Top 5 Best Strain for Pain to Grow in 2023

Top 5 Best Strain for Pain to Grow in 2023

Curious what the best strains for pain relief are? Check this top 5 with the best weed strains for pain and buy your seeds @ Weedseedsexpress! Last updated 26/01/2023 4 min read

    Over the past decade, medicinal marijuana has become hugely popular and is seen as an effective and natural way to manage, alleviate and reduce pain. The rise of CBD in recent years has played a big part in this.

    Does marijuana help with pain?

    By now, CBD oil has been accepted by society and THC (oil) is also gaining acceptance. Indeed, the active ingredients of both THC and CBD can be incredibly effective for pain management. The use of medicinal cannabis and its analgesic effects is therefore increasingly used for migraines, fibromyalgia, cramps, muscle spasms or neuropathic pain, among others.

    What is the best marijuana in relieving pain?

    The effectiveness of marijuana when it comes to treating pain depends on the individual person and their physiology, the type of pain and the intensity. Since the analgesic effect of marijuana works differently for everyone, it is advisable to try out different strains and test the one that works best with different doses. By the way, we recommend doing this in consultation with a doctor.

    Top 5 best marijuana strains for pain relief

    Wondering which strains are the most effective in fighting pain? Check out our top 5 below.

    1. Blue Dream
    2. ACDC
    3. Girl Scout Cookies
    4. Granddaddy Purple
    5. Harlequin

    1. Blue Dream

    Among a long list of other conditions, Blue Dream is frequently used for various types of pain, nausea and depression. It is also a weed that is in high demand among recreational users.

    Blue Dream originated in northern California. It is a cross between the Blueberry and the Haze #1 which grows very robust during cultivation. She is otherwise easy to grow. Especially if you buy autoflowering Blue Dream seeds.

    Unlike other strains, such as the immensely popular Northern Lights, Blue Dream tends more towards the Sativa side. The effects felt by consumers of Blue Dream are described as a fantastic blend of the best features of Indica and Sativa strains.

    Her effect is uplifting and energizing. The effect starts with a mild stimulation of the brain that is quickly followed by the whole body and provides an intensely deep physical relaxation. Therefore, the weed is especially pleasant for daytime use.

    Most users who have applied Blue Dream to pain remain loyal to her. Indeed, consuming the weed will in no way prevent you from remaining active, friendly and enthusiastic.

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    2. ACDC

    Are you looking for a high CBD strain, experiencing little to no psychoactive effects but still benefiting from the analgesic effects of cannabis? In that case, we recommend you to choose ACDC.

    ACDC is one of the best known and most common medical cannabis strains. She possesses incredibly powerful analgesic effects and CBD concentrations that can reach as high as 19%. Her THC content, however, is low. Often under 3%. This means that you will experience little to no psychoactive effect. Something that is desirable for many people.

    Growing ACDC weed is fairly straightforward. It is best to grow the plant in an indoor environment (greenhouse or indoors). Outdoors, the plant is in fact a bit more difficult to grow.

    ACDC has an uplifting effect, offering extra focus and energy. She is often used by people who are recovering from chemotherapy or a serious accident with injuries.

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    3. Girl Scout Cookies

    Girl Scout Cookies is a dominant Indica strain with a high THC content. The weed is therefore very suitable for medicinal use and above all to relieve pain. You can think of chronic pain and nerve pain. She is also very effective in reducing nausea, anxiety, stress and depression. Finally, the weed is frequently used by people with decreased appetite.

    Girl Scout Cookies is a cross between the OG Kush and Durban Poison. She offers a wonderfully relaxing effect with feelings of euphoria. Her taste is earthy, nice and sweet and fruity.

    Not entirely unimportant. The plant is easy to grow. Especially if you choose the autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies. Partly because of these properties, Girl Scout Cookies now belongs to the absolute top when it comes to medicinal cannabis varieties. It is therefore not surprising that she has won many Cannabis Cups.

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    4. Granddaddy Purple

    Granddaddy Purple first appeared in California in 2003 and was developed by legendary breeder Ken Estes who crossed two strains for this purpose, Big Bud and Purple Urkle. The result is a stunning hybrid that can take on insanely beautiful shades of purple as it grows.

    Growing the Granddaddy Purple plant is not very complicated because of its predominantly Indica genetics. She is therefore suitable for both beginner and advanced growers who want to grow a pain killing weed.

    The weed has a delicious taste reminiscent of grapes and berries. Granddaddy Purple weed is quite potent with up to 23% THC and quickly noticeable. After the first 3 puffs, you will feel a blanket of relaxation and pain will be significantly reduced. The weed will calm you down and make you a little sleepy. Partly because of this, the weed is often used to relieve (chronic) pain.

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    5. Harlequin

    Harlequin the result of a cross between Colombian Gold, Nepali Indica, Thai landrace and Swiss landrace, she exhibits an exceptional CBD - THC ratio with a very low THC content (up to 6%) and a CBD content that can reach 15%.

    Harlequin was specially developed to meet the needs of therapeutic and medicinal cannabis users who prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC. Harlequin CBD has since gained a well-deserved reputation as a good treatment for many ailments, including chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and anxiety. CBD balances the paranoia-inducing THC, while enhancing its analgesic properties.

    Growing the plant is relatively easy. Nevertheless, you have to take into account her Sativa dominant strain structure. She can get quite big, so it is necessary to have enough space when growing her.

    Flavors range from earthy musk to fruity mango. However, what has given her the most popularity is her ability to provide pain relief and relaxation without being too stoned.

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