How many weed seeds do you need to grow a plant?


For the cultivation of weed you will have to buy cannabis seeds. How many cannabis seeds you need depends on your wishes with regard to the size of your culture. Therefore you will first have to ask yourself how many plants you want to grow. Based on that answer you calculate how many seeds you need to grow a plant.

In this blog we answer the question: how many weed seeds do you need to grow a plant?

How many weed seeds do i need to grow a plant?

One marijuana seed will develop one cannabis plant, but to calculate exactly how many weed seeds you need, you can not only assume one seed per plant. There are two important things to take into account:

  • Type of cannabis seeds (regular or feminized)
  • The germination rate

Type of seeds (regular or feminized)

In this blog we assume you buy weed seeds for the cultivation of a cannabis plant that produces weed. Male plants do not produce weed. You will therefore need female marijuana plants. To grow such a female plant you can choose for regular or feminized marijuana seeds. There is an important difference between them.

With regular weed seeds, the genus of the plant has not yet been determined yet. Do you choose regular seeds? Then the chance is about 60% on a female plant and 40% on a male plant. With feminized seeds, the chance of a female plant is 98%. However, feminized seeds are more expensive than regular seeds. Whichever you choose depends entirely on your budget.

The germination rate

In addition to the type of seed, it is important to take into account the fact that marijuana seeds are natural products. This means that not every cannabis seed will germinate. Although it can occur, a germination rate of 100% will usually not be achieved in practice.

On average 93% of the seeds that you buy via Weedseedsexpress will germinate via the kitchen paper method. With other germination methods an average of 85% of the seeds will germinate. You should therefore take into account an average germination percentage of 90%.

Conclusion: how many weed seeds do you need to grow one plant?

Based on the information above, it is fairly easy to calculate how many weed seeds you need per plant to grow weed. For convenience we have placed the results in a table. In this table, we assume that your plant won’t get any troubles with mold or plant disease during the growth or flowering phase.

How many female plants do you want to grow? Number of regular seeds you need Number of feminized seeds you need
1 3 2
2 5 3
3 7 4
4 9 5
5 11 6
6 12 7
7 14 9
8 16 10
9 18 11
10 19 12

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