Top 5 Best Strains for Creativity - 2023 UPDATE

Top 5 Best Strains for Creativity - 2023 UPDATE

Looking to get inspired for your (next) artistic project? Check the best strains for creativity in this blog! Last updated 06/07/2023 9 min read

    Cannabis has been associated with sparking creativity in the minds of musicians, artists, and writers for hundreds, if not thousands of years. And today, there are more varieties of marijuana from which to choose than ever before. But what are the best strains for creativity?

    Sativa strains are generally thought to be better at creating the type of cerebral stimulation that can help you see the world differently, while Indica strains are better at creating drowsy super-relaxing stones. Both varieties can conjure creative strains; in the end, the experience is all personal, so keep that in mind when growing and consuming any of our marijuana strains.

    We selected the best weed strains to spark your creativity based on user reports and general consensus among our customers and the cannabis scene as a whole.

    Top 5 best strains for creativity

    The following varieties are our best cannabis strains strains for creativity:

    1. Amnesia Haze
    2. Biscotti
    3. Bruce Banner
    4. Sour Diesel
    5. Blue Dream

    1. Amnesia Haze

    Amnesia Haze, an award-winning Sativa dominant hybrid, boasts a rich history and a reputation for her intriguing mix of flavors and potent effects.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Amnesia Haze is famously 'on the trippy side.' She delivers a high that is simultaneously uplifting and dreamy, capable of turning the most mundane thought into an interesting exploration. Fueling your creativity and an effective way to forget one's worries, giving a sensation of blissful laziness without a desire to retire to bed. Try Amnesia Haze if you have writers' block and need to get an essay done or have a deadline to meet.

    This sativa dominant strain has been a popular choice in the coffee shops of Amsterdam for many years, sought after by cannabis connoisseurs of who seek a cerebral high that also effectively relieves anxiety and allows the mind to focus on what is important.

    Amnesia Haze carries a distinctive, complex scent profile, dominated by potent lemon aromas tinged with earthy undertones. Its flavors are robust, bringing to mind sharp, earthy notes, complemented by a black pepper hint. A diverse mix of citrus fruits completes the flavor profile, a characteristic commonly found in the Haze family.


    When it comes to cultivation, plants grown from Amnesia Haze feminized seeds demand care but generously rewards effort. It thrives indoors and outdoors, flourishing into a tall, slender figure with small and large buds cloaked in resin trichomes. A preference for large pots and open ground is seen if grown outdoors, but the strain is versatile enough for any growing medium - be it soil, hydroponics, or coconut.

    Her flowering period is about 9 weeks, and she grows to a height of 80 cm-140 cm indoors, while outdoors, she can tower up to 2.5 meters. The plant's susceptibility to bud rot is something growers must be cautious about, especially in humid climates.

    With appropriate water, nutrition, and attention to humidity, pH, and EC level, Amnesia Haze is capable of delivering an impressive yield. Indoor growers can expect 600 to 650 grams per m2, while those cultivating outdoors in warm climates can look forward to up to 800 grams per plant.

    These generous yields and the exceptional quality of the weed make growing this cannabis sativa a fulfilling endeavor, ideal for experienced growers seeking high-quality, potent weed with high THC content.

    2. Biscotti

    Biscotti, an Indica-dominant hybrid bred from Gelato x South Florida OG, has a fast-growing reputation for her sweet cookie-like flavor profile and creative, potent effects.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Prominent for sparking creativity, Biscotti makes quite an impression on artists and enthusiasts alike. Consuming this cannabis strain not only fuels your artistic prowess but also transforms conversations into engaging discussions, making social interactions far more interesting. Just be careful with hitting her too hard because, unlike most sativa dominant strains, she can lull you into a restful sleep.

    The flavor and aroma profiles of Biscotti are a delightful culinary journey. Resembling its namesake, it boasts sweet, sugary flavors with just the right pinch of earthy spices. Many liken the taste to that of chocolate chip cookies, a unique characteristic brought on by the interplay of Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Eucalyptol terpenes. The scent, while sweet, is balanced by an earthy backdrop, ensuring it doesn't become overwhelmingly saccharine.


    Growing Biscotti feminized seeds pose a slight challenge due to her bushy nature, which demands regular pruning. Despite this, Biscotti feminized seeds are known for their mold resistance, favoring warm to temperate climates to flourish fully.

    The plant's unique aesthetic characteristics make it a sight to behold in any garden. Dense, spade-shaped buds, dark olive in color, are adorned with lengthy, copper-toned hairs. As flowering concludes, a generous frosty layer envelops these sticky buds, signifying abundant trichome production.

    Flowering in a short period of 56 to 63 days, Biscotti can reach heights of 120 to 150 cm in controlled indoor environments. However, outdoors, she can stretch up to 180 cm, basking in her full potential. Techniques like Super Cropping or topping can help adapt the plant to smaller indoor spaces.

    The yield potential of Biscotti is impressive. Under ideal indoor conditions, she can deliver 400–500 grams per m², while outdoors, she generously offers up to 500 grams per plant. Biscotti is a strain that provides delectable rewards to those patient enough to understand and accommodate her growth pattern.

    3. Bruce Banner

    Introducing Bruce Banner, an exceptionally potent hybrid strain that derives her name and legendary status from her comic book hero counterpart, "The Incredible Hulk."

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Bruce Banner, with a staggering 27% THC content, packs a powerful punch. This effect should come as no surprise, given her high THC level. The initial onset is a fast-acting, uplifting sensation, immediately noticeable. Shortly after, a delightful sense of creativity and focus follows, rendering this strain ideal for those looking for inspiration for creative ideas or a concentration boost.

    The strain's Indica properties induce a relaxing effect on the body and offer excellent pain relief, particularly beneficial for chronic pain sufferers. She's also effective in alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, Bruce Banner could help those with ADD or ADHD to concentrate better when administered in suitable doses.

    Bruce Banner leaves an indelible impression not only with her powerful effects but also her aromatic profile. Its aroma carries intense pungent diesel notes, perfectly contrasted with sweet berry undertones. The flavor profile leans more towards earthiness, delicately blending citrus and spicy nuances in an appealingly complex combination. The cannabis presents a berry flavor, accompanied by hints of diesel, spices, and citrus.


    Growing Bruce Banner feminized seeds is highly recommended for healthy plant growth. It's a plant marked as challenging to cultivate but flourishes both indoors and outdoors, preferring mild to warm climates with abundant sunshine.

    As a balanced hybrid, Bruce Banner grows vigorously and suits different growing techniques like SCROG. Still, she can also deliver excellent results in a SOG set up with a brief growth period. It grows significantly at the beginning of the flowering phase, so it's recommended to begin the flowering stage early, topping the plant before flowering begins or training it to adopt a bushier form to avoid growing too close to the lights.

    The plant's leaves are glossy and can take on an alluring purple hue during flowering. The flowering period lasts about 8 to 10 weeks, after which vigorous, densely structured buds are formed. Outdoor growers can expect a harvest in early October.

    Indoor-grown Bruce Banners reach heights between 100 - 150 cm. Outdoors, she can stretch up to 140 - 210 cm. Indoor yields can be as much as 600 grams per m², while outdoor cultivation can yield approximately 500 grams per plant.

    For growers aiming to accentuate Bruce Banner's sweet berry and diesel taste, using organic fertilizers is highly recommended. Note, however, due to the intensity of the strain's aroma, indoor growers should consider using carbon filters or other odor-neutralizing systems.


    4. Sour Diesel

    Steeped in California heritage from the 1990s, Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D, is a legendary Sativa-dominant strain, loved for its potent and resinous buds.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Famed for delivering a creative high, Sour Diesel is popular among recreational users seeking an energy boost and mood elevation. You can expect a powerful, long-lasting euphoria that hits fast, typically lasting up to five hours. This invigorating effect can spur creativity, making Sour Diesel an excellent choice when you need inspiration.

    Sour Diesel is also known for her sociable effect, potentially turning even the shyest among us into a talkative individual. Like many other sativa dominant strains, her indica effects are minimal, with a focus on intense cerebral experiences. Sour Diesel also has medicinal qualities, with users often turning to it for relief from depression, pain, and stress.

    The scent and flavor profile of Sour Diesel is as memorable as her effects. True to her name, Sour Diesel has a distinct diesel-like aroma, initially intense but surprisingly pleasant once accustomed to. This pungency is beautifully offset by softer, lemony herbal flavors, resulting in an overall citrussy and earthy profile.


    Growing Sour Diesel feminized seeds offers an exciting experience for both beginners and seasoned growers. This cannabis strain grows into large plants, preferring dry, warm climates with relatively low humidity, where it can flourish and even reach heights of up to 300 cm in extreme cases.

    Indoor or greenhouse cultivation is also an option, but growers should be mindful of Sour Diesel's susceptibility to mildew and ensure a clean, sterile environment. Despite her considerable height potential, Sour Diesel's growth can be controlled through pruning or smaller pot sizes, and she responds well to training methods like "Scrogging".

    For indoor cultivation, providing plenty of space is essential, as Sour Diesel tends to grow quite large, especially when her roots are not constricted. High-intensity lights are recommended to harness her maximum potential.

    The flowering time for Sour Diesel is between 63 to 70 days, relatively shorter than most sativa dominant hybrids. Indoors, Sour Diesel reaches an average height of 120 cm to 160 cm, but in outdoor open ground, she can stretch from 160 cm up to 300 cm.

    Sour Diesel's harvest potential is impressive, with outdoor growers in the Northern Hemisphere harvesting up to 600 grams per plant in early October. Under ideal conditions, indoor growers can expect yields of 400-500 grams per m2.

    5. Blue Dream

    Born on the sun-kissed beaches of California, Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid celebrated for her high THC content and sweet berry flavor from her Blueberry Indica parentage.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Blue Dream promises a soaring high, attributed to her considerable THC content of 21%. This potent strain can really get the creative juices flowing, which is perfect if you are a writer or an artist with a deadline, and in dire need of some inspiration.

    Expect a balanced, all-encompassing high that both invigorates the mind and soothes the body. Her Sativa dominance comes to the forefront with an intense mental uplift that gradually gives way to her Indica traits, creating a relaxing full-body stone. This balanced blend of effects makes Blue Dream a strain that uplifts and relaxes without inducing fatigue or anxiety.

    When it comes to aroma and flavors, Blue Dream is truly an indulgence. Her sweet, candy-like appeal is sure to satisfy those with a penchant for the sweeter things in life, courtesy of her Blueberry genetics. On tasting, you can anticipate intense notes of blueberry and lemon, enriched by hints of vanilla and mango, thanks to the terpene Myrcene.

    The rich, fragrant aroma of Blue Dream is remarkably potent, reminiscent of childhood summer days spent under the sun picking blueberries. This strain promises an intricate fruity flavor and aroma, delivering a smooth smoking experience favored by cannabis connoisseurs.


    Growing Blue Dream feminized seeds present an enriching cultivation journey, whether indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, catering to the skills of both novice and seasoned growers. During her flowering period of approximately 9 to 10 weeks, Blue Dream develops impressively large buds, which contributes to a substantial yield.

    Be prepared for her towering heights, particularly when grown in sunny outdoor environments, where she can stretch between 2 and 3 meters. Indoors, depending on the pot size, Blue Dream can reach an average height of 1.50 cm to 2 meters.

    In terms of yield, Blue Dream promises substantial returns. Indoors, growers can anticipate up to 650 grams per m2. Under ideal outdoor conditions, the yield can impressively reach up to 700 grams per plant.

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