the user is key. Novice users of marijuana could experience their first green out with this strong cannabis strain and it is easy to overdo it as it is so more-ish. The experienced lovers of Sativa will be impressed with the cerebral energy and euphoria delivered by this virtually psychedelic tension. Amnesia Haze is a weed with the potential to vary each time - it is never dull. Another advantage is the fact that it is not associated with any common side effects.

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