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Top 15 Easiest Strains to Grow For Beginners - 2023 UPDATE

Top 15 Easiest Strains to Grow For Beginners - 2023 UPDATE

Hunting down the easiest strains to grow indoor or outdoor? Check this Top 15 Strains for Beginners and buy your seeds at WeedSeedsExpress! Last updated 18/04/2023 14 min read

    Cannabis plants are reputed to be quite fussy and demanding in their requirements. While that may be true in some cases – and perhaps daunting for novice growers – it’s certainly not the full story. Yes, some marijuana strains are a bit harder to grow for beginners, but there are more than enough weed seeds for anyone who is looking to start growing weed plants.

    We made a selection of the easiest marijuana strains any beginner should be comfortable cultivating in their new cannabis garden or grow space.

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    What makes a strain easy to grow?

    In plant cultivation, as in many other fields, it’s the divas and thoroughbreds that make life difficult. So this collection will exclusively highlight beginner-friendly strains known to be easier to cultivate. As with all plant species, different varieties have different requirements, especially as regards temperature, humidity, light, and nutrients. Beyond this, some strains may be particularly susceptible to certain pests or diseases.

    Your plants will still need careful nurturing, but the listed strains will generally be more hardy and tolerant. Beginners should find these varieties better able to resist insects, mold, and plant diseases. In particular, that means your cannabis plants will flourish in a wider range of environments and growing conditions, yield stronger, and be more forgiving into the bargain.


    Autoflowering cannabis plants are day-neutral weed strains that don’t quite play by the same growth rules as most plants. In essence, that means their transition from a growth phase to a flowering phase is governed by the age of the plant. So the proportion of light they actually receive is not the critical factor that triggers productive flowering.

    In a nutshell, an autoflower variety won’t have specific light demands and thus potentially offers growers a faster life cycle. Many plants can thus be harvested some eight to twelve weeks from the moment the seeds germinate. For a fast and easy grow, you can never go wrong with autoflower seeds.


    Simply put, the advantage of feminized seeds is that (for biological reasons) they always produce predictable (female) plant outcomes. By contrast, regular seeds may well produce more erratic results with both male and female plants. A grow space with plants of both genders is not beneficial when you are growing marijuana buds to consume.

    For the novice grower, feminized seeds make plant cultivation much easier because it is possible to plan and anticipate matters such as the required growing space, and better manage plant husbandry considerations such as plant feeding and insecticides.

    The 15 best and easiest strains to grow for beginners:

    1. Northern Lights autoflower (easiest autoflower strain)
    2. Blue Dream autoflower (easiest Sativa strain)
    3. Gorilla Glue autoflower (easiest indoor strain)
    4. Green Crack feminized (easiest outdoor strain)
    5. Blue Cheese autoflower
    6. AK-47 feminized
    7. Big Bud feminized
    8. Girl Scout Cookies autoflower
    9. Super Skunk autoflower
    10. White Widow autoflower
    11. Bubba Kush feminized
    12. Critical Purple autoflower
    13. Sour Diesel feminized
    14. Zkittlez autoflower
    15. Tangie feminized

    1. Northern Lights autoflower – easiest autoflower strain

    Northern Lights autoflower seeds are renowned for being quick and easy to cultivate. Add in the fact that this is a reliable, high-yield ideal cannabis strain suitable for a range of climates, and what’s not to like?

    This plant matures in 11-13 weeks, is moderately resistant to fungus infections, and will grow in indoor, outdoor and greenhouse settings. However, being a little sensitive to fungal growth, Northern Lights generally does better indoors – something for novices to remember.

    One plus point is that this high yielding indica dominant strain will grow fairly tall (70 cm - 120 cm indoors, up to 170 cm outdoors), thus taking up only minimal indoor growing space. But note, too, this plant generally produces her highest yields under optimum outdoor growing conditions.

    Northern Lights offers a distinctively sweet, spicy smell with a faint citrus aroma. The taste is typical for a mild Skunk, with a residual lemon flavor and some pine-like notes. This strain offers a relaxed, sleepy feel. You’ll be happy, though not hyperactive, and maybe hungry too.

    2. Blue Dream autoflower – easiest Sativa strain

    Blue Dream is a beautiful Sativa strain, offering delicate indigo and purple tones. And with optimum amounts of light and nutrition, these autoflowering seeds can become great indoor performers.

    Novices will find Blue Dream autoflower seeds grow easy, but will require careful monitoring for best results. Producers generally use a SOG or autoflower SCROG to get the best yields from this variety, which can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse.

    In all locations, the plants develop a compact, bushy appearance which makes plant height very easy to control – expect 50-75 cm indoors, and 75-125 cm outdoors. Dense buds appear over a 6 to 8-week flowering period, which means this high-quality weed will become available in something like 2-3 months.

    You can anticipate a wonderful blueberry smell, accompanied by the sweetest undertones, often with a hint of pine. Expect to feel relaxed, happy, even euphoric effects. Blue Dream is a weed strain often used by those seeking an intensely calm, uplifting experience for stress relief or other medicinal purposes.

    3. Gorilla Glue autoflower – easiest indoor strain

    Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds are easy to grow, which will be stuck in your memory. It also produces a sticky resin strong enough to bind scissor blades – a feature that more than proves her ultra-high THC content (which can be as much as 26%).

    Gorilla Glue is an autoflower variety that can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in the greenhouse. Though this strain is undoubtedly optimized for indoor environments, it also does well outdoors in warm, sunny climates.

    These plants have a rapid growth cycle, grow to a height of 60-100 cm (with indoor cultivation), and can be harvested in two months or so. Though flowering times are quite short, plant yields are good (up to 550 grams per square meter) and of outstanding quality.

    Gorilla Glue offers a pungent, woody, pine-smelling aroma with traces of sandalwood. So naturally, the taste also reflects woody, petrol tones with a pine after-taste. Some experience darker, more spicy accents, e.g. coffee or chocolate with a certain sweetness or even a faint chemical sensation. This uplifting strain offers a strong social dimension, which is useful if you’re relaxing with friends.

    4. Green Crack feminized – easiest outdoor strain

    Despite her evocative name, Green Crack is simply a strain with great popular appeal. Growers can expect high yields in optimum conditions, while users can anticipate the prospect of enduring highs, all while still being one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow.

    Green Crack feminized seeds are known to grow strongly indoors, outdoors and in greenhouse environments. This is a medium to large, variety with a beautiful, light-green growth. The plant adopts a regular, Christmas Tree growth pattern and is inclined to grow vigorously in indoor conditions – so some pruning back is recommended.

    Indoors, Green Crack will get no taller than two meters, but outside it may shoot up to a height more like 3.5 meters. Flowering time is achieved in just two months, though novices growing indoors should be aware this phase is also accompanied by a seriously pungent aroma.

    Green Crack weed offers a strongly concentrated fruity aroma and taste. Users also identify traces of mango and pineapple, as well as frankincense and other less-familiar tropical woods. This strain shows no side effects beyond a dry mouth and is often used for medical purposes, e.g. pain relief, and to address anxiety. The potent cerebral high is euphoric and motivating without impeding normal function.

    5. Blue Cheese autoflower

    Easy to grow, Blue Cheese autoflower seeds offer novice producers a signature taste alongside rapid growth.

    Blue Cheese can be expected to begin to flower after 21-28 days of growth and is ready to harvest 13-14 weeks from sowing. This strain can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, and in the greenhouse and will tolerate a broad range of climates.

    Even with minimal attention, it is possible to secure a decent harvest of high-quality weed with a THC content of around 16%. Indoor plants will reach a height of 40-70 cm, with outdoor crops likely to achieve a little more (60-110 cm).

    The after-taste of Blue Cheese auto is her dominant, and most often reported feature. Users also describe a fruity aroma, containing ‘notes of sweet berries and cheese’. Reputed to be relaxing and uplifting, its potent effects offer a pathway to unwind after a stressful working day. No unpleasant side effects have been reported, and a plentiful supply of water for rehydration will help to avoid a dry mouth.

    6. AK-47 feminized

    AK-47 has acquired a deserved global reputation as a premier cannabis strain. For novice producers, AK-47 feminized seeds require little expertise and will reward growers with an abundant, high-quality crop.

    Very suitable for outdoor projects thanks to their superior mold resistance, AK-47 seeds are also recommended for indoor/greenhouse locations. Here, they will require adequate ventilation throughout the growth cycle and respond well whether rooted in potting soil or nurtured in nutrient-rich hydroponic environments.

    Outdoor plants generally grow to 130-170 cm, while indoor heights are in the 80-140 cm range. AK-47 is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain with a 7-9 week flowering period.

    Though some suggest a hint of licorice, the majority of users find AK-47 offers a somewhat dank, acidic smell accompanied by a spicy combination of floral and fruity elements.

    An AK-47 high is stimulating and quite prolonged – which suggests the inexperienced should be a little cautious at first. Medicinally speaking, this strain can be used to address states of anxiety and depression, as well as to combat muscle spasms.

    7. Big Bud feminized

    Big Bud feminized seeds are a tried and tested Indica-dominant variety which remains consistently popular among consumers. The plant is easy to grow and can mostly be relied upon to yield well at harvest time.

    The plants can be grown outside, but the general preference is for an indoor/greenhouse environment, where hydroponic cultivation is likely to increase the yield. Outdoor growers should be aware that Big Bud cannabis seeds grow best in warmer climates.

    Indoor plants can grow to as much as 150 cm, while those grown outdoors could reach up to 3 meters! There is a short flowering period of 49-63 days, when lots of fat green buds appear, and indoor growers can expect a yield of 400-600 grams per square meter.

    The strong, earthy aroma of Big Bud is reminiscent of sweet, sugary syrup. The bouquet includes traces of sweetness and spice, with a residual sense of earthiness as a pleasantly lingering after-taste. The Big Bud high is a subtle blend of Indica relaxation with a few euphoric tendencies.

    8. Girl Scout Cookies autoflower

    Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds (GSC auto) is a highly rated strain, proving popular with both medicinal and recreational consumers. Beginners will find GSC auto flavorsome, easy to grow, and very useful for those seeking relief from certain health issues.

    Descended from outdoor strains grown in arid climates, GSC auto now flourishes in a whole range of environments. Beginners will find these seeds happy to grow in outdoor, indoor and greenhouse conditions. However, indoor growers will need to use hydroponic cultivation to maximize growth by providing optimum nutrient resources and controlling environmental conditions.

    Indoor plants grow to heights of 60-100 cm, with their weathered outdoor cousins reaching similar heights. The flowering period of 56-63 days is a vibrant time of orange and purple-pink tones, with harvest yields of up to 600 grams per square meter (indoors) and up to 150 grams per plant (outdoors).

    GSC auto is pungent. Be ready for chocolate, brown sugar, and dank earth, with more subtle traces of mint somewhere in the background. Medicinal users will be seeking relief from chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety and depression, nausea, or loss of appetite.

    9. Super Skunk autoflower

    Super Skunk has been charting high in Amsterdam for some considerable time. So novice growers will be pleased to discover this delicious, sun-loving variety can also be successfully cultivated by keen home producers just starting out.

    Super Skunk autoflower seeds are very happy to grow indoors or in the greenhouse, but optimum yields are best achieved outdoors in pleasant, sunny climates. The seed-to-harvest growth cycle takes around two to three months, including a flowering period of 49-56 days. Indoors or outdoors, your plants will remain relatively compact and modest in height – maximum height indoors 110 cm, outside 130 cm.

    However, they will soon produce you a healthy harvest of aromatic buds. In fact, Super Skunk has the potential to produce two outdoor croppings per season in ideal conditions, and perhaps as many as four a year in optimal indoor settings.

    Super Skunk produces a dense smoke, and tastes and smells of sweet citrus aromas such as tangerine and lemon. Her effects begin as a powerful cerebral high which cascades down through your entire body. Maximum relaxation is then guaranteed.

    10. White Widow autoflower

    Over the years, White Widow has acquired a loyal following as one the most popular strains coming out of Amsterdam. This auto-flowering variant blends the properties of the original strain with the on-demand convenience of modern cultivars. So now novice growers and more advanced producers alike can enjoy the White Widow experience.

    White Widow autoflower seeds lend themselves to cultivation indoors, outdoors, or in the greenhouse. The plants grow well where indoor space is limited and will reach a height of 70-120 cm. This extends to 100-180 cm in outdoor conditions. Growers are advised to include 30% coconut in their soil mix and water frequently, but only in small amounts. And for best results where plants are grown for medicinal and/or therapeutic purposes, growers should try to use organic fertilizers rather than their chemical counterparts.

    White Widow’s quick time to harvest will soon be apparent, with flowers appearing in three to four weeks after seed germination and the total growth cycle completed in a little over three months. That makes it feasible to crop twice outdoors and up to four times a year with indoor setups.

    White Widow blends sweet and sour, crisp and earthy tones into one seamless experience. Users report bittersweet tastes such as pine/citrus combinations which bring prolonged periods of relaxation.


    11. Bubba Kush feminized

    Bubba Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid strain (80% Indica / 20% Sativa) with an (indoor) seed-to-harvest cycle of 16-18 weeks. With Bubba Kush feminized seeds, your crop will be properly regulated from the outset, and the relaxing effects of the fruits of your labor will not disappoint.

    This Afghani x OG Kush is at home both indoors and outdoors, as well as in the greenhouse. This slightly diminutive, chunky plant needs little persuasion to grow its dense, bushy foliage, which turns to wonderful shades of dark green and deep purple as maturity approaches.

    At this phase, growers are encouraged to cut back any leaves which would otherwise smother the central buds and restrict their development. Bubba Kush averages around a meter in height indoors, while plants grown in a sunny outdoor spot may reach up to 180 cm.

    Bubba Kush aromas will give you an earthy petroleum-laced smell with a faint taste of citrus (just like her parent plant OG Kush), cinnamon, and coffee. A Bubba Kush high can be an ultra-calming experience, leading to an extended sleepy phase.

    12. Critical Purple autoflower

    Critical Purple is another cross strain (60% Indica / 20% Sativa / 20% ruderalis) tailor-made for the inexperienced grower who wants to learn on the job. It tolerates a range of climates and is a recommended low-maintenance option.

    Critical Purple autoflower seeds can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, and in the greenhouse. Outdoor plants grow tallest (up to 120 cm) and give a marginally better maximum yield – 400 grams per square meter indoors, and 200 grams per plant in outdoor locations.

    Though not essential, indoor plants will fare better if grown via a dedicated hydroponic system. Being autoflowering, Critical Purple will know exactly when to enter the flowering/harvest phase – leaving you to simply savor the outcome.

    Best described as floral and sweet, Critical Purple conjures up a bouquet of fresh summer roses. Consumers should get ready for an ultra-relaxing experience of quite some duration. Critical Purple also has a reputation for addressing the symptoms of chronic pain, nausea, anxiety and stress, as well as limiting the severity of headaches and bouts of migraine.

    13. Sour Diesel feminized

    Sour Diesel (or Sour D) is considered a classic Sativa-dominant strain (30% Indica / 70% Sativa) and is highly recommended for novice growers looking to take their first steps in marijuana cultivation.

    While Sour Diesel feminized seeds will perform well in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse environments, it is perhaps best suited to warmer outdoor sites. Indoor growers will need plenty of room for this larger variety, which could reach around 160 cm without pruning, and up to 300 cm tall when grown outside. A tendency to acquire powdery mildew means Sour D environments must be kept scrupulously clean and sterile to avoid any risk of failures.

    True to type, Sour D will give off a distinct petro-diesel smell, moderated by lemon herbal notes. Regular users describe the taste as mildly spicy and earthy. Sativa dominance brings strong euphoric effects associated with increased talk and social interaction. This stimulating mood and energy boost can last for around five hours.

    14. Zkittlez auto

    Zkittlez autoflower seeds are a good choice for enthusiastic beginners seeking a popular strain with good yields. This attractive, colorful plant will deliver a fast growth cycle with a refined end product.

    Zkittlez auto is a low growing variety suited to indoor, outdoor and greenhouse locations. Its rapid growth cycle, generous yields and autoflowering habit will be much appreciated by novice growers.

    However, those with greater experience will be pleased to learn that this strain also responds well to Low Stress Training and a variety of other strategies designed to maximize the yield potential. Zkittlez auto can get quite thirsty during the growth cycle, and also requires plenty of nutrients. Some heavy flowering branches may need extra support.

    Given time to mature well, this strain will reward you with a full palette of tastes and aromas. Expect sweet candy, berries, citrus accents like mango and grapefruit, all accompanied by an undertone reminiscent of solid, dark chocolate.

    Smokers sense a fast-developing euphoria and an intensely relaxed mood which will persist for hours. Medicinal users report this strain combats feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, while chronic pain sufferers also gain symptom relief.

    15. Tangie feminized

    Sativa-dominant, Tangie delivers a signature energetic high which has brought this strain popular acclaim all around the world. Even beginners can aspire to good yields and look forward to the powerful, uplifting boost this variant offers.

    Though it will grow in all locations, Tangie feminized seeds grow at their best outdoors in a warm, Mediterranean-style climate with room to grow. This variant dislikes cold, and indoor growers will probably need to learn something about plant management and control techniques, such as topping and how to encourage lateral growth. Tangie prefers nutrient-rich soil as a growing medium because this creates the conditions which promote her trademark orange aromas.

    Tangie brings a strong, flavorsome blend of syrup oranges mixed with bittersweet citrus elements. There are few traces of spicy elements, but you will still notice a musky aroma somewhere in the mix.

    Users typically experience a euphoric high, which in no way impedes clarity of thought. In medicinal terms, Tangie brings anxiety and stress relief, and its soothing action helps to treat pain and combat insomnia.

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