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Kush strains

Being a staple of the cannabis scene since the 70s, Kush strains have earned that spot for a good reason. All strains of Kush are known as fast growers, causing strong euphoric highs, yet also help you relax. At Weedseedsexpress, we have many different strains of Kush in our catalog. Whatever you pick, we got the best Kush strains for sale. Buy Kush strains at Weedseedsexpress today!

  • Strong THC levels
  • Hardy plants that can stand colder climates
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • Grow the best Kush varieties 
  • Strong THC levels
  • Hardy plants that can stand colder climates
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • Grow the best Kush varieties 

Kush strains for sale

Why choose Kush seeds?

The effects of Kush are there for body and mind. An ideal mix to relax with a 'big smile' very relaxed. Moreover, Kush is known for its fresh and fruity taste.

Originally, the Kush varieties originated in the north of Pakistan and Afghanistan. There, where it is generally cold, the Kush cannabis seeds could survive and grow into hardy plants. You can therefore grow these seeds outdoors in colder climates. Because Kush plants don't get too big (about 90 cm - 160 cm) they are also suitable for indoor growing.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kush seeds


✔ Unique effect between euphoric high and relaxed couch-lock.
✔ Suitable for use before bedtime.
✔ Plants don't get very big (max. 160 cm) and remain compact, making them suitable for indoor growing.
✔ Suitable for outdoor cultivation because they grow easily in cool climates.
✔ Short flowering time.
✔ Can also be used for pain and physical complaints.


✔ Less suitable for daytime use because it induces sleep and affects alertness.
✔ Growing experience is a plus, as you will need to top them regularly and apply SOG/SCROG.

Characteristics of Kush seeds

Kush weed seeds grow small, compact cannabis plants. The weed is known for its extra strong effect and is therefore loved by advanced smokers. Especially, OG Kush and Bruce Banner do what they should do: a powerful high for body and mind. THC values of 25% are not unusual. Another characteristic is that they grow quickly. After about 8 weeks, you can harvest more than 400 grams per plant. That is really huge!

Growing Kush seeds

Kush seeds are not very complicated to grow because they are fairly resistant to mold. The plants can withstand a cold and dry climate. Keep in mind that when growing outdoors, do not overwater your plants (overhydration). This can cause diseases and literally ruin your harvest.

Suitable for SCROG and SOG

To get the most out of your Kush seeds, use training techniques like SOG and/or SCROG. You will have to top the plant regularly to increase the yield. This technique does take some experience. With our Grow Guides you will learn how to do this.

Who are Kush seeds suitable for?

Kush cannabis seeds are suitable for:

Users who want to relax with a smile

Kush is stress relieving and induces sleep. A couch-lock is synonymous with Kush, but with a smile. Don't be surprised if your smile muscles are put to the test. This is because this complex little plant is made up of part Indica and part Sativa. Kush is also regularly used in treatments of medical conditions.

Advanced and experienced growers

Some experience with growing cannabis is a plus. If you want to get the most out of your yield, you will need to use growing techniques such as SOG and SCROG. This is not to say that if you are growing weed for the first time, the harvest will be a failure. On the contrary, because these plants are easy to grow, but the harvest is not as great.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing

Kush strains have traditionally been outdoor plants because they can handle cool weather conditions well. Thanks to clever genetic manipulation, varieties have been created (including autoflowers) which make them suitable for successful indoor growing. Because they do not grow tall (approx. 60 - 160 cm) and grow in width using cultivation techniques, you do not need much indoor space.

Easy to grow and quick to harvest

Kush strains are predominantly easy to grow. Because their roots are in the high mountains, they were forced to grow and flower quickly in order to be ready for harvest before the cold period. And the faster a plant grows, the less chance there is of disease and mold. Nevertheless, growing requires some experience if you want to get the most out of your harvest. Experience with SOG and SCROG is therefore a plus.