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Sam North is an experienced cannabis consultant, writer, and educator with over 5 years of industry experience. Based between Asia, Australia, and Europe, Sam has cultivated cannabis and written extensively about all aspects of cannabis for leading publications, including Fast Buds, Paradise Seeds, Cookies Seeds Co., MSNL, and Releaf.

With backgrounds in cannabis cultivation and journalism, Sam brings a wealth of hands-on knowledge and an ability to communicate complex ideas clearly to his work. He is passionate about the potential of cannabis to restore balance and wellbeing and strives to bridge the gap between the medical and recreational cannabis communities through education.

Sam has collaborated with cannabis businesses and clients throughout the industry. His commitment to accuracy and enthusiasm for enlightening people on cannabis has cemented his position as a leading voice in both the recreational and medicinal cannabis sectors. Whether researching, writing, editing, consulting or simply sharing his experiences, Sam connects with his audience by translating scientific data into easily digestible language.

After working multiple seasons on farms of all sizes and absorbing the ins and outs of cannabis agriculture, Sam transitioned into writing full-time. He now leverages his extensive cultivation knowledge and passion for cannabis culture in his work as a cannabis content writer and SEO specialist.

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