Fast Finishing Sativa Strains

10 Fast Finishing Sativa Strains (2023 Update)

Looking for the fastest finishing Sativa strains? Discover 10 fast finishing Sativa strains that will not only save your time but also provide a potent and uplifting experience. Last updated 01/09/2023 10 min read

    Sativa strains are known for having longer flowering times than other cannabis varieties. 

    But what if you can't wait any longer?

    In this article, we explore ten fast-finishing Sativa strains that will not only save you precious time but also deliver bountiful yields and top-notch quality. 

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    1. Chocolope

    Chocolope, or Chocolate Haze, is a nearly pure Sativa strain that boasts a sweet chocolate flavor, a resilient growth pattern, and a long-lasting, mild euphoria.

    Chocolope Growing Time

    One of the best things about Chocolope is its quick flowering time.

    Once you're through with the vegetative phase, it only takes about ten weeks for this Sativa strain to fully bloom.

    This is notably short for a Sativa, and it owes this speedy timeline to its Cannalope Haze parentage. You'll find this beneficial if you're looking to harvest a high-quality crop in less time.

    Growing Chocolope

    Chocolope is a forgiving strain and is good for novice growers. Indoors, you can expect a yield of 450 to 500 grams per square meter, which is pretty generous.

    If you decide to plant it outdoors, you could be looking at a whopping 600 to 700 grams per plant. The plants usually grow to an average height of 100 to 150 cm indoors, but can shoot up to 200 cm outdoors.

    This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, and it's a particularly good pick if you're still learning the ropes. The strain usually becomes ready for harvesting in early October, if you're growing in the Northern Hemisphere.

    It's a robust and resilient plant, and if you treat it right, it will treat you to uplifting, creative highs that are as sweet as its taste. So whether you're new to growing or looking to add a Sativa kick to your garden, Chocolope won't disappoint.

    2. Amnesia Haze

    Amnesia Haze is a highly popular and award-winning sativa strain, famous for its high yields, energizing effects, and distinct lemon aroma.

    Amnesia Haze Growing Time

    One of the major advantages of growing Amnesia Haze is its relatively short flowering stage, especially for a haze variety. With a flowering period of about nine weeks, it offers an exceptionally high quality of weed.

    Furthermore, the yields of this strain are quite generous, with the potential to produce up to 650 grams per m2 indoors and up to 800 grams per plant outdoors, making it a highly desirable option for cultivators.

    Growing Amnesia Haze

    Amnesia Haze has THC levels of up to 20%, making it part of the high THC marijuana seeds collection. Its delightful lemon aromas and strong, earthy, and sharp taste with hints of black pepper and citrus fruits make it a perfect strain to start the day with a smile.

    Growing Amnesia Haze feminized seeds will ensure a tall plant, reaching 80 cm to 140 cm indoors and up to 2.5 meters outdoors. The origin of Amnesia Haze remains unknown, but it is a cross between Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani strains, and its stimulating and euphoric effects make it unforgettable.

    Winning several Cannabis Cups has made Amnesia Haze incredibly popular and one of the most famous cannabis strains worldwide.

    3. Green Crack

    Green Crack is a potent Sativa-dominant strain renowned for its uplifting effects and impressive yield.

    Green Crack Growing Time

    One of Green Crack's standout features is its rapid flowering cycle. This strain can complete its flowering phase in just 8 to 9 weeks, making it a favorite among growers looking for a quick turnaround.

    However, be aware that the plant emits a strong, pungent aroma during this time, so consider this if you're growing indoors.

    Growing Green Crack

    Green Crack is a fairly straightforward strain to grow, and it's especially user-friendly if you opt for the feminized seeds. Indoors, the plant's height is quite manageable, typically not exceeding 200 cm thanks to its 40% Indica genetics.

    Outdoors, in the right conditions, Green Crack can grow into a towering plant, reaching heights of up to 3.5 meters. The plant thrives in various settings including greenhouses, indoors, and outdoors.

    Expect generous yields with this strain: 500 to 600 grams per square meter when grown indoors and up to 1200 grams per plant outdoors. With THC levels at a lofty 25%, Green Crack doesn't just promise quantity; it also delivers on quality.

    4. Jack Herer

    Jack Herer is a legendary strain known for its balanced effects and easy cultivation, a favorite among both recreational users and medical patients.

    Jack Herer Growing Time

    When it comes to quick and efficient growing, Jack Herer doesn't disappoint. With a flowering time of just 60 to 70 days when grown indoors, it's a go-to choice for those looking for a speedy harvest without compromising quality.

    This fast-growing time allows for a quick turnaround, which is especially useful for growers looking to maximize yield in a short period.

    Growing Jack Herer

    In terms of cultivation, Jack Herer is a robust plant that rewards growers with generous yields. When grown indoors, expect to see heights ranging from 90 to 130 cm, making it a manageable size for most setups.

    The yield indoors can reach an impressive 500 to 600 grams per m². Outdoors, the plant can grow even taller, reaching heights of 130 to 180 cm, and offers an even higher yield of 600 to 700 grams per plant.

    Growing Jack Herer is straightforward, but like most Sativa plants, it might require a bit of training or pruning to keep it in control when growing indoors.

    It's also a nutrient-hungry plant, so make sure to feed it well for the best results. If you're in a climate that's more on the cold and wet side, it's advisable to use a greenhouse for optimal results.

    For those concerned about discretion, Jack Herer is a good choice as it doesn't develop a strong odor until after harvest and curing. So you can grow it without drawing too much attention to your garden. 

    5. Sour Diesel

    Sour Diesel is a top-notch cannabis strain renowned for its potent and resinous buds, as well as its incredibly uplifting effects.

    Sour Diesel Growing Time

    One of the key advantages of growing Sour Diesel is its relatively short growing time. Despite being a mostly Sativa strain, Sour Diesel has a flowering time of just over ten weeks for female plants.

    This means that growers do not have to wait an extensive amount of time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, this quick flowering time ensures a harvest of wonderful buds is never too far away.

    Growing Sour Diesel

    Growing Sour Diesel is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced growers. It has a great harvest potential, with outdoor growers being able to harvest up to 600 grams per plant, and indoor growers can expect up to 500 grams per m2 under ideal conditions.

    For those in the Northern Hemisphere growing outdoors, harvest should be possible in early October.

    Sour Diesel plants can grow quite tall, with indoor heights ranging between 120 cm and 160 cm, and outdoor heights reaching between 160 cm and 300 cm.

    Despite its modest THC content of 20%, Sour Diesel can still be quite potent, especially for novice cannabis consumers or those sensitive to THC.

    The smell and flavors of Sour Diesel are also quite unique, featuring a distinct diesel-fuel-like tone nuanced by lemony herbal flavors. While the smell may seem intense at first, it is actually quite pleasant, soft, citrusy, and earthy.

    6. Super Silver Haze

    Super Silver Haze is a legendary, award-winning strain, renowned for its impressive genetics, high THC content, and therapeutic benefits.

    Super Silver Haze Growing Time

    Super Silver Haze has a relatively quick flowering time for a sativa-dominant hybrid. On average, it takes about nine to ten weeks for the weed seeds to flower.

    This is quite impressive considering the quality and quantity of the buds it produces. Whether you are growing your cannabis indoors or outdoors, you can expect generous yields of high-quality sticky buds.

    Indoors, you can harvest up to 600 grams per square meter, and outdoors, you can get up to 700 grams per plant.

    Growing Super Silver Haze

    Growing Super Silver Haze can be a bit challenging for beginners due to its need for space and specific requirements. However, there are feminized and autoflower seeds available to make the process easier.

    The plant can reach a height of 120 to 160 cm indoors, and about 220 cm outdoors, with pale green leaves and silver-white crystals during flowering. It requires plenty of space to grow and thrive.

    The plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and offers high yields in both settings. It is also an ideal strain for medicinal and therapeutic use, as it can help treat exhaustion, depression, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, and lethargy.

    With a 21% THC content, Super Silver Haze offers a potent high that boosts mood and creativity without causing couch-lock. It has a smooth taste with uplifting scent of lemon, sandalwood, and spice, and a sweet, earthy, and skunky aroma when properly matured.

    Novice cannabis users and those sensitive to THC are advised to take it one hit at a time to avoid overwhelming effects.

    7. Tangie

    Tangie is a flavorful Sativa strain known for its energetic highs and unmistakable citrus aroma.

    Tangie Growing Time

    One of the standout features of Tangie is its fast flowering time. Growers can expect buds to mature between seven to nine weeks, which is quite quick for a Sativa.

    During this period, you'll notice the buds getting thick and resinous while filling the air with its signature orange scent. It's a treat for both your eyes and nose as you watch these fast-flowering seeds do their magic.

    Growing Tangie

    If you're new to cannabis cultivation, Tangie is a forgiving choice. This strain is mold-resistant, which saves you a lot of headaches, especially if you're growing outdoors.

    Tangie can yield up to 750 grams per plant in open spaces. The plant loves room to stretch and will reward you with a generous harvest.

    Indoor growers can expect up to 600 grams per square meter under optimal conditions. Whether you're growing indoors or outdoors, techniques like trimming and topping are recommended to manage the plant's height and promote bushier growth.

    Tangie is all about ease of growing and fast, flavorful rewards. A must-try for both novice and experienced growers alike.

    8. Super Lemon Haze

    Super Lemon Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing Super Silver Haze with Lemon Skunk, offering an energizing, euphoric high and a delightful lemon aroma.

    Super Lemon Haze Growing Time

    Super Lemon Haze marijuana seeds take a little bit longer to flower compared to other strains, finishing their flowering period in about 10 weeks. If you plant her seeds in early spring (Northern Hemisphere), you should be able to harvest by mid-October.

    Despite not being the fastest flowering cannabis strain, it offers a sublime yield potential, which makes the wait worthwhile.

    Growing Super Lemon Haze

    Super Lemon Haze seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, flourishing particularly well outdoors or in greenhouse environments in warm, temperate climates like California or Southern Europe.

    Due to its sativa dominant genetics, plants can get quite tall, reaching between 100 and 150 meters indoors and up to 2 meters outdoors. Experienced growers can maximize their yield potential by using organic soil, hydroponic systems, ScrOG, and LST.

    Also, since these are feminized seeds, they will only grow female plants, which is essential for avoiding pollination and ensuring the highest possible yield. It is possible to achieve up to 700 grams per square meter indoors and up to 900 grams per plant outdoors.

    9. Amnesia Haze

    Amnesia Haze is a potent, award-winning sativa strain known for its uplifting effects, delightful lemon aroma, and high THC levels.

    Amnesia Haze Growing Time

    One of the significant advantages of growing Amnesia Haze is its relatively short flowering stage, especially for a haze variety. It has a flowering period of about nine weeks, which is more than acceptable considering the exceptionally high quality of the weed.

    Despite its fast-growing time, Amnesia Haze does not compromise on the yields. It produces generous yields, with an experienced indoor grower being able to harvest up to 650 grams per m2, and an outdoor grower in a warm climate able to harvest up to 800 grams per plant.

    These are considered XXL high yielding cannabis seeds!

    Growing Amnesia Haze

    Growing Amnesia Haze can be a rewarding experience due to its high yields and the quality of the buds. The plant develops from potent haze weed seeds and can grow quite tall during the growth phase, reaching a height of 80 cm to 140 cm indoors and up to 2.5 meters outdoors.

    The yield and the THC or CBD content of the buds depend entirely on the grower's experience and growing conditions. However, Amnesia Haze feminized seeds are known for producing buds with THC levels hitting 20%.

    Consuming Amnesia Haze weed results in a positive and energetic feeling, making it perfect for daytime use. It has been reported to potentially alleviate depression and anxiety disorders symptoms.

    The smell and flavors of Amnesia Haze are also delightful, with strong, earthy, and sharp aromas topped off with assorted citrus fruits. 

    10. Maui Waui

    Maui Waui, also known as Maui Wowie, is a tropical Cannabis Sativa strain with an alluring tropical aroma and flavor, originating from the Hawaiian island of Maui.

    Maui Waui Growing Time

    As a Sativa dominant strain, Maui Waui has a relatively short flowering time. When grown indoors, it takes only nine to eleven weeks for the flowering period, which is quite brief compared to most Sativa strains.

    This means that in the Northern Hemisphere, Maui Waui feminized weed will be ready for harvest by October, and by April in the Southern Hemisphere. This makes it an ideal choice for cultivators who prefer a quick turnaround time.

    Growing Maui Waui

    Growing Maui Waui is relatively easy due to its resistance to mold and high outdoor yield. Indoors, the fully grown female plants can produce up to 450 grams per square meter.

    However, outdoors, under optimal conditions, the yield can be as impressive as 800 to 900 grams per plant. Despite its height, which can reach 130 to 150 cm indoors and 155 to 175 cm outdoors, applying Screen of Green (SCROG) or Sea of Green (SOG) methods can help manage its growth and optimize the yield.

    Once harvested, Maui Waui offers a happy and inspiring buzz that sets in almost immediately, making it a perfect daytime weed for a full day of beach fun. It has a THC content of 19%, which means it is powerful but not overwhelming for frequent cannabis consumers.

    However, if you are not a regular consumer or are sensitive to THC, it is advisable to take it slow to avoid being overpowered by its potency. The initial energetic buzz becomes more relaxing as the high proceeds, while the blissful cerebral effect remains.

    The smell and flavors of Maui Waui are a treat for the senses. It has a fruity herbal flavor complemented by a tropical pineapple and citrusy aroma.