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Top 5 Best SOG strains - 2023 UPDATE

Getting ready for a Sea of Green grow? Check our top 5, and find out which SOG strain you should choose! Last updated 27/02/2023 5 min read

    SOG or the Sea of ​​Green method is a targeted method to grow many plants together in a limited space with the aim of achieving an accelerated cycle and higher yields. You will therefore not be surprised that many growers use this method, especially those who have limited space. But what strains should you grow in your new setup?

    What SOG strain should you grow?

    What you may not know is that not all strains are suitable for the SOG method. Especially because the strains are standing close to each other, and some species need space to develop in a healthy way. It’s therefore important to choose a species that meets the requirements for a Sea of ​​Green grow which starts by choosing the right weed seeds.

    A Sea of ​​Green cannabis plants is a dream for many growers. For others it’s a dream that will become true soon. Do you want to be sure that your plants can be grown in an SOG setup? We have created a top 5 with the best SOG strains.

    Top 5 best SOG strains

    Sea of Green strains have to be the same species, and it’s advisable to choose an Indica type. Indica's naturally remain small sized and grow mainly in width. Now you know this, it's time to select a strain. If you are looking for the best plants for the Sea of Green method, and want to be sure that your strain is suitable, it’s advisable to choose a strain from our top 5 with the best marijuana strains for Sea of Green.

    1. Somango XXL
    2. White Widow
    3. Northern Light
    4. Critical
    5. Cheese

    1. Somango XXL

    A variety that is very suitable for the SOG method is our Somango XXL. This Indica dominant strain is in fact easy to grow, remains small but produces good harvests. Especially with the Sea of ​​Green method. Yields that can be expected are between 525 and 675 grams per m2. The buds grown from Somango XXL feminized seeds have a very, unsurprisingly, mango and fruity taste to them. Unwinding after a hard day of work, without the dreaded couch lock, is something this Super Skunk x Jack Herer cross is perfect for.

    2. White Widow

    If you are looking for a classic, then White Widow feminized seeds are always a great choice. Both the end product of the plant and the development of the plant are very powerful. Although the plant contains 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genes, the plant remains small sized. However, the harvest isn’t disappointing. Certainly not when you apply the SOG method. You can expect yields of up to 550 grams per m2. If you prefer autoflower strains, you can also try our White Widow autoflower seeds, which can net you a harvest of 450 m2 of buds with balanced, strong and long-lasting effects. If you want some tips and pointers on your autoflower SOG grow, you should read our Sea of Green Autoflower Guide.

    3. Northern Lights

    If we are talking about classics that are suitable for the Sea of ​​Green method, Northern Lights feminized seeds can’t be missing. This strain contains all the qualities that are important for a Sea of ​​Green. A small sized plant, easy to grow and a flowering time of just 56 days. With the SOG method the plants will produce high quality yields that can reach up to 500 grams per m2. You can also grab our Northern Lights autoflower seeds, with an equally high indoor yield. Their buds will leave you floating on a happy cloud, that will taste of lemons.

    4. Critical

    As a predominantly Indica strain with yields that can reach up to 650 grams per m2, Critical feminized seeds is one of our best yielding strains for Sea of Green and couldn’t be missing in this overview. Critical is a small plant with a flowering time of just 59 days. Although the plant is slightly more sensitive to fungus, this species is easy to grow. Even easier to grow is Critical autoflower seeds, which is also very short in stature, which she inherited from the Lowryder strain. Her compactness makes this strain so suitable for SOG.

    5. Cheese

    Sometimes people say: “Save the best for the last”. Although the Cheese is loved and hated because of her pronounced taste, this SOG strain had to be listed in our top 5. Thanks to her 50-50 ratio of Indica-Sativa, the Cheese feminized seeds grow plants that are slightly larger than for example plants grown from Critical. However, this Skunk #1 x Afghani cross is still very suitable for the Sea of ​​Green method. Especially because of the high quality yields that can reach up to 650 grams per m2 and the ease of cultivation. We also offer Cheese autoflower seeds, for the autoflower fans among you.

    Choose your favorite SOG strain

    If you have your Sea of Green setup ready to go, you only have to pick the SOG strain you want to grow. One last tip, successful Sea of Green grows often require a good number of seeds. We often have some of our best seeds, including these strains mentioned above, in crazy good deals. So make sure to check out our sale page, before you buy your next batch of SOG seeds!

    At Weedseedsexpress, besides buying your favorite strains, we also want to help understand the art of cannabis cultivation. You can visit our Learning Center for articles on specific topics, from pot sizes to how to grow purple weed. If you have a question that is left unanswered after going through our resources, you can always contact us.

    In case you need some more strain inspiration, you can find more top 5 lists, like the best strains for ScrOG and the best autoflowering seeds, in our blog section. New strain releases and other updates will also be added to our blogs as well, so keep an eye out. Finally, if you want to want an overview of all the amazing growing techniques, like SOG, you can apply to your weed plants, make sure to read our Grow Guide for Advanced Growers. With this guide you can become a true grow master, and harvest bigger, faster and better yields!