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What you should know about: Growing weed outdoors in pots

Want to start growing cannabis outdoors in pots? Let us explain and get the best tips! Buy seeds at Weedseedsexpress and get FREE SEEDS + BEST SERVICE! Last updated 06/12/2022

    There are several ways you can approach growing cannabis outdoors, and one of the easiest is using pots. Growing outside is a very different experience to indoor cultivation where you have complete control of the temperature, humidity and light but can nonetheless be very rewarding.

    Many growers use containers or pots when growing weed indoors. But also for an outdoor grow, using pots offers a lot of advantages. Curious? Continue reading and let us explain why most growers choose for growing weed outdoors in pots.

    The advantages of growing weed outdoors in pots

    1. Portability
    2. Controlling the growth rate
    3. Controlling the quality of your crop

    1. Portability

    One of the main advantages of using containers for your outdoor grow is that your plants are easy to transport. This method offers the grower a certain level of flexibility that is not possible with direct planting in the ground.

    For example, if you live in an area where the weather conditions are sometimes extreme; being able to transport your plants to a more sheltered spot is a huge benefit. High winds, torrential rain, sleet or hailstones could overturn your pots and ruin months of hard work in one night.

    Likewise, if you are growing your plants at a time of the year with shorter hours of daylight, you could temporarily relocate your plants to a greenhouse or even take them indoors if there is a risk of frost. This flexibility can be the difference between a good harvest and no harvest at all.

    2. Controlling the growth rate

    Another positive aspect of growing outdoors in containers is that you can take control of the growth rate and probable size of your plants, which can be beneficial if there is a need for camouflage.

    Some cannabis strains (especially Sativa strains and Sativa-dominant hybrids) can often surpass two meters in height and can therefore easily attract the attention of overly curious neighbors.

    Potting your plants ensures that vegetative growth stops as soon as the roots no longer have enough room to develop.

    3. Controlling the quality of your crop

    The final advantage of growing in tubs: it allows you to control the quality and consistency of the growing medium and to solve the problems that may arise when transferring the plant to another pot containing new soil.

    This ensures that your pots only contain what you put in them and that no mixing with the original soil has occurred. It can also help keep pests and bacteria under control, although full control of this aspect can be difficult in an outdoor environment.

    What do you need to grow weed in containers?

    For a basic outdoor grow in pots you don’t need much. This is what you need:

    • Pots
    • Soil
    • Water
    • Sunlight


    The size of the containers is really up to you - as we've said, the larger the container, the bigger the plant will grow. Choose from pots made of terracotta - good for absorbing excess moisture, toughened plastic or even stone. Fabric pots and Air Pots are increasingly popular as they prevent the plants from becoming root-bound.

    You should have saucers under each plant, to prevent excess water from flooding your growing area.


    Your choices are soil or compost, a soil-free mix containing vermiculite or perlite, Rockwool or coconut coir. Each of these has its own pros and cons, but all will work as long as your plants have sufficient nutrients, light, and water.


    Most cultivators use tap water, and this is certainly the easiest and cheapest option. However, it is advisable to test it to check that levels of calcium, magnesium and sodium aren't too high.

    That said, the biggest danger for weed plants in containers is over or under-watering. It is essential to check your plants once a day, and more during a heatwave. Learn to tell the signs that indicate your plants are thirsty or have become waterlogged.


    It is one of the basic elements for growing a cannabis plant. Yet we do not want to forget to mention this important element. Make sure your plants receive sufficient sunlight!

    Best strains to grow outdoor weed in pots

    We recommend beginners to start with autoflowering seeds. More experienced growers will most likely choose feminized seeds.

    For your grow it's important to know that not every variety is suitable for growing outdoors in pots. Some varieties are not just not mold resistant enough. That is why we present below the four varieties that you can grow outside in pots without any worries:

    1. Gorilla Glue autoflower
    2. OG Kush
    3. Super Silver Haze
    4. Girl Scout Cookies autoflower

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