A step by step guide: How to scrOG?


The training method Scrog is one of the most popular methods among growers to get the most yield of their plants. The method is fairly easy to apply and ensures a controlled healthy growth of your female or autoflower strains. Scrog is therefore mainly used indoors, but also outdoors a Scrog grow offers interesting advantages.

But what exactly is Scrog, how to scrOG and when? What do you need and how to setup your Scrog grow? In this article we tell you everything you need to know about scrog! 

What exactly is Scrog and what is the advantage?

“Screen of Green” is a method for training marijuana plants to chase high yields. According to most growers, a scrOG grow is the most effective way to achieve that goal.  

With ‘Scrog’ it’s mainly about getting the most out of the horizontal growing space, creating a plant screen of high quality buds that are all at a perfectly equal distance from the grow lights. A big advantage is that unlike the SOG (the Sea of Green method) you don’t need a lot of plants.

Best strains to Scrog

Keep in mind that not every cannabis plant is suitable for scrogging. For a successful scrOG you need a species with flexible and supple branches. Would you like to know which species they are? Take a look at them below:

  1. Bruce banner
  2. Pinkman goo
  3. OG kush
  4. Super Silver Haze
  5. Sour Diesel

Before you start your scrog grow:

Scrogging is a training technique that consists of two other training techniques, namely: Lollipopping and Topping. We therefore recommend that you first master these techniques before you start with your ScrOG grow. What lollipopping and topping entails is briefly explained below. 

1. Lollipopping

Lollipopping is one of the simplest and most effective ways of pruning with the aim to stimulate bud development and is done pruning the lower branches of the plant. It’s a method to use at the beginning of the flowering phase. By pruning the branches up to a height of about 1/3 of the entire plant, the plant gets the appearance of a lollipop. 

When you cut away the lower branches, the plant will put all its energy into making larger and thicker buds on the higher levels instead of “wasting” its energy producing small ‘popcorn’ buds on the underside of the plant that receive little light anyway. However, this is not the only thing. Lollipopping improves the air circulation in your grow space and provides an overall improvement of the living environment. 

2. Topping

The next technique you have to master before starting your scrOG grow is the pruning technique “Topping”. Topping is a proven technique that stimulates your plant to develop two buds instead of one, and is done by cutting the top of the apical as soon as the plant is about 30 cm in height.  

Unlike lollipopping, topping is done in the vegetative growth phase and can be applied several times depending on the time you plan to keep your weed in the vegetative phase. Keep in mind that your plant needs about a week to recover. 

Reading tip: how to top your weed plant

How to Scrog grow and what do you need?

As soon as you have mastered Lollipopping and Topping you are ready to scrOG so let’s get on with it. One of the first things you need to buy or to make yourself is a scrog-net. 

What’s the best scrOG-net?

To scrOG, you need a net or screen that fits in your grow room. Scrognets are available online and in many standard sizes. Moreover, in almost all cases you will get mounting materials included. However, are you a handy person? Then you can make your own scrOG-net using rope or plasticized iron wire and a few basic tools. In any case, use light materials to make sure the dimensions are correct. 

You can also use plasticized mesh. Ordinary metal gauze is too sharp and can damage your plants. Metal gauze can also rust which is not very healthy for your grow when it makes contact with your freshly grown buds.  

Cannabis seeds, pots and soil 

Besides the scrognet, you need cannabis seeds, pots and soil. Scrogging is most simple and effective when you limit the number of plants you want to grow. Two to four plants is sufficient. Especially when you apply this method for the first time. Use pots of 15 to 25 litres and place a maximum of 4 pots per m².

For the choice of your weed seeds we advise you to use feminized weed seeds or autoflowers. Male plants are not desirable and can ruin your entire cultivation. However, are you an experienced grower and do you know how to recognise male plants? Then of course you can also choose regular cannabis seeds

When do you start and stop scrogging?

The moment of scrogging determines the success. You start with topping in the vegetative growth phase when your plant makes its first side branches. That is approximately after 2 to 4 weeks from planting. 

The netting should be placed at a distance of about 30 cm above the pots. As soon as the side branches start to grow bigger you put the side branches under the gauze every 1 or 2 days. Do not let the branches grow through the holes yet and apply the scrogging as long as the plants are in the growth phase. Stop scrogging in the last week of the growth phase or in the first week of flowering and then start pruning your plant.

Finish the flowering phase and enjoy your big yields!