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How to Spot The Best Autoflower Breeders in 2023

Want to buy an autoflower strain and hunting down the best autoflower breeders? Use our tips to find them! Check it out! Last updated 26/01/2023 4 min read

    There isn't much information online about how to find the best autoflower breeders and to understand why it is necessary to take a brief look at the history of autoflower cultivation.

    Various seed banks have sold autoflowering cannabis strains for the last twenty years, but, in the early years were notorious for low potency and yield, leading to an inferior quality product. Word spread amongst the weed growing community, and for many years, autoflower sales suffered from a poor reputation, from which they have only relatively recently recovered.

    Autoflower breeders have improved the autoflower

    In the last few years and numerous breeding cycles, auto seed breeders have managed to dramatically lessen the gap between regular photoperiod seeds to non-photoperiod or autoflower seeds. Nowadays, autoflower seed strains you can find for sale in the best seed banks offer smaller plants with reduced growing cycles, but still capable of producing pleasingly potent weed plants with good yields.

    As autoflower strains are still comparatively new and slightly less popular than feminized varieties, it can be tricky to find a seed bank that sells a variety of high-quality autoflowers. This article aims to help cannabis enthusiasts who are interested in smaller plants with a rapid growing cycle, as well as yield and strength which are not dramatically lower than photoperiod seeds.

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    How to spot the best autoflower breeders?

    When selecting an autoflowering seed bank, it's essential to pay attention to factors than just their prices and range of seeds. Special offers, delivery prices, guarantees and more all come into play. As auto-flowering varieties already tend to grow smaller than regular strains and produce less potent weed, it's vital to choose a good seed bank that only supplies the best automatic genetics.

    Autoflowers are much easier to grow than photoperiod seeds; they also develop incredibly quickly and still have a high-quality crop. It's not hard to see why they have boomed in popularity recently, particularly for novice growers. All the leading seed banks now stock autoflower seeds. Nowadays, autoflowering seeds are sold by all major seed banks.

    But what exactly should you look for in an autoflower breeder and how to spot the best autoflower breeder? To make sure your purchase won't end up in a disaster the autoflower breeder should offer: 

    1. Wide range of autoflower species
    2. Clear information about the strain
    3. Reviews
    4. Delivery guarantee
    5. Germination guarantee

    1. Wide range of autoflower species

    Some breeders have produced autos for a long time, and those are the ones to trust. A breeder with a wide range of autoflower strains is likely to have the necessary skills and experience to supply high-quality seeds.

    Weedseedsexpress offers a wide variety of high-quality autoflowering cannabis strains, focusing on high cannabinoid and terpene levels, yield, resin production and quick finishing time. They offer US classics as autoflowering cannabis strains and allow those out of California to enjoy and grow those world-known strains and genetics, in most cases a very decent representation of the originals.

    2. Clear information about the strain

    Always compare the notes of each strain. A reputable breeder will provide detailed information and growing tips. You should be able to see, for example, how long each strain takes to reach harvest, the effects and side effects of the weed and the difficulty level.

    3. Reviews

    Supplying the reviews of seeds from former customers is the sign of a confident breeder. Good breeders are often mentioned in online cannabis forums; if you frequent these and post a question about the best autoflower breeder, you will notice that the same names, such as Weedseedsexpress, crop up time and time again.

    4. Delivery guarantee

    A good breeder offers guaranteed delivery, germination guarantee, great sales and promotions, and often free shipping to the US and Europe. You will find plenty of payment options from which to choose, such as Bitcoin (ideal for discretion), credit and debit cards, cash, and bank transfer.

    5. Germination guarantee

    Weedseedsexpress is a relatively new breeder that is making a splash in the cannabis seed market and has rapidly developed a reputation for excellence, especially in the autoflower sector. One of the reasons for this is the fact that they offer a germination guarantee, so in the rare event your seeds fail to sprout, we will make sure you get new seeds. This is very enticing for new growers, in particular, or anyone worried about the quality of seeds.

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    The founders' passion for growing cannabis and developing their own strains began fifteen years ago in 2005. Our company is based in Haarlem, a region of the Netherlands conveniently near Amsterdam, the epicenter of the cannabis industry, but which has a vibrant marijuana culture and history.

    Weedseedsexpress are rightfully proud of their fantastic genetics and for their unusually excellent customer service. Support and advice are freely available. Of course, there are many other breeders out there, but if you are looking for an autoflower supplier that ticks all the boxes, Weedseedsexpress has to be the ultimate choice!

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