Top 10 Best Hybrid Strains - 2023 UPDATE

Top 10 Best Hybrid Strains - 2023 UPDATE

What are best hybrid strains? Check our top 10 best hybrid strains and get inspired! Buy at Weedseedsexpress and get FREE SEEDS + BEST SERVICE! Last updated 26/01/2023 9 min read

    Hybrid strains are immensely popular. Not strange when you know that a hybrid strain features the best genetics of two species. Scientists are still uncovering the medical benefits of the magical weed. Growing a hybrid strain is therefore highly recommended. Whether it's for medical or recreational reasons. 

    Top 10 best hybrid marijuana strains 2023

    When it comes to hybrid strains you have many choices. Making a choice can therefore be hard and time-consuming so to make things easy we have created a top 10 best hybrid strains. Check it out below! 

    1. Sirius Black
    2. Chiquita Banana
    3. Alpine Star
    4. Green Crack
    5. Pineapple Express
    6. Super Glue
    7. ACDC
    8. Sour Diesel
    9. White Widow
    10. Somango XXL

    Top 10 best and strongest hybrid strains of 2023

    Below you see the top 10 with the best, most potent and strongest hybrid strain seeds of 2023. Read on and get inspired! 

    No. 1 Sirius Black

    Developed in Oregon, Sirius Black is a dark purple Indica strain with a warm, deep aroma and the flavour of perfectly ripe grapes. The flowers occasionally produce the sticky white crystals so coveted by growers. Has the kind of magic you would expect, after all, it is named after a Harry Potter character. The dark purple tones can be seen in the leaves and buds. Sirius Black produces uplifting feelings of euphoria that effectively alleviate stress and can be used to help manage seizures and chronic pain, thanks to THC levels of 15 - 25%. It can be grown indoors or outdoors if in a hot, humid climate.


    No. 2 Chiquita Banana

    Chiquita Banana is also sold under the names C. Banana and Banana OG. Whatever its name, it has a well-deserved reputation as one of the strongest strains of marijuana in the world. THC levels are reportedly about 30-33 % which is higher than average. Bag appeal is also high as the leaves have an interesting colour spectrum, with hues ranging from yellow to purple and apricot coloured pistils.

    The Chiquita Banana is an exotic strain with roots in California. An extremely potent Sativa dominant hybrid with genetics from the OG Kush. Chiquita Banana has a fruity and herbal aroma and it is definitely possible to detect a ripe banana peel note. It has a delicious taste with an intriguing blend of Kush and spice.

    Chiquita Banana has many of the characteristics of a Sativa-dominant plant (60% Sativa), so it can become quite long and lanky. You want to be sure that the plant has enough vertical space to extend. Alternatively, you can successfully grow it with the SOG technique or do some top work to keep it manageable when your space is limited. Banana's large stature and emerald-green buds with golden pistils stand out - and they show off its rather elegant nature.

    Chiquita Banana is a phenomenal hybrid with flavours and effects are certainly among the top class. Smoking Chiquita is perfect if you want a bit of stimulation later in the afternoon, but with the reassuring and relaxing effect of a good Indica. With a taste that blends sweet and fruity notes with subtle hints of lemon and spicy herbs, it is a great choice for cannabis connoisseurs.


    No. 3 Alpine Star

    The Alpine Star strain of cannabis is a brand-new strain that has only recently become available. This strain contains hardly any THC but plenty of CBD - as much as 20 %. This means that weed produced by this plant is wholly legal in some countries.

    Alpine Star weed causes a numbing and sedative high that is best enjoyed in the evenings - couch lock is a risk! It has been highly effective in the treatment of glaucoma symptoms, along with nausea, fatigue, and chronic stress. Connoisseurs of cannabis love this strain with its lemon, pine and earthy tones.

    Alpine Star takes around 63 to 77 days to flower. It's an easy strain to grow and has good resistance levels.


    No. 4 Green Crack

    Green Crack weed plants are strong, powerful and have a reliably high yield. The seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. It is also a weed plant that is easy to grow, so suitable for the less experienced cultivators. The buds are closer than the average Sativa plant. During the flowering period, the buds are white and covered with a nice layer of resin. The THC content of this cannabis plant is low, the CBD content is relatively high. This makes this weed ideal for use as medicinal cannabis against fatigue, stress, depression and to stimulate the appetite.

    The taste when smoking this weed is sweet and slightly sour, while earthy hues are clearly recognizable in the aftertaste. The effect of smoking this weed stimulates well-being and gives you an energetic feeling. The effect of this delicious weed with aromas of mango, black pepper and resinous pine trees can best be described as a mildly relaxed feeling without too much psycho-activity - it's a pleasant buzz that lasts for a long time. Growing weed from these autoflower weed seeds provides you with weed that can also be used as medicinal cannabis.


    No 5. Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express is a high-quality autoflower cannabis strain. They originated from the crossing of Skunk X Hawaii X Trainwreck X Ruderalis and this type of weed has predominantly Sativa genetics.

    Pineapple Express weed seeds can grow into fairly high weed plants and are a suitable choice for the novice grower to grow a high-quality weed. It has a very fast flowering time and the many buds will be full of THC by the end of the flowering phase. This autoflower type of weed is suitable for growing indoors and outdoors, as long as it is not too cold at night.

    The effect of smoking this weed is a sensational, uninhibited and relaxed feeling. It also reportedly has aphrodisiacal properties. Pineapple Express cannabis also has a medicinal effect that helps people with anxiety, stress and chronic pain. The taste of this weed is a delicious tropical mix of strawberry and sweet pineapple that the connoisseur will certainly appreciate. These autoflower weed seeds will enable everyone to grow a delicious weed with a high THC and an average CBD percentage.


    No. 6 Super Glue

    Number 6 of the best hybrid strains is our Super Glue. Super Glue's dominant effect is relaxation, happiness and even an increased ability to focus. On the whole, Super Glue is an adaptable strain, suitable for daytime use, although you might want to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while experiencing this gluey kind of high.

    The taste of Super Glue is pine and earthy with sour and caramel undernotes. It has a stimulating aroma - you're guaranteed to be heading back for more.

    Super Glue can yield over 20 grams per plant if grown correctly. Watch out for mould to which she can be a bit susceptible. Our tip is to make sure, your Super Glue plants have plenty of ventilation and avoid overwatering. When growing outdoors and it rains or there are high levels of humidity, try to shake the buds so they don’t sit in the wet and cold. The leaves are very sticky which is how this weed came by its name! Growers had to buy new scissors after the blades became stuck together after trimming the gluey leaves!

    Flowering is about 8 to 10 weeks. Super Glue prefers a Mediterranean climate with warm weather with lots of sun. It can be grown indoors or outside, as long as there are enough warmth and sunshine during the growing period. Super Glue grows to about 4 feet indoors but can easily reach heights of 6 feet outside!


    No. 7 ACDC

    ACDC is the newest strain of CBD-rich cannabis plants and has many similarities with Cannatonic, which is not surprising because ACDC was developed by crossing a plant of the Cannatonic variety with an automatically flowering plant, thus making ACDC an 'autoflower'. These plants can be safely predicted to flower after a certain number of weeks. The flowering of other types of cannabis is determined by other factors such as the number of hours of sunshine.

    Just like Cannatonic, ACDC produces a lot of CBD and very little THC so it has more in common with hemp and it isn't really suitable for recreational use. However, medical patients, especially those with severe disorders like epilepsy, would be well advised to give it a try. It can alleviate the symptoms of a range of conditions, such as epilepsy, cancer, alcoholism and severe pain. It 's also popular with patients with less serious conditions.

    ACDC grows into a bushy plant with fine feathery leaves that can grow up to four feet. The leaves sometimes look a bit purple and the nodes are a few inches.

    Flowering takes about 9 to 10 weeks, longer in colder climates. You can expect to spend some time looking after the plant, which will provide an average yield. Ensure that the plant is properly supported, giving it a platform if necessary. Supplement its diet with minerals such as calcium and magnesium.


    No. 8 Sour Diesel

    The New York Power Diesel has been popular with tokers for years. Now she has been crossed back with her ancestor, Sour Diesel. It has a light green colour and is a medium to tall plant with some variation between the phenotypes, particularly the higher phenotype that you should top if it tends to stretch. The tops are long Sativa shaped candles with a white glow, that look almost as if they are frozen. Flowering takes about 9 -11 weeks and the strain is recommended for experienced growers.

    Sour Diesel has a wonderfully overwhelming diesel flavour with hints of red grapefruit. It's impossible not to fall in love with it?

    Many describe the effect as a pure buzz that gives you energy and creative thoughts. Depression, pain and stress are soothed, which makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical users. Sour Diesel is suitable for use in recipes for those who prefer not to smoke.


    No. 9 White Widow

    The first White Widow was created by crossing a Brazilian Cannabis sativa with an Indian Cannabis indica. Characteristics of both species from this cross are clearly recognizable. The tops of this marijuana plant are sturdy and compact and covered with white crystals.

    The White Widow has to be one of the most famous species ever. The first White Widow plants were grown in the Netherlands in the early 90s and quickly became ubiquitous in the coffee shops. Its popularity then spread around the globe.

    White Widow plants are straightforward to grow from seed, indoors or outside and are resistant to mould and rot. They also have a short flowering time and a high yield.

    After about 9 weeks of flowering, most of the feminized White Widow cannabis seeds have turned into beautiful harvest-ripe cannabis plants. It requires little maintenance so is an ideal all-rounder plant for the starting grower.


    No. 10. Somango XXL

    Somango XXL induces a calm high that comes very quickly and it brings a feeling of calm clarity. Due to the high THC content of 18%, the strong high can last for a few hours. It is perfect for gathering inspiration for creative work.

    Somango XXL was made by growing two of the most productive and robust plants that were available; Somango and Critical 47. The feminized Somango consists of a genetic mix of 25% Sativa and 75% Indica. The dominance of Indica is responsible for the rapid onset of the high. The plant grows in a very compact form while maintaining beauty and elegance. It reaches a maximum height of 100 centimetres when grown indoors, making it perfect for those who want a smaller plant. If it gets the chance to bloom outside, it can grow to 200 centimetres. The plant has strong branches that produce robust buds. Adult plants have leaves with silky purple hues and buds that appear to be sprinkled with a fine layer of crystals.

    Give this plant 9 weeks to fully bloom. If you grow your plants outside, harvest at the end of September.

    When the plant is cared for indoors with adequate water and the correct nutrients and humidity, it produces a dried yield of 575 grams per m2. If the plant has the chance to grow outside, it can give 600 grams per plant in dry yield.

    It is praised by many as a strong easy-to-grow plant that is ideal for both new growers and seasoned specialists.


    Thank you for reading!

    We hope you enjoyed our best hybrid strains top 10. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We wish you a great and healthy grow!  

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