How many weed seeds do you need to grow a plant?


To start growing weed you have to buy cannabis seeds. How many seeds you need depends on your wishes and growspace. Therefore you will first have to ask yourself: how many plants do I want to grow? Based on that answer you calculate how many seeds you need.

Read on and get the answer to the question: how many weed seeds do you need to grow a plant?

How many seeds do I need to grow a weed plant?

You may think that you need one seed for every cannabis plant that you grow. In principle that’s correct. But what if you are planning to grow five plants and one seed doesn’t germinate properly? Wouldn’t it be handy if you have some spare seeds available? 

To calculate how many weed seeds you exactly need you have to take two important things into account:

  • Type of cannabis seeds (regular or feminized)
  • The germination rate

Type of seeds (regular or feminized)

In this blog we assume you buy weed seeds for grow weed. To achieve that goal you can choose between regular or feminized marijuana seeds. It’s important to understand the differences between those. Let us explain.

With regular weed seeds, the genus of the plant hasn’t been determined yet. When choosing regular seeds the chance the seed will develop a female plant is about 60%. Changes that the seed will develop a male plant is 40% but when choosing feminized seeds, the chance you grow a female plant is 99.9%

Most growers therefore choose feminized seeds or autoflower seeds which are basically feminized seeds with the advantage of blooming automatically. However, feminized seeds are more expensive compared to regular seeds. Which type you choose depends therefore entirely on your budget and growskills.

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The germination rate

In addition to the type of seed, it is important to understand the fact that seeds are natural products which basically means that there always is a change that not all the seeds will germinate. Just like in nature!

Although germination rates of 100% often occur there is always a change that a seed won’t germinate. The average germination rate is 93%. It’s therefore advisable to take an average germination percentage of 90% into account when calculating the number of seeds you need for your grow. 

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Conclusion: how many weed seeds do you need to grow one plant?

Based on the information above, it’s fairly easy to calculate how many seeds you need to grow weed. For your convenience we have placed the results in the table below.

How many plants do you want to growTotal of regular seeds you needTotal of feminized seeds you need
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