8 Reasons to Use a Marijuana Grow Tent

8 Reasons to Use a Marijuana Grow Tent

If you're thinking of growing weed for yourself and maybe some friends in your apartment, a grow tent is the ideal solution. Here are eight reasons why a marijuana grow tent could be the smartest decision you'll ever make

Why you should use a cannabis grow tent?

Below we have listed 8 reasons why we believe you should use a grow tent. Curious? Check it out below!

  1. They are inexpensive
  2. Easy to set up and use
  3. Ideal growing conditions
  4. Discreet 
  5. Continuous supply
  6. Good for small spaces
  7. Perpetual harvests
  8. A lot of choice

1. They are inexpensive

Basic versions start at around 70 EUR but contain all the features you need to get started, while premium models cost about 250 EUR. When you think how much a greenhouse costs, these kits are highly affordable. Why not split the cost with your friends?

2. Easy to set up and use

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of owning a grow tent is how easy it is to maintain and operate. Cleaning is easy, all you need is soapy water and a cloth. Hanging lights, air extractors and charcoal filters from the ceiling of a grow tent is also less work and does not require power tools.

Rope hooks or chains, cables and a roll of reinforced tape, that's all it takes to secure the heavier equipment in the grow room and lighter accessories like pipes in a tent. Modern grow tents create the perfect microclimate for growing cannabis, and you should at least invest in a tent.

You don't need any carpentry skills to set up a grow tent, and they contain all the necessary inputs and outputs for the equipment required to produce weed.

3. Ideal conditions for indoor grows

Grow tents are specially designed to grow plants under artificial light. All openings have a handy closure and are custom-made so that air hoses and electrical cables can easily pass through without light or air leaking past.

In addition, grow tents are usually lined with highly reflective silver Mylar and are also 100% opaque to light, so your plants' night cycle will not be disturbed. LED growers can even get tents with an exclusive white Mylar interior for maximum reflection of the LED spectrum.

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4. Let's be real; discretion is usually an important consideration

A grow tent is also discreet; you can put it in a room without others noticing. You don't have to tape windows like growers once did to avoid detection. A grow tent looks like a clothing tent and an afternoon is all it takes to set one up. You can harvest your first weed 3 or 4 months later. A grow tent is as versatile as a portable cabinet. It keeps light and odors from escaping, as long as you've set it up correctly. You can keep it in a dark corner or even in a large wardrobe for the ultimate secret grow.

5. A continuous supply of weed for medical use

Grow tents are also particularly suitable for patients who always need cannabis. By setting up a smaller second grow tent as a pre-growth space, you can provide yourself with a constant supply of weed. When one tent is empty and harvested, plants from the smaller tent can immediately go over to start the flowering process again. Organizing your grow in this way allows you to harvest every two months.

6. Good for small spaces

Growing cannabis in small spaces is difficult because you will always be worried about your plants reaching the grow lights. Your grow tent should be at least 5 feet tall, at which it can support up to a 400W grow light, although more headroom makes it a bit easier. For example, having a height of 7 feet, you will not be limited by the height of your grow space, and besides, you will install more robust grow lights. Not to mention, a little extra height makes the plants vigorous and also increases the yield because the plant is not limited by space.

How to grow cannabis in a tent? Check it out!

7. Perpetual harvests

As mentioned previously, grow tents are fantastic if you want to practice the perpetual harvest method, where there are two distinct chambers - one for the vegetative phase and one for the flowering phases.

8. A lot of choice

Choosing the correct size of tent for your needs is one of the most important decisions as a weed cultivator. The size of the grow tent will inform your choice of support components and is a contributory factor to your overall running costs.

If you opt for a tent which is too large, there is a strong chance you will end up paying more for your vital equipment and for the electricity required to operate your fans, lights, and other equipment. A tent which is too small, conversely, risks an overcrowded and unhealthy habitat for your weed plants or an environment that is simply too small for fully grown plants, even after aggressive pruning or trellising methods.

Even though grow tents are available in many varying sizes, such as ottoman style rectangular closets, they all have one thing in common - their primary purpose, which is to contain and grow plants.

There are tents large enough to take up the space of a suburban garage. You can also find tents with adjustable ceilings. With all of these choices, how do you know which is the right grow tent for you?

What you intend to place inside the grow tent will help you work out the right size for your requirements. If you plan to begin outdoor planting by growing seedlings at the start of spring, you might be able to away with a small, low grow tent. Seedlings don't necessarily need a spacious ceiling height, but will probably benefit from adjustable lighting to optimize vegetative growth.

When choosing a tent, the style follows function, which is related to the amount and type of plants in question. Grow tent manufacturers are not always very coherent on the number of plants that can be grown using a particular tent. There is a reason for this. What you grow and how you plan your garden project, right down to the containers or hydroelectric system you use, will impact the quantity of plants your grow tent can contain.

Tips on how to grow cannabis in a grow tent

To make your grow a real success, we have compiled some other tips. Check it out below.


Good air circulation is essential for temperature control and for maintaining ideal environmental conditions for cannabis plants to thrive. Air inlet fans should be securely connected with straight pipes to allow fresh air to enter from a window or air vent.

Likewise, the air extractor and carbon filter should be as tight and straight as possible. If you do it right, the plants will appreciate it, but the penetrating smell of the cannabis won't be a problem.

To mimic the breeze outdoors, carefully position column fans and / or clip fans in the grow tent. Be careful not to place the fans too close or on too high a power; it's about getting a calm breeze, not a tornado.


Lighting is the most important factor for any indoor grower. Quality, efficiency, cost and coverage are all things to consider when purchasing lights for your grow room. Here's a look at the latest in lighting.

Indoor growers have never had so many choices when it comes to lighting for the weed crop as they do today. In addition to the old HPS technology, there are more competitive technologies such as the fast-maturing LED and the new ceramic metal halide lamps that offer something completely new.

Which technology is right for you depends on your budget, your approach to new technology, and the challenges you face in your quest for self-sufficiency.

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The temperature should be maintained between 20 °C and 25 °C in the day and 18 °C at night, with a hygrometer level (humidity level) of between 60 and 80 percent. You can add fans to prevent the heat from the lamp reaching the plant. During the flowering phase, the temperature should be maintained between 25 °C and 27 °C during the day and 18 °C at night, with a hygrometry rate (humidity rate) of between 40 and 70%. You should already have fans to prevent the heat from the lamp reaching the plant, but you can also increase the extraction power of your air extractors.

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Growing medium

Choose from ready-mixed potting soil, Rockwool, growing weed in coconut coir or even a hydroponic set up. All are possible in a grow tent.