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Top 5 Best Strains for Creativity - 2023 UPDATE

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    Cannabis has been associated with sparking creativity in the minds of musicians, artists and writers for hundreds if not thousands of years. And today there are more varieties of marijuana from which to choose than ever before. But what are the best strains for creativity?

    Sativas are generally thought to be better at creating the type of cerebral buzz that can help you see the world differently, while Indicas are better at creating drowsy super-relaxing stones. However, regardless that some strains are better at enhancing creativity than others so if you would like to unlock the mysteries of your mind.

    Top 5 best strains for creativity

    Read on to find out more about our top five strains for creativity:

    1. Amnesia Haze
    2. Durban Poison
    3. Chemdawg
    4. Sour Diesel
    5. Blue Dream

    1. Amnesia Haze

    Amnesia Haze has a very mellow-sounding name which is a bit misleading as is regarded by experts as an aid to creativity rather than forgetfulness. Try Amnesia Haze if you have writers' block and need to get an essay done or have a deadline to meet. This variety has been a popular choice in the coffee shops of Amsterdam for many years, sought after by connoisseurs of grass who seek a cerebral high that also effectively relieves anxiety and allows the mind to focus on what is important.

    A hybrid which is 80:20 Sativa-dominant, Amnesia Haze has a crisp and fresh taste with a lemony flavour. Smoking this weed will leave you feeling joyful, energetic and creative.

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    2. Durban Poison

    This pure Sativa comes from the South African coastal city of Durban. It is loved across the world for its sweet piney aroma and energetic, euphoric effects. Durban Poison has earned itself the nickname of 'Productive Poison' which tells you all you need to know about its effects on creativity; you'll be writing reams or composing tunes; whatever you feel like doing. It's fair to say that Durban Poison is the ideal strain if you need to keep productive through a long and stressful day or to generate a little spark of creativity.

    Growers and consumers alike will enjoy the large resin glands which produce copious amounts of sticky resin and make this strain a great choice for hashish. The buds leave a thick coating of trichomes on virtually every part of the plant.

    Also if you feel like getting creative with your cannabis cultivation - and what better pastime - Durban Poison is also a great choice for developing new strains. Durban Poison is what is referred to as a 'landrace strain', which means that unlike many popular strains it doesn't have a lengthy and complex history of cross-breeding with other strains.

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    3. Chemdawg

    Chemdawg is a feminized strain that is predominantly Sativa but has more relaxing qualities than others on this list. However, Chemdawg certainly has the power to unleash creativity - and a little goes a long way as this strain is notoriously potent.

    The strain derives from the original and direct line of the original elite clone of the legendary Chem 91. It is a beautiful plant, with subtly shaded colours from pale yellow to the richest purple. It is a rewarding plant to grow, making long compact buds with a subtle and unique scent. Chemdawg does well grown indoors or outside but it does best in a dry Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine.

    Chemdawg is a cannabis hybrid that smells of tart fruit, petroleum and pine. The flavour is marked by clear notes of citrus, diesel and tropical fruit. Its effect is mainly cerebral, euphoric, tonic, powerful and long-lasting. It will delight lovers of high-quality cannabis.

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    4. Sour Diesel

    Sour Diesel (Aka: Bcn Sour Diesel) is a mostly Sativa variety that can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of approximately 80 days) and outdoors.

    The buds feature a subtle petrol flavour and hints of pine, which will surprise you. The effect is powerful and lasting cerebral. Ideal for going out with friends or to unleash your creativity. Special caution with less accustomed users as it packs a powerful punch.
    Sour Diesel does not grow into too large a plant, making it ideal for growing in small spaces, where discretion is key. It has a bright deep green tone and covered with dark green buds and is coated with orange hairs - Sour Diesel is a very attractive plant.

    In addition to its creative properties, this strain is a great choice for medicinal users who suffer from mild to moderate anxiety, stress or pain.

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    5. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry Indica and the legendary Haze and is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Blue Dream is a fast-growing plant that can quickly grow to significant heights, especially outside, so you will need to use some control methods, such as Sea of ​​Green or SCROG to prevent it from escaping under the lights.

    If you plan to grow Blue Dream outside, give it plenty of room to spread by using a large pot of at least 55 litres, or even better straight in the ground, as long as it is well fertilised. Parasites are not usually a major issue for Blue Dream, although prevention is always better than a cure by adding a preventive fungus, especially if you live in the northern hemisphere.

    Indoors, you can easily harvest 600 grams per m2 in 9 weeks of flowering. Outside, in mid-October, yields can be as much as 2 kilos.

    Its flavour masterfully combines the notes of very sweet and tasty berries with the subtle and addictive pine traces of Haze. Pleasure in its purest form! Its effect blends the best elements of Indica and Sativa, at the beginning it is cerebral, active and high energy but after a few hours, you will feel it fade towards a more mellow body buzz. There is no need to worry about couch-lock though as it doesn't offer a high that gets in the way of everyday life.

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