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Best Online Seed Bank for Marijuana Seeds - 2023 UPDATE

Choosing the wrong marijuana seed bank can have a terrible impact on your produce! Learn how to find the best online seed bank for cannabis seeds here. Last updated 26/01/2023 6 min read

    Oh, how far we have come in ending marijuana prohibition. As of January 2023, it is now legal for adults to grow cannabis (limits on the number of plants) in more than fifteen states.

    High-quality cannabis buds are often sold at a higher price per gram than gold. For many, growing their own plants is the perfect way to combat the notoriously high prices of Marijuana. Have you ever thought about growing a few plants yourself and saving a bundle over buying your stash?

    With the legalization winds blowing, there are plenty of marijuana seed banks online and more pop up all the time. So, how do you know which is the best online seed bank to buy your seeds from? Keep reading to grow your seed bank knowledge and start cultivating on the right track.

    Understand What You Are Looking For

    Determining which online seed bank is best for you has a lot to do with why you are growing to begin with. For instance, are you looking to grow plants high in THC for recreational use or high in CBD for medical use.

    Here we cover a few things you should keep in mind before you go looking at online marijuana seed shops. If you are not yet sure you want to grow your own weed, read this article to understand the many reasons why so many of us do.

    How Skilled a Grower Are You?

    Growing weed isn't rocket science, but skill and experience do play a part in cultivation success. Some strains of cannabis are ridiculously easy to grow, while others take a lot of special care and attention.

    The best seed banks not only sell seeds but offer support and education on how best to grow the strains they sell. If you are new to growing cannabis, look for a cannabis seed bank that sells strains suitable for beginners. Some marijuana seed companies will offer a great deal of support for new growers, and others cater to seasoned experts.

    Choosing a Strain

    In addition to knowing the growing skill level a strain requires, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a strain. Take the time to research the different Sativa, Indica, and cross strains paying special attention to the "high" or feelings that strain is known to produce in the user.

    Part of the fun of growing your own weed is the pride you get from producing some of the best buds in the world. Make sure that the seed bank you work with has a wide selection of strains and backs the sale with reliable information on how best to grow them.

    When in doubt, you can't go wrong with the seed banks' best-selling offers. Until you find your footing and get some experience with growing, there is no shame in following the crowd.

    Indoor VS Outdoor Growing

    Cannabis plants, like people, have preferences and personalities. Some strains thrive in the outdoors while other strains only mature to their full potential with highly controlled indoor growing.

    Reputable seed banks know the difference and are not shy about sharing their recommendations on the best ways to grow the strains they offer.

    Tips for Picking an Online Seed Bank

    When you search online for the keyword "seed bank", you are quickly overrun with choices. Weed Seeds Express is determined to give our guests the information they need to make the right purchase, regardless if they buy from us or not.

    Your harvest will only be as good as the seeds you plant, so picking the right seed bank is essential. Before you go putting in an order with the first seed bank you click on, we recommend taking a moment to consider the following tips.

    1. Check the seed banks reputation
    2. Avoid scam Sites
    3. Check if the seed bank is discreet
    4. What If the seeds fail?
    5. Check the source of the seeds
    6. Compare prices and check for deals

    1. Check Their Reputation

    In a perfect world, all seed banks would be reputable seed banks. This is, of course, not the case. Doing a little research on the company before you make an order could save you some frustration.

    Look in online forums, review sites, and even the better business bureau for signs that the company has had customer disputes in the past. It is also a good idea to search for articles on marijuana seed banks in reputable cannabis news sources such as High Times.

    2. Avoid Scam Sites

    Getting ripped off is sure to ruin, or at least, delay your cannabis growing plans. Luckily, fake seed banks are often easy to spot.

    Landing pages and free WordPress sites are suspect. When a site appears... less than professional – it probably is. You can always use a scam reporting resource to look up the website and see if they are legit.

    3. Discretion Is Important

    Although popular opinion about using and growing the cannabis plant has changed to your side, it is still a good idea to not attract too much attention. Avoid unwanted questions by keeping your growing to yourself.

    The best online marijuana seed bank is one that keeps your privacy a priority. Check the site's frequently asked questions section about how the seeds are shipped and how your anonymity is protected.

    The question you should put on your mind – will this site protect my personal data and the integrity of the customer relationship? When in doubt, better to look elsewhere.

    4. What If the Seeds Fail?

    Receiving defective products is a mail-order nightmare. Unfortunately, mother nature doesn't always deliver. The percentage of seeds that germinate and grow to bud-producing adult plants is called the "success rate".

    The success rate of seeds depends on many factors. The quality of the seeds, the skill of the grower, and how you sprout the seeds are among them. Regardless of these factors, mother nature doesn't always cooperate, and some seeds are destined to never become fruit-bearing plants.

    Does the seed bank offer to replace damaged or seeds that fail to sprout? Check the seed banks' policy on this and look for a partner that guarantees their seeds.

    5. Where Are the Seeds Sourced From?

    The Dutch and cannabis have a long history, with the Netherlands well known for their national policy of tolerance towards personal marijuana use. There are over 1,500 cannabis coffee shops peppered around Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Many of the owners of the establishments are world-renowned award-winning growers.

    With a deep and established cannabis growing community, it is no wonder that the best seeds come from the Netherlands. Does the seed bank you're considering reveal where in the world they source their seeds? If not, that could be a red flag.

    6. Compare Prices and Look For Deals

    If you are a savvy shopper, you know how important it is to comparison shop to get the most for your money. Cannabis seed companies that sell to the public are like any other retail enterprise – in business to turn a profit. Yet, the best pot seed banks know how important it is to keep their customers happy and offer special pricing and the occasional gift with your order.

    It is beyond tricky to nail down fair market prices for cannabis seeds considering the varying degrees of quality and the many strains available. Some seeds are sold at high prices but may not be of the quality you would expect after paying the hefty price.

    On the other hand, when buying low-priced seeds, you may very well get what you pay for – low-quality seeds. Much the same as buying anything else, you should look for promotions and sales. At the same time, keep in mind that guarantees, shipping, and customer support give value to your purchase as well.

    Weedseedsexpress: The Best Online Seed Bank

    The cannabis seed represents the potential of the beautiful plant it is destined to become. No matter how skilled you are at growing plants, without high-quality seeds, your harvest will never be what you hope it to be.

    Before you start your cannabis growing adventure, take the time to learn about the different strains and types of seeds. Armed with that knowledge, seek the best online seed bank for your needs. Be sure they know what they are doing and are going to value your business with support and kind offerings every step of the way.

    Weedseedsexpress™ is an industry leader and definitely one of the best cannabis seed banks around simply because we share our passion for growing and experience with the world. When you buy cannabis seeds with us, you are not only buying the highest quality seeds on the international market, you are joining a community of professional cannabis-loving growers. Shop our high-quality weed seeds today.