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Feminized seeds

You may dream of a garden full of cannabis plants. The easiest way to make this dream come to life is by choosing a strain of feminized seeds. This will guarantee plants full of potent buds. And at Weedseedsexpress, we have the best feminized seeds for sale. You can choose from a catalog full of amazing feminized weed seeds, from classics to the next award-winning strain. Buy feminized seeds today!


  • Feminized weed seeds mean guaranteed buds
  • Big yields indoors and outdoors
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • Highest quality feminized seeds


  • Feminized weed seeds mean guaranteed buds
  • Big yields indoors and outdoors
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • Highest quality feminized seeds

Feminized seeds for sale

Feminized weed seeds have been the best invention since sliced bread. Why? Because it means you will be able to grow guaranteed female plants. This differs from growing regular seeds, which can contain seeds that will grow into either male (which will grow more seeds, no buds) or female plants. Growing exclusive female plants helps you to realize a yield of consumable buds from all of your plants. This is why so many growers choose to grow their seed feminized only.

All the feminized cannabis seeds in this category are photoperiod, meaning they will grow and bloom based on the light cycle. Do you not want to be pinned down to a light cycle, or want to get your hands on your own homegrown weed even faster? Try autoflower seeds!

Still a little bit lost on all the different types of seeds we sell? Check our Guide to the Differences Between Autoflower, Feminized (photoperiod) and Regular Seeds. In case you were looking for just feminized seeds, you are at the right place! Take a look at our catalog, try Seedfinder to find the perfect strain for you, and buy feminized seeds, right here at Weedseedsexpress.

Advantages and disadvantages of feminized weed seeds


Guaranteed yield

Feminized marijuana seeds always grow into female plants, meaning you can be certain of a harvest full of buds.

Bigger yields

Compared to autoflower seeds, come harvest season you will be looking at more buds to enjoy, especially when growing outside.

Huge selection

By far, you have the most choice when growing a feminized strain, and we happen to have the best feminized seeds for sale.

Less labor-intensive

If your goal is to simply grow yourself some premium weed, growing feminized seeds is a lot less work than growing regular seeds.


Longer vegetative stage

Plants grown from feminized weed seeds take longer to reach the flowering stage than autoflowers.

Harder to grow

While this does not count for every strain, some feminized seeds are more complex to grow than their autoflower counterpart, due to the ease of growth of those varieties.

Suitable for

Feminized seeds are suitable for:

Beginner and advanced growers

Many of our feminized seeds are suitable for beginners and do not need years of growing skills to be successfully cultivated. If you are indeed a beginner, we do recommend checking out our beginners guide and choosing one of our seeds for beginners.

Cannabis cultivators with more growing experience also have many reasons to choose for feminized seeds. You can apply many different techniques, like ScrOG and SOG, to maximize the quality and quantity of your harvest. In case you want to learn some more cultivation techniques, it wouldn’t hurt to consult our advanced grow guide.

A guaranteed harvest

As a grower, you naturally want all your efforts to be rewarded. That is why feminized weed seeds are a popular choice among growers. Especially because of this guaranteed yield. However, the yields per harvest can vary depending on the strain you grow, but you will always be able to find this information on the product page in question.

Indoor and outdoor cultivation

Most feminized cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoors you will be able to grow year-round, but when growing outside you can expect a higher yield per plant. Want to know more about the pros and cons of both growing indoors and outdoors? Check out our beginners grow guide.