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Growers will always try to grow beautiful, powerful, fragrant buds when growing weed. Often preferably as much as possible. However, it’s not only the commercial grower who is chasing big yields. The potential yield also often plays an important role for the average home grower.

A grow takes quite some time and effort. Growers are often working on their crop for months before they can harvest their plants. It’s therefore not surprising that a grower expects something in return.

In 2018, many customers asked us the question: What are the best yielding cannabis strains? For us the reason to write this blog and present you our highest yielding cannabis strains 2018.

Is choosing a high yielding strain enough for a high yield?

Many inexperienced growers think that choosing a large yield cannabis strain is all that is needed to achieve a large harvest. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Although choosing a species known for its large yields is very important for the size of a harvest there are various other factors that influence the yield. Think about:

  • Cultivation conditions
  • Cultivation technique
  • Growth medium
  • Nutrients
  • Type of lighting

If you have well organized these factors and you choose one of our highest yielding cannabis strains from the overview below, the chances are that your breeding, literally and figuratively, will be a great success.

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Top 3 high yield cannabis strains 2018

Now that you know which factors influence a harvest, it’s time to present our 2018 top 3. The different species are divided into three categories: the best yielding strains for indoors, outdoors and autoflowers.

Highest yielding indoor strains 2018

Growing marijuana indoors is very popular and offers several advantages. Especially a controlled climate is an important aspect for a large yield. However, it’s not only the controlled climate that will promote a harvest. We would therefore like to show you the highest yield of cannabis strains for indoor cultivation in 2018:

  1. C-47
  2. Bruce Banner
  3. Critical
1. C-47

Although the C-47 is less popular than most other species mentioned here, this strain should not be lacking as a high yield strain. This strain is capable of producing up to 600 grams of weed per m2 with various cultivation methods.

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2. Bruce Banner

Is it your plan to grow a powerful weed? Bruce Banner is a very suitable choice. The THC of the weed can reach values ​​up to a maximum of 27%. Just like C-47, Bruce Banner produces up to 600 grams per m2 under ideal circumstances. Moreover, because of its reduced mold resistance, the plant can be better grown indoors.

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3. Critical

Critical, a cross between Big Bud and Skunk # 1, is the last strain in this list with the highest yielding cannabis strains for indoor cultivation 2018, but certainly not the least. This is because it is an easy to grow variety that enjoys international popularity. Moreover, with Critical you can reach a harvest of up to 600 grams per m2.

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Highest yielding outdoor strains 2018

Growing cannabis outdoors generally results in better yields compared to indoors. However, there are species that can develop extreme harvest outdoors under ideal conditions. We therefore gladly present our top 3 with the highest yielding cannabis strains 2018 for outdoor cultivation.

  1. Super Silver Haze
  2. Sexxpot
  3. Jack Widow
1. Super Silver Haze

As a triple Cannabis cup winner, Super Silver Haze has been crowned as king of the Sativas. It’s a strain that nowadays forms the basis for many other hybrids. Although the plant can be grown indoors and you have to pay attention to over-fertilization or under-fertilization, the plant is especially suitable for outdoor cultivation or greenhouse where it can achieve very large yields with the right care.

Super Silver Haze is a very powerful weed and known for its deliciously spicy skunky flavor that tastes nice and fresh through the aspects of citrus.

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2. Sexxpot

Sexppot a newcomer, but because of its high quality weed, unique characteristics and large yields it has become one of our top highest yielding cannabis strains of 2018. Outdoor harvests can be as large as 1000 to 1200 grams per m2. Sexxpot thus earned a well-deserved second place in this top 3.

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3. Jack Widow

Jack Widow, a crossing of Jack Herer and White Widow, is a very powerful weed and a beautiful plant for outdoor cultivation. Although Jack Widow is less resistant to mold compared to Sexxpot, the strain can reach large yields which can reach up to 800 – 1000 grams per m2. A suitable choice for outdoor growers who already have experience with growing weed.

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Best yielding autoflower strains 2018

Autoflowers are generally not known for their yields. Nevertheless, it’s possible to produce large harvests with autoflowers. Especially with our “Big line”. These Big autoflowers are the result of many years of research and crossings. As the name suggests, the harvest with these Big varieties is considerably larger than with the normal autoflowers. Take a quick look at our highest yielding autoflower strains 2018.

  1. Big Amnesia haze autoflower
  2. Big White Widow autoflower
  3. Big Cheese autoflower
1. Big Amnesia haze autoflower

The Big Amnesia haze autoflower is our highest yielding autoflower and therefore the number one in this list. Indoors, this autoflower easily reaches a yield of 250 grams per m2 which under ideal circumstances can reach 350 grams per m2. Outdoors, the Big Amnesia does even better and you can achieve a harvest of 450 grams per m2.

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2. Big White Widow autoflower

If you are a fan of White Widow, but still have little breeding experience then the Big White Widow autoflower is probably the best choice for you. Moreover, the Big line ensures that your harvests won’t be disappointing. Not even when this is your first cultivation.

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3. Big Cheese autoflower

Because of the reduced mold resistance it is advisable to grow the Big Cheese autoflower indoors. Although the harvest is slightly smaller when growing indoors compared to growing outdoors, the chance of a successful harvest is considerably greater. Indoors you can reach a yield up to 250 grams per m2.

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