Super Silver Haze Grow Diary & Info (Week-By-Week )

Super Silver Haze is one of the OG Amsterdam bangers that took the world by storm in the 90s.

Known for her potent THC levels and euphoric, creative high, this strain is a must-have for all self-respecting growers.

She's a super stable strain, but not without a few challenges...

Fear not - we've got you covered with this week-by-week grow diary from Canadian grower Spyder. 

Super Silver Haze Strain Stats

Spyders Grow Setup

Here's some key info about Spyders grow setup, including how many plants he grew, the size of grow tent, and much more.

Strain Super Silver Haze by WeedSeedsExpress
Number of Plants Grown 3
Grow Tent 3x4ft
Grow Light Used ViparSpectra P2500, 250 watt
Light cycle 18/6 during veg, 12/12 flower
Ventilation 4-inch circulation fan, Inkbird ITC 380 controller with Infinity 6-inch exhaust fan + small ceramic heater
Grow Room Temperature 25C daytime, 22C during night
Medium Miracle grow moisture control
Nutrients used Strive, Part A, 1.25ml per liter, Part B .63ml per liter
Seed to harvest time 18 weeks
Veg time 8 weeks
Flowering time 10 weeks
Plant training used LST & defoliation
Germination method A glass of distilled water for 24hrs then onto a paper towel until 1/2 inch to 1 inch tail

Final Results

Yield: 781g wet and 167.6g dry (dried to 30-40% moisture)
Growing Review Easy-growing, hardy plants that will take abuse and still produce great weed
Smoke Report It's a smooth smoke, and can be very heavy stoned but won't weigh you down. Long long-lasting high with a lemony smell and spicey, sweet, and earthy flavor. 

WEEK 1-2: Germination & Seedling Stage

First up, Spyder dropped his three Super Silver Haze seeds into a glass of distilled water and left them in a dark, warm cupboard with a towel over the top to keep the moisture in.

Germinated seeds with the taproots showing, reading for planting into the solo cups 
After about 12 hours, he moved them into a moist paper towel inside a Tupperware container and waited for the taproots to appear.

24 hours later, all three seeds had popped with the tap roots almost 1 cm long, so into some solo cups filled with the soil mix they went!

They stayed in the solo cups for the next 7 days, developing a robust root ball without becoming pot-bound.

On day 8, he was happy with the root development, so he re-potted them into their final 3.5-gallon pots and let them do their thing for the next week.

You can see that the rootball has developed nicely in the cup, and the seedlings are now ready for planting into their final pot

No extra fertilizers were needed during the first two weeks, just plain, pH-regulated water once every two days.

WEEK 2-3: Early Vegetative Stage

here are the girls 5 days after transplanting, you can see how much they have exploded with the extra pot room

During this stage, Spyder used LST (low-stress training) to manipulate the plants' growth.

With Super Silver Haze's tendency to stretch a lot during the vegetative stage, LST helped to control her height and create a more even canopy.

He also placed a ScrOG net over the top of the three plants, but interestingly, he decided not to top any of the plants.

The plants have reached the point where it is time to place the ScrOG net 

Again, he simply let the soil feed the plants, but watering was increased to once a day.

WEEK 3-5: Mid Vegetative Stage

At this point, Spyder's Super Silver Haze plants were thriving with healthy foliage and strong stems.

The plants are starting to fill the ScroG net up

He started to do some defoliation to help increase airflow and light penetration.

The plants were starting to fill out the ScrOG net, and he continued to LST as needed.

One week after the last photo

As for feeding, he started using Strive Nutrients at half strength, and only twice a week, with the rest just plain, pH-regulated water. 

WEEK 6-7: Late Vegetative Stage

At this stage, Spyder's Super Silver Haze plants had almost filled out the entire ScrOG net.

The plants are coming to the end of their vegetative growth stage, and are really filling out the Scrog net

He continued to defoliate and LST as needed, as well as keeping up with the very light fertilizing schedule.

At the end of week 7, he was happy with how full the net was, so he decided the time was right. He switched the lights off for 24 hours, and then he initiated flowering by switching the lights to a 12/12 schedule.

The last photo before flipping the lights to 12/12 and initiating the flower production. You can see that the net is totally covered in what will become flowering sites, and the plants are looking very healthy and happy.

WEEK 8-10: Early Flowering Stage

This is where things get exciting. Spyder's Super Silver Haze plants began to stretch, and the buds started to develop nicely.

you can clearly see that the pre-flower stretch is in full swing, with the plants growing at least a few inches above the net in the last week

He continued with defoliation and LST as needed, making sure the plants were getting enough light and airflow.

At this point, he increased feeding to three times a week with Strive Nutrients at 3/4 strength (part A at 1.25 ml per liter, and part B at 0.63 ml per liter).

The plants responded by exploding in size over the next two weeks. The stretch finally started to slow down, and a ton of bud sites became visible.

the buds are really starting to form now, and the plants have stretched even more

WEEK 10-14: Mid Flowering Stage

With the plants in full bloom, Spyder continued to carefully defoliate and monitor growth daily.

Now those buds are fattening up, and doing so quickly

During this time, and unlike most growers, he decided to keep the fert regime the same as the previous few weeks, and boy, did it work for him.

Over the next months, the budding sites swelled to the size of large grapes, and trichomes were popping up everywhere, starting to cover the flowers.

By week 14 (six weeks into the flowering stage), his Super Silver Haze plants were really starting to pack on the size.

But, as we all know, six weeks is only just over halfway through the flowering cycle. The trichomes were all still crystal clear, so he knew he had a few more weeks to wait.

WEEK 15-18: Late Flowering Stage

As the final weeks approached, Spyder was pumped with how his Super Silver Haze plants were looking

the leaves are starting to yellow, and it is time to switch to just water

The buds were huge, and resin production was off the charts. He continued with his light defoliation and LST but stopped all feeding except for pH-balanced water for the last three weeks to ensure a smooth smoke.

That's a longer-than-normal flush, but it seems to have worked wonders as you can see from the pics, and he says the taste is off the charts.

the final day! These girls are ready to come down

you can see the trichome covering, nice and frosty!

Harvesting & Drying

Spyder cut down his plants, trimmed them up immediately, and laid the buds on a screen to dry in a dark room with temperatures sitting at around 70°F and relative humidity (RH) of roughly 50%.

A bowl of the most delicious salad you’ll ever see

a freshly trimmed up bud and some finger hash, tasty stuff

After 8 days in the dark, the branches snapped instead of bending, so he transferred the buds into glass jars to cure for at least two weeks before sampling.

During the first week of curing, he popped the jars for about an hour per day, then for 30 minutes every other day for the next month.

After that, the buds were exactly where he wanted them, so the jars stayed sealed - except for when he was dipping in!

Final Yield & Smoke Report

So, now we get to what we all want to know - how much did Spyder pull off those three Super Silver Haze plants?

Well, after everything was said and done, Spyder ended up with a respectable 167.6 grams when all dried up. Not record-breaking by any means, but it still has a solid yield for three plants from a 250-watt light in a tent.

buds on the screen all trimmed up and ready to dry

As for the smoke report, Spyder describes it as:

"A really good social smoke. It's smooth and heavyish for the first 30 minutes, but that slowly fades into a creative and super euphoric buzz that lasts for hours. It's been a hit with my friends, and I'm proud of how it turned out. Tastes-wise, it’s all about that lemon baby! There's subtle hints of earthy, musky goodness, all the good stuff.”