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Hunting the best seeds for the Sea ​​Green method? Read on and get inspired!  

SOG or the Sea of ​​Green method is, as you probably know, a targeted method to grow many plants together in a limited space with the aim of achieving an accelerated cycle and higher yields. You will therefore not be surprised that many commercial growers use this method. However, also small home growers can benefit from this method.

Strains for a Sea of green

What you may not know is that not all strains are suitable for the SOG method. Especially because the strains are standing close to each other and some species need space to develop in a healthy way. It’s therefore important to choose a species that meets the requirements for a Sea of ​​Green grow which starts by choosing the right marijuana seeds.

A sea of ​​green cannabis plants is a dream for many growers. For others it’s a dream that will become true soon. Do you want to be sure that your plants can be grown in an SOG setup? We have created a top 5 with the best Sea of Green strain seeds.

Top 5 best strains for Sea of green

Sea of green seeds have to be the same species and it’s advisable to choose an Indica type. Indica’s naturally remain small sized and grow mainly in width. Now you know this, it’s time to select a strain. If you are looking for the best plants for sea of green and want to be sure that your strain is suitable, it’s advisable to choose a strain from our top 5 with the best marijuana strains for Sea of Green.

  1. Somango XXL
  2. White Widow
  3. Northern Light
  4. Critical
  5. Cheese

1. Somango XXL

A variety that is very suitable for the SOG method is our Somango XXL. This Indica dominant strain is in fact easy to grow, remains small but produces good harvests. Especially with the Sea of ​​Green method. Yields that can be expected are between 525 and 625 grams per m2.

2. White Widow

If you are looking for a classic, then White Widow is an interesting choice. Both the end product of the plant and the development of the plant are very powerful. Although the plant contains 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genes, the plant remains small sized. However, the harvest isn’t disappointing. Certainly not when you apply the SOG method. You can expect yields of up to 550 grams per m2.

3. Northern Lights

If we are talking about classics that are suitable for the Sea of ​​Green method, Northern Lights can’t be missing. This strain contains all the qualities that are important for a Sea of ​​Green. A small sized plant, easy to grow and a flowering time of just 56 days. With the SOG method the plants will produce high quality yields that can reach up to 550 grams per m2.

4. Critical

As a predominantly Indica strain with yields that can reach up to 600 grams per m2, the Critical is one of our best yielding strains for sea of green and couldn’t be missing in this overview. Critical is a small plant with a flowering time of just 59 days. Although the plant is slightly more sensitive to fungus, this species is easy to grow.

5. Cheese

Sometimes people say: “Save the best for the last”. Although the Cheese is loved and hated because of its pronounced taste, this strain had to be listed in our top 5. Thanks to its 50-50 ratio of Indica-Sativa, the Cheese is slightly larger than for example the Critical. However, the strain is still very suitable for the Sea of ​​Green method. Especially because of the high quality yields that can reach up to 600 grams per m2 and the ease of cultivation.

Required seeds for Sea of green 

Before you choose your Sea of Green strain you will have to calculate the required amount of seeds required. Wondering how? Check it out! How many weed seeds do you need to grow a plant?

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