Top 5 Easiest strains to grow

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Each cannabis seed has within it a lot of characteristics, such as taste and effect, but also the structure of the plant and, importantly for growers, the ease of cultivation. For novice growers, in particular, easy to grow cannabis strains make the difference between success and failure.

Not all cannabis strains are straightforward to grow. Some taste divine, but are hard to control. Others are susceptible to stress, while others require an enormous amount of care and attention. Make use of these types of plants when you are an experienced cultivator and can afford to experiment. Novice growers should stick to easy to grow strains, and the good news is that most of them are Indica-dominant that will make you properly stoned!

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Indicas are famous for their ease of cultivation compared to Sativas. They usually remain nicely compact and produce a lot of weed in a fairly short flowering phase. If you are a novice grower, you won’t want to worry about male plants, so these five easy to grow strains are all feminized and autoflowering. Ideal for first-time growers.

The easiest strains to grow – Top 5

  1. Santa Maria Autoflower
  2. Northern Lights Autoflower
  3. Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower
  4. Gorilla Glue autoflower
  5. AK 48 Autoflower

1. Santa Maria Autoflower

Santa Maria autoflower can be quickly grown outdoors or inside, and you can harvest your first crops in as little as ten weeks after germination. It is an easy to manage plant that doesn’t grow too big and produces buds as soon as three weeks into the vegetative phase. Santa Maria is a well-balanced hybrid with a good mix of Sativa and Indica genetics.

Grown inside in a tent, the plants reach heights of a little over 1 metre with expected yields of around 300 gr/m2. Outside, Santa Maria will grow a bit taller and produce slightly more per plant. Her taste is floral and complex and induces a pleasant stone that feels like falling into a comfortable bed.

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2. Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights is an iconic strain, familiar even to those outside the cannabis world. It is now available as a pure Indica autoflower so you can enjoy multiple harvests each year. It can be grown outside in most areas of the northern hemisphere. Mature plants measure between 90 cm and 1.50 m and produce between 80 and 150 g per plant for three or four harvests in the year.

And the taste remains the typical full-bodied Northern Lights, quite acrid on the palate, it can be an acquired taste. Note that small, more fruity nuances are present on this autoflowering strain and soften the earthy side of the original a little. The smoke is also a little softer, but you can recognise the thickness of the Northern Lights.

The high is always very physical; you can feel the Indica buzz after the first few tokes. It is really a relaxing herb that allows you to decompress after a stressful day at work quickly.

Northern Lights Auto is easy to keep to heights of under one metre. Plants mature less than two months after the vegetative phase. You can expect yields of about 80-100g per plant in early summer.

To conclude, Northern Lights Auto is one of the best Indica dominant autos for beginners. The effect is quite relaxing and soothing without being too much of a cerebral high.

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3. Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

Girl Scout Cookies are autoflower cannabis seeds that were bred as a result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies with an autoflower strain. This cannabis is also an Indica dominant strain with all the advantages that beginners bring.

Girl Scout Cookies is a rapidly flowering autoflower that develops a light amber glow over the buds during the flowering period, so it is easy to observe its development. This species likes plenty of fertiliser; quite a bit more than the average weed plant, so watch out for that. Otherwise, GSC Auto does not require a great deal of ongoing maintenance. This is why we think she is an excellent choice for novice growers. GSC Auto has a rather pungent aroma during the flowering phase, so we recommend investing in a good-quality carbon filter if growing indoors! Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a popular choice as medicinal cannabis and treats chronic pain and muscle spasms effectively. You can grow GSC indoors and outside.

The taste of smoking this weed is sweet and reminiscent of candy. The effects can be felt in both your body and your head. GSC Auto makes you feel cheerful and creative in a positive way. Growing cannabis from these feminised autoflower seeds provides you with very potent cannabis that can overwhelm novice users, so proceed gently if this is the case!

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4. Gorilla Glue Autoflower

An autoflowering Gorilla Glue has been the dream for many growers, and now it has finally come true! The Indica-dominant and enormously powerful Gorilla Glue was crossed with the Cannabis Ruderalis to achieve the autoflowering genetics of this notorious weed.

Gorilla Glue Auto allows you to look forward to a pleasant mental high and being heavily stoned physically. Gorilla Glue Auto has an intriguing amount of Diesel genetics giving its powerful aroma hints of citrus, coffee, earth and diesel.

The strain will thirive when grown indoors or outside and is easy to look after as it won’t grow more than a metre in height. More good news comes from the fact that the yield per plant is above average for an autoflower.

Gorilla Glue Auto will get you simultaneously stoned and high, which might seem contradictory. Stoned is a feeling mainly in your body where your limbs feel heavy, and everything internally feels numb. A cerebral high, meanwhile, is a sort of tingling in your head and often induces feelings of energy and euphoria. Gorilla Glue Auto’s unique physical and mental effects are down to its impressive significant THC percentage.

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5. AK 48 Autoflower

The AK48 Autoflower is the latest variation on the world-famous cannabis strain AK-47. This isn’t the original, but a cannabis strain with similar properties. AK48 Autoflower, for example, also produces potent sticky buds and combines a Sativa high with an Indica stone in a balanced yet strong effect.

The main difference between AK-47 and AK48 Autoflower is its ability to flower automatically, and the time it spends in the growth cycle. This allows you to prepare AK48 Autoflower for harvest in about three months. Outdoors, the short life cycle will enable you to grow it in the summer months. Sow a few AK48 Autoflower seeds in May or June month, and you’ll have a good supply of weed ready for harvest by August.

Speaking of which, AK48 Autoflower is just like its original counterpart – a potent cannabis strain with a powerful yet balanced effect. Her Indica influence provides a pleasant physical relaxation, while her Sativa genetics enhance your social side with a motivating, energetic push in your back. The high THC percentage for which AK-47 has become famous also makes this autoflower variety into a potent cannabis strain. And one which is ideal for medicinal use, reportedly being used for a wide range of ailments from depression to headaches and chronic pain.

AK48 Autoflower is undoubtedly a balanced and fast-growing hybrid, but how does she taste? Well, her aroma has been described as earthy yet sweet and robust, reminiscent of the scent of ripe mango—unforgettable fragrances created by a complex gene pool of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghan cannabis strains.

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