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Top 5 Strongest Autoflower Strains - 2023 UPDATE

Looking for High THC Autoflowering Seeds? Check this top 5 Most Potent, Strongest Autoflower Strains! Last updated 26/01/2023 6 min read

    When the first autoflowering cannabis strains were introduced several years ago, they were often criticized for their low potency. Autoflowers are a cross between standard cannabis seeds and the low-THC, day-neutral variety known as Cannabis ruderalis. Many believe the resulting cannabis plants would come up short in the THC department.

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    While that may have been the case initially, today's autos are THC monsters, with percentages that rival their photoperiod counterparts. Careful breeding over the past few years has seen the development of some of the strongest autoflower strains to ever hit the market. And any concerns cannabis growers might have about day-neutral plants lacking in potency are in the past.

    What is THC?

    THC, aka delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary psychoactive ingredient in weed. It is one of over a hundred chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in marijuana. It's what makes people feel "high."

    THC and cannabidiol, more commonly called CBD, are the most prominent chemicals in marijuana. CBD and THC work together, along with other compounds in the cannabis plant, to affect areas of the brain that control pain, mood, sleep, and memory, among others. The synergy between these chemical compounds gives each specific strain her individual properties.

    When exploring the most potent autoflower strains available, we're looking for seeds with the highest THC content. Though THC is not the sole indicator of a specific variety's properties, it's a good start. After all, if you're putting in all that effort germinating, feeding, watering, trimming, drying, and curing, then you deserve a decent payoff, right?

    Most Potent Autoflower Strains - Top 5

    At Weedseedsexpress, we offer dozens of potent auto strains. Each type features different THC and CBD levels, varying percentages of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis, and an array of anticipated effects. Here are our top five most potent auto strains ranked by total THC content:

    1. Bruce Banner Autoflower
    2. Gorilla Glue Autoflower
    3. Critical Purple Autoflower
    4. Haze Autoflower
    5. Black Jack Autoflower / Bubblegum Autoflower

    1. Bruce Banner Autoflower

    Bruce Banner Auto is a potent strain, delivering an uplifting and euphoric high, along with the focus, energy, and creativity typical of this Sativa-dominant variety. She's a great-tasting flower with the floral, citrus, and earthy diesel notes you'd expect from her lineage.

    A cross between OG Kush, Strawberry Diesel, and Ruderalis, Bruce Banner is one of the first autoflowering varieties to hit the 26% THC mark. Today, this auto strain is at or near the THC levels found in photoperiod versions of the same cultivar.

    Easy to grow and fast to flower, Bruce Banner Autoflower yields abundant buds without the need for chemical fertilizers. It's an ideal plant for organic farmers, and for indoor grows.


    2. Gorilla Glue Autoflower

    No monkey business here. This super hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Critical Diesel Auto delivers sky-high THC levels that rival any cannabis variety. Gorilla Glue auto is a heavy hitter – one of the most potent autoflower seeds around. You'll remain happy and relaxed as you sink deeper and deeper into the couch. Enjoy the woody, pine-like aroma and sweet, subtle flavors of coffee, chocolate, and wild cherries.

    Gorilla Glue Autoflower is especially easy to grow, even for beginners. This cultivar is a fast grower, too. In record time, you'll be ready to dry and cure a big pile of sticky buds. And with high resistance to fungus and excellent yield, Gorilla Glue is ranked among the top autoflowers in Canada for indoor and outdoor cultivation.


    3. Critical Purple Autoflower

    Critical Purple Auto is a cross of Critical Mass and Big Bud, paired with the autoflowering genetics of Ruderalis. This monster Indica heavyweight is one of the strongest autoflower strains available, packing a potent punch from her Afghani grandparents on the Big Bud side.

    With a heavy Indica heritage, Critical Purple Autoflower naturally delivers many benefits such as promoting sleep, pain relief, and appetite stimulation. In fact, this indica dominant strain is well known for bringing on some serious munchies. Earthy, sweet citrus notes are this variety's flavor and aroma hallmarks.

    Super easy to grow, both indoors and outdoors, Critical Purple Auto doesn't need a lot of added nutrients. Quick to flower in as little as seven weeks, growers will enjoy a big pile of sweet tasty nugs in less than three months. That's fast!


    4. Haze Autoflower

    Haze Autoflower is a classic Sativa cultivar crossed with the self-flowering Ruderalis to create one of the most potent autoflower strains. Born on the California coast in the 1960s, Haze soon became famous worldwide because of her high THC content for that era. Over the decades, she has become the parent of many hybrid strains, including the popular Purple Haze and Amnesia Haze varieties.

    Haze features many powerful properties associated with Sativa-dominant varieties, delivering an energetic, creative, and euphoric high. She offers spicy, herbal notes with a sweet, woody flavor accented by a touch of citrus.

    This strain is easy to grow, especially for beginners. With only eight to nine weeks of fast flowering time, growers can enjoy multiple harvests in a single season. And yields are more than generous, from both indoor and outdoor grows.


    5. Black Jack Autoflower / Bubblegum Autoflower

    We've doubled down on this last one with two of the strongest autoflowering cannabis seeds in our catalog – Black Jack and Bubblegum. Both varieties deliver a whopping 23% THC concentration, but that's where the similarities end.

    You'll know Jack from his parents, the world-famous Sativa-heavy Jack Herer, and the Indica-leaning Black Domina. Calming and relaxed, yet uplifting, energized, and creative, Black Jack auto delivers the best of both worlds. As for flavor and aroma, Black Jack Autoflower is sweet and spicy with hints of wild blueberry.

    Black Jack remains among the fastest auto strains, flowering in as little as six weeks and finishing as soon as nine weeks from germination. It's also one of the highest-yielding autoflower strains in the Weedseedsexpress catalog.


    If you're looking for a more balanced variety, chew on Bubblegum Autoflower, featuring a mix of 40% Indica and 40% Sativa with 20% Ruderalis. Another of our most potent autoflower strains, Bubblegum delivers powerful creative and euphoric effects along with medical benefits like pain and stress relief. Featuring a sweet floral aroma and tropical berry flavors, you can close your eyes and literally taste how this strain got her name.

    With a high resistance to disease and fungus, Bubblegum Auto is easy to grow and fast to flower. Within a few short weeks, even the most novice growers will harvest a bounty of fluffy frosty buds.


    Choose Your Favorite Strongest Autoflower Strain

    As you can see, autoflowering strains have come a long way in terms of potency. THC levels in these day-neutral varieties now rival their photoperiod cousins. What's more, they're easy to grow, very forgiving, and ideal for both beginners and advanced farmers. And these autoflowering cultivars deliver big yields quickly.

    Are you looking for a Sativa-leaning strain with uplifting, energizing effects? If so, our Bruce Banner, Black Jack, or Haze autoflower strains will likely fit the bill. However, if you'd prefer to spend a little quality time locked on the couch, try our Critical Purple or Gorilla Glue Indica-dominant autos.

    What is the strongest autoflower strain you've ever tried? Do you have a favorite? The Weedseedsexpress catalog features seeds for auto varieties ranging from AK-47 to Zkittlez. Browse the full lineup of autoflowering cannabis seeds now and find the strain that’s best for you. As fast as they grow, there's no excuse not to try them all!

    To learn more about cultivating your own day-neutral cannabis, check out the Weedseedsexpress autoflower growing guide. When you’re ready to grow, explore some of the best autoflowering seeds we offer and get started today!