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Learn How to Grow a Weed Plant Outside With No Equipment

Curious how to grow a weed plant outside with no equipment? At Weedseedsexpress you read everything you need to know! Last updated 06/12/2022

    Growing weed can be expensive, especially initially as there seems so much to buy! Online forums and websites are filled with suggestions for expensive nutrients, grow tents, hydroponic set-ups, fans, the list is endless! However, it is possible to grow weed with hardly any outlay at all, apart from the cost of the seeds - by choosing to grow outside. This article will examine the pros and cons of growing in the fresh air and sunshine. Also, we will explain how to grow a weed plant outside with no equipment in the most cost-effective way of all.

    Advantages of growing a weed plant outside with no equipment

    • You'll save money and have the satisfaction of knowing that any weed you use for personal consumption has hardly cost you anything.
    • Growing weed outside uses no non-renewable energy sources and so it is better for the environment.

    Disadvantages of growing a weed plant outside with no equipment

    • The yield might be lower if the weather is cold and wet. In a worst-case scenario, the crop might fail entirely.
    • It could be a risky operation depending on your individual circumstances.

    What do you need to grow outside without equipment

    You will need access to some outside space. This could be your back garden, or you could try a stealth grow - the ultimate in cheap cultivation. Find a remote - but not too inaccessible spot - and plant some seeds in the spring. A clearing in a little-used copse would be ideal. Somewhere away from paths and trails regularly used by dog walkers. You will need to return at intervals to check the progress of the plants and harvest discreetly and quickly when the time is right.

    If you are planning to use your back garden or yard - well, it helps if you have plenty of space and aren't overlooked by neighbors. It is possible to hide cannabis in a suburban garden with clever use of screens and planting between large shrubs. It's time to get creative - and there are plenty of ideas online. And cannabis is a beautiful plant and is an asset to any outside garden. In China, it has reportedly been used as an ornamental plant in one town.


    One thing your plants will need if they are to thrive is plenty of nutrients. Most cannabis growers tend to spend a great deal of money on expensive fertilizers and nutrients, but it is possible to make your own substitutions. Home-made compost, for example, takes a year or so to break down, but is easy to make and will act as an excellent fertilizer for your plants. If you don't have a compost bin, you could make one out of a few planks of wood or an old dustbin. Add household scraps and peelings, coffee grounds, lawn clippings, old leaves and some live worms if you find them to help things along. Water occasionally in dry weather and wait.

    Garden tools

    You will need to loosen the soil if planting directly into the ground and not using a container. You will need a trowel and a garden fork, and a ball of garden twine. Canes or some kind of trellis could also be beneficial. These are very inexpensive to buy, but you could always try websites such as Free cycle or ask friends and family if they have any going spare. A watering can with a rose is also useful.


    It is advisable to germinate cannabis seeds into small pots and allow them to grow a few pairs of leaves before planting in the ground in early spring. It is not necessary to spend any money on these containers - although they only cost a few pounds in garden centers. You could use egg boxes or empty toilet rolls filled with potting soil. When you are ready to plant, simply cut the section away with scissors and plant the whole thing into the ground - the cardboard will naturally degrade.

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    Good weather

    Plants need water, and sunlight to thrive. The weather in Northern Europe is notoriously unpredictable, but there should be enough sunshine for a decent crop. Take care to water the plants carefully, especially when they are young as overwatering can be as much of a problem as under watering.

    Good quality seeds

    Your chances of a successful low maintenance grow will be much higher if you buy seeds from a reputable seed bank such as Weedseedsexpress. Choose an Indica-dominant variety that grows quickly in short summers, such as OG Kush, AK-47 autoflower or Girl Scout Cookies autoflower.