Buy weed seeds with creditcard


As you may have seen during your search for high quality cannabis seeds, many seed banks don’t offer the possibility to buy weed seeds with a credit card.

The biggest credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard and American Express are American and use financial networks that fall under US jurisdiction which, believe it or not, still thinks cannabis seeds are a class A drug. It’s therefore not surprising that companies like Visa and Mastercard don’t want to be at the forefront of legalization. Even when it comes to cannabis seeds which are obviously not a drug.

Very annoying for you as a consumer, because a credit card is a widely used payment method and one of the easiest ways to make a safe purchase. Especially for those living in the USA, Canada and Australia but also for citizens in many other countries.

Without the ability to use a credit card, your options to buy cannabis seeds online are most likely much more limited. Especially when you consider that Paypal doesn’t allow cannabis related transactions either. The only option that you still have is a bank transfer, bitcoin payment or cash by post.

Yet, no worries!

You can buy marijuana seeds online with credit card!

Fortunately there are still webshops where you can buy cannabis seeds with your credit card. This also applies to our online store.

For credit card transactions we use a secured third party with 3D security integration. Sounds very technical, so let’s forget that. We are happy to tell you how to buy cannabis seeds with your credit card.

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How to buy cannabis seeds with a credit card at Weedseedsexpress?

Via Weedseedsexpress it’s very easy to buy cannabis seeds with your credit card. The steps are described below.

  1. Check your local laws.
  2. Choose the desired seeds from our range.
  3. Click on the desired number of seeds.
  4. Then click the “add to cart” button. You can now continue shopping or proceed to the checkout.
  5. By clicking on the shopping cart or on “View cart” you will enter your shopping cart. If desired, you can change the desired numbers.
  6. Then click on “proceed to checkout”
  7. Here you can fill in your details, select the payment option “Credit card / Debit Card payment” and choose the desired shipment (free shipping or track and trace)
  8. Finally click on “place order” to complete your order.
  9. You will be redirected to the payment service provider where you can fill in your credit card details to complete your order.
  10. Once you have done that, your payment is completed and you will return to our website automatically. You will also receive a confirmation about your order via email.

Which credit cards are accepted?

We offer both Mastercard and VISA to customers in most countries. American Express is no option at this point.

When will my credit card payment be transferred

Processing a credit card transaction takes not more than 1 minute. As soon as your payment is completed, your order will be sent within 8 hours (except for orders placed on Sundays).

What is written on my credit card statement?

For the statement of your credit card we use a discrete description not related to marijuana seeds. The statement we use will be shown in the payment confirmation email.

Is there a charge for the credit card transaction?

Weedseedsexpress doesn’t charge transaction costs for a credit card payment.

Note: please check your credit card issuer if they charge a fee on their side

What if my credit card payment is declined by the card issuer?

In some cases a credit card issuer will decline a credit card transaction. This has to do with security reasons of the credit card issuer. For example, when the payment doesn’t fit in your normal payment pattern.

If your payment gets declined by your card issuer, the best thing you can do is to use another card or contact your card provider to allow the transaction. Some banks offer the option to adjust these settings online yourself.

Tip: please ask your credit card issuer to allow international payments to make sure your payment will get through right away!

Ready to buy your cannabis seeds?

A convenient way to pay for your order isn’t the only thing that’s important. What about a delivery guarantee, stealth shipping, free shipping and top notch customer?

Weedseedsexpress offers it! Besides, we have the highest quality cannabis seeds for sale. Check it out!